Bell - Perry Families

Contributed by: Linda Maniaci


2 months ago in the Presi directory I found a re: to SAMMONS –FETTERS letters Schuyler Co Missouri - Brown County Ill. Summer 93 sent in by Mary KLEINLEIN. sent for and received and Yes they are my family,

 George SAMMONS is my 3rd Great - Grandfather Married Sarah Bell In Tenn (we think) She died there before George moved to Missouri with the rest of the Children. Their children are as follows.

    1. Clercy Jane SAMMONS (12-20-1829)m John Gire Sept13, 1868 both died in Schuyler CO
    2. Abner SAMMONS (1833-1863) died in civil war
    3. Rick and Sammy SAMMONS (Feb 9,1834-Oct 10,1845) I think these are the 2 children buried with Sarah.
    4. John SAMMONS 1838 Served in Civil war
    5. Ira SAMMONS 1838
    6. Marthum SAMOANS July25,1841
    7. Julian (Julia Anne) Sammons (Dec27,1845-Nov 25,1925)m.Oliver Harrison FETTERS April 15,1864. She is the twin sister of
    8. Newton Cannon SAMMONS ( Dec 27, 1845-June 1939) m Armilda Elizabeth MARCH (Nov 17, 1855- Aug 12,1934)
Newton served in the Civil war . He and Harrison received leave at the same time and that is when his sister married Harrison.

She wrote one of the letters to Lewis(Louis) and George wrote the other two to Icahabod PERRY. There is a note at the bottom stating they (the BELL-PERRY Family) aren't to sure who every one is and hope to know by next issue.

bottom stating they (the editors and BELL_PERRY family)

Sorry it is 5 years later, but now we Know who every one is. Yesterday I went to St. Louis Genealogical Society and copied information from the book "Cemeteries of Brown County" Donated by Meribah Clark (this is one of the most informing and interesting cemetery books I have every read. Any way from this I guess am searching for most of Brown Co Main Lines would be : BELL-ANDERSON-PERRY lines Linda [email protected]