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The Astoria Argus Newspaper, Thursday, June 30, 1892, Astoria, Fulton County, Illinois
Mrs. Sarah Luttrell celebrates her 100th anniversary.
The Old Homestead near Baders, the Scene of Much Enjoyment last Saturday.  600 Peoplle Visited the Venerable Lady during the Day.
In the year 1792; there was born on the James River in Virginia, a child, who God had decreed should live to celebrate her 100th anniversary, and on last Saturday the friends and relatives to the number of 600, gathered at the old homestead three miles southwest of Baders, and honored the old lady by their presence. All day on Saturday the people came and went. We arrived about one o’clock and found a bounteous supply of food ready for those who desired to partake. The residence where the old lady has lived for forty-six years was found to be a LOG CABIN, such as our forefathers lived in years gone by, and in fact the entire surroundings were such that reminded one of pioneer days. Within this cabin rested Mrs. Sarah Luttrell, for such is her name, on a bed in keeping with the other surroundings, and nearby stood the three daughters ready to assist their aged mother, who is at present quite poorly. On last Saturday a week, the old lady while in the act of arising from a chair, in some way stepped on her dress, causing herself to fall to the floor, thus injuring herself in such a manner as to prevent her being up and around. Prior to this time her health had been of the best, and at all times she was able to do her own work and walk to different points of the old homestead.
MISS SARAH BRYANT was born on the James River, Patrick County, Virginia, June 25, 1792, and spent her early days there. Her parents, emigrated from Virginia, while she was yet a child, into Kentucky and while yet quite small moved into Tennessee where she was reared to womanhood, and on the 18th of November, 1813 was married to SHELTON LUTTRELL.
After living in that state a short time together with her husband, she moved to Alabama, and later to Arkansas. A few years later, becoming dissatisfied they again emigrated, this time into the state of Illinois and in the year 1831 settled on the farm where the old lady now lives. Her parents were both English, which fact she seems to be very proud of, and her father took an active part in the Colonial period of the United States. Her husband was a soldier in the Indian War of 1812 and their married life lasted over a period of sixty-nine years, when at the ripe old age of eighty-eight years he died. Mr. & Mrs. Luttrell were the parents of twelve children, ten girls and two boys. However, Mrs. Mary Mace, age 78, Mrs. Sallie Skiles, age 71, and Mrs. Felix Thornton, age 76 are the only surviving children. Her grandchildren number fifty-seven; great grandchildren number one hundred and fifty-seven; great great grandchildren number forty-nine; g g g grandchildren number fourteen and g g g g grandchildren number two. Thus it will be seen that this aged lady is one of SIX GENERATIONS and has at the present time, some three hundred descendants, and of these about two hundred and fifty were present at her one hundredth birthday anniversary.
Grandma Luttrell has been a constant smoker for sixty years and in response as to what she contributed her long life to said; "plain dieting". Her principal food is corn bread and milk. No difference how many luxuries are placed before her she refuses them all in preference to this plain food. She never went to school a day in her life, and never learned to read or write. In statue she stands about five feet five and weights about 110 pounds. Her hearing is somewhat hard and her sight is such that she cannot recognize an object very far away. This remarkable woman has been a member of the CHRISTIAN CHURCH for 75 years and has been known to walk to Baders, a distance of three miles, to church many times. The accident that befell her a week ago causes her much pain, yet her faith in the Redeemer has not been shaken, and she spends most of the time in prayer. She seems anxious and ready to die that she may meet her husband and children that have gone on before to prepare for her coming.
THE EXERCISES held during the day were of a religious nature. She had requested that hymns be sung and a short sermon preached. So the large audience gathered in front of the picturesque cabin where singing was indulged in; after which, Rev. Harbey Skiles delivered a short address of a religious nature, touching upon the events and life of Grandma LUTTRELL. Following are a few of the names of the relatives present:
Felix Hill Thornton, wife Ollie Luttrell and children. Mrs. Thornton is a daughter of the venerable lady and they live on the homestead.
Mr. & Mrs. Swope and two children, of Baders, Mrs. Carrie Rodgers, of Astoria, J. W. Gildersleeve, and wife and three children of Browning, Mrs. Mary Tracy and child, of Ray, Mr. & Mrs. Stambaugh and three children of Astoria, J. M. Corman, wife and three children of Browning, Al Thornton, wife and child, of Browning, George Robinson and wife of Browning, Mrs. Sarah Flemmings and one child, of Browning, William Skiles, wife and six children of Browning, William Thornton, wife and four children of Browning the only son of Milton Owen Thornton and Judith A. Luttrell d/o of Shelton & Sarah Bryant Luttrell.
David Stedman, wife and two children of Browning, Mrs. D. C. Louring of Rushville, F. W. Neff of Browning, H. S. Trone & wife and child of Browning, Mrs. M. Skiles of Browning, Mrs. Sarah Neff of Frederick, Mrs. Neff is the oldest grandchild and is fifty-seven years of age. T. J. Stroops, of Baders, J. M. Corman wife and three children of Rushville, Mrs. Susie Ambrose and four children of Pleasantview, W. H. Neff, of La Harpe, Mr. Neff is the grandfather of the two children of the 6th generation. W. C. Skiles, wife and two children of Marian Co. Kan., George Garrett and two daughters of Franklin Co. Neb., G. W. Johnson of Mason County, Ill, Mr & Mrs. L. B. Reno and ten children of Browning, F. M. Skiles, wife and four children of Browning, M. V. Wright, and wife and two children of Browning.
Received from Schuyler Co. Jail Museum, 200 S. Congress Street, Rushville, IL  62681; 217-322-6975.

The Rushville Times Newspaper, May 31, 1894, Rushville, Illinois

Died, May 29th, 1894, at her residence 3 miles northwest of Browning, Sarah Luttrell, aged 101 years, 11 months and 4 days.  Deceased was the mother of thirteen children, three of whom – Nancy Wright, Mrs. W. C. Skiles, and Mrs. F. H. Thornton – survive her.  Her progeny descends to the sixth generation – great, great, great grandchildren.  Funeral at the house at the hour of 10 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday).

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