Photographs of Our Ancestors

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James Alexander & Candace (Robeson) Roudebush George Washington & Sciota (Gossage) Roudebush Family William Reno
Julia Ann (Ward) Mathews Hindman Mona (Mathews) Underwood Lee & June (Hindman) Roudebush
William Henry Harrison Hite & Perry Hite Uncle Eb Dimmick Kate Stambaugh, Lizzie & William Thomas Skiles
Knowles 50th Anniversary

Photograph Contributors
Hite - Lela Hite Newell
Dimmick - Sarah Rust
Roudebush - Robin Petersen
Hindman - Robin Petersen
Underwood - Robin Petersen
Stambaugh-Skiles - Robin Petersen
Reno - Robin Petersen
Knowles - Robin Petersen

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