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10th Missouri Infantry

*Company A, Tenth Missouri Infantry, was recruited in Schuyler County by Leonidas Horney, who had been a soldier in the Mexican War and had been promoted from the ranks to a captaincy. The most of the volunteers in this company were from Littleton Township, but others were taken in to make a full company. At the time the company was organized, Captain Horney offered the services of his volunteers to Governor Yates, but the Illinois quota at that time was full, and as the men were eager for military service they went to St. Louis, where they were mustered into service at Jefferson Barracks August 9, 1861, as Co. A, Tenth Missouri Infantry. This regiment was made up largely from Illinois volunteers who were unable to obtain admission to service in their own State.

From Jefferson Barracks the regiment went into service along the Gasconade River, and spent their first winter at Herman, Mo. From there they made an attack on General Cobb's troops at High Hill, Mo., and drove the Confederates to Boonesboro. Following this engagement Captain Horney was commissioned Major.

From Herman, Mo., the regiment was sent back to Jefferson Barracks and from there to Cape Girardeau, Mo., thence to Pittsburg Landing on the Tennessee River, where the regiment was in a hot skirmish May 29, 1862. They also took part in the battle of Iuka, Miss., September 13-20, 1862, and in the battle of Corinth, October 4, 1862, the regiment lost in killed and wounded 91 men. Major Horney was wounded in the right leg in this engagement, but he remained with his troops throughout the fight. For his conspicuous bravery on the field of battle he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel October 25, 1862.

The winter of 1862-63 was spent near Germantown above Memphis, and from there the regiment marched to Vicksburg. On May 8, 1863, Colonel Horney received a congratulatory letter from General Grant for capturing 1,000 prisoners and five guns while marching to Vicksburg. On Thursday May 14, 1863, the regiment led a charge at Jackson, Miss., and their loss was 85 killed and wounded.

In the siege of Vicksburg the Tenth Missouri was in the engagement at Champion Hills and was held in reserve until 3 o'clock on the afternoon of May 16, 1863. Orders were then given for the regiment to charge, and Colonel Horney at the head of his troops drove the enemy back and won the victory for the Union forces. After the main body had been repulsed the regiment was ordered to clear the field of minor detachments that had not abandoned their position. Colonel Horney rode in advance of his regiment and noted a squad of six or eight soldiers in blue uniform whom he took to be Union soldiers. They were, however, rebels in disguise, and as he rode up they fired. One bullet pierced his side and another his head and he fell from his horse into the arms of his devoted men, who at the first sign of treachery had rushed to their commander's aid. Colonel Horney was one of the able commanders in the Vicksburg campaign and his death cut short a brilliant military career, for he had the confidence of his superior officers who had noted his fearless bravery in action and the masterly manner in which he hadled his men. He was buried on the field of battle, and nearly two years elasped before his remains were brought home. On February 15, 1865, they were interred with military honors in the old family burying ground at Thompson Cemetery, Littleton Township.

After the siege of Vicksburg the regiment was sent to Helena, Ark., on September 12, 1863, and from there marched to Chattanooga, arriving there November 20th. On November 25th the regiment went into action at Missionary Ridge, where a loss of 69 men was sustained. Major Walker was wounded in the shoulder in this engagement, Captain Russell killed and four Lieutenants wounded, but Company A went through the battle without losing a man killed and only two slightly wounded.

Following this engagement the regiment did guard duty at Brownsboro, Ala., and was mustered out at St. Louis August 24, 1864.

Company A.
Abbott, Moses R. - Private
Adkinson, Daniel - Private
Ainsworth, Albert S. - Private
Applegate, B. T. - Private
Ashcraft, J. F. - Private
Ashcraft, Richard - Private
Ashcraft, Samuel - Private
Bawden [*Bowden], William - Private, died of disease
Belchambers, Frank - Private
Bell, George W. - Corporal
Bell, James M. - Private
Bingham, Joseph R. - Private
Bird, John - Private
Bly, William F. - Private
Briggs, William H. - Private, lost on Steamer Gen. Lyon.
Burnett, Enos - Private
Busby, Zebulon - Private, died of disease
Castor, Lewis - Private
Colt, A. R. - Private, promoted Capt. of Colored Regiment
Cooper, Joseph A. - Private
Craycraft, Charles - Private
Cross, James H. - Private
Daily, Michael - Private
Davis, A. J. - Private, promoted Capt. of Co. B, 10th Regt.
Dennis, William - Private
Dewitt, Edmund - Private
Dewitt, James A. - Private
Dunlavy, Jas. G. - Private
Dusher, William - Private
Ellicott, William H. - Private
Gould, John C. - Private
Harbison, John S. - Private, died of disease
Herbert, James W. - Private
Holmes, Cyrus - Private
Horney, Leonard [*Leonidas] - Captain, killed as Lieutenant Colonel at Champion Hills, Mississippi.
Jacobs, Peter S. - Private
Johnson, Samuel - Private
Legg, James M. - Private
Line, Edmund - Private
Line, William - Drummer
Logan, Benjamin R. - Private
Long, Jacob Clement - Private, died of wounds
Lucas, William R. - Private
McCabe, Miles - Private
McGrath, Lloyd - Private
McIntire, William - Private
McNeill, John - Corporal
Melton, Samuel - Private
Middleton, D. F. - Private
Middleton, James - Corporal
Middleton, John M. - Private
Moore, Henry - Private
Moriarty, G. L. - Private
Nichols, G. W. - Private
Odell, Alfred J. - Private
Odell, D. Clinton - Private
Pare, David J. - Private
Parson, Jacob - Private
Pennington, James - Private
Peyton, A. D. - Private
Pitman, Sandford - Private, died of wounds
Reed, John S. - Private
Reed, Samson W. - Private
Rice, Thomas A. - Private
Roach, John N. [*W] - Private
Roach, Levi W. - Private
Roberts, Thomas - Private
Roper [*Raper], Henry F. - Private
Sanford, Volney - Private
Sellers, Andrew - Private, lost on Steamer Gen. Lyon.
Sellers, Lafayette - Private
Sellers, Leroy - Private
Severns, L. J. - Private
Sheesely, Daniel - Private
Sheppard, Robert - Private
Snyder, David H. - Private
Snyder, William - Private
Snyder, William F. - Private
Sprague, Samuel - Private, died of disease
Stodgel, Francis M. - Private, lost on Steamer Gen. Lyon.
Swim, John - Private
Thompkins, George W. - Private
Thompson, Samuel S. - Private
Thrush, George - Private
Thrush, Robert A. - Private
Thrush, Wm. F. - Private
Toland, Howard - Private, died of disease
Tolle, Charles W. - Private
Tolle, Moses C. - Fifer
Vosburg, Cornelius - Private, died of disease
Walker, Joseph - First Lieutenant, promoted to Major of Regiment.
Williams, William - Private
Wilson, Elijah M., Jr. - Private
Wilson, Parker - Private
Wimple, Minard - Private
Wyckoff, James A. - Private

Combined History of Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois, 1882
*Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Schuyler County, 1908

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