Civil War Rosters
124th Infantry

Three years service.

Was organized at Camp Butler, Ill., September, 1862, by Col. Thomas J. Sloan, and mustered in Sept. 10th, by Lieut. DeCourcey. These counties [Schuyler and Brown] were represented by a few men, whose names may be seen below. The regiment moved from Camp Butler, October 6th, arriving at Jackson, Tennessee on the 9th. It was engaged in the battles of Raymond, May 12th, 1863; at Jackson, 14th; Champion Hill, 16th, and during the entire siege of Vicksburg, including the charge on the fortifications, May 22d, and assault on Fort Hill, June 26th. During the latter part of the siege, Brig. Gen. M. D. Leggett, commanded the Brigade. Brownsville, October 16th and 17th. Won the prize banner, for excellancy in drill, appearance and discipline. Was at the siege of Spanish Fort, March 29th, 1865, until the surrender of the Fort. Was mustered out August 15th, 1865, by Capt. G. W. Hill, U. S. A.

Company D.
Bloomshire, Nicholas - Recruit, discharged June 8, 1865.
Causey, James M. - Private, died at Jackson, Tennessee, November 6, 1862.
Connor, Thomas - Private, mustered out August 15, 1865, as Corporal.
Duncan, Joseph - Recruit, tr. to 33 Illinois, mustered out November 24, 1865.
Johnson, John - Private, mustered out August 15, 1865.
McCollough [*McCullough], Hugh - Recruit, tr. to 33 Illinois, mustered out November 24, 1865.
Orwig, William - Corporal, Sergeant tr. to V. R. C., September 3, 1863.
Roper [*Raper], Jacob - Private, died June 29, 1863, wounds.
Warntz, Jacob - Private, mustered out August 15, 1865, as Corporal.

Company K.
Baker, Abraham - Private, discharged November 8, 1863, disability.


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