Civil War Rosters
50th Infantry

Three years service.

Was organized at Quincy, Illinois, in August, 1861, by Col. M. B. Bane, and mustered into United States' service, September 12, 1861, by Capt. T. G. Pitcher, U. S. A. On the 9th of October it moved to Hannibal, Missouri; 19th, to Chillicothe; November 27th, to St. Joseph, reporting to Col. R. F. Smith, commanding post; January 21st, 1862, was ordered to Cairo, Illinois, and from thence to Smithland, Kentucky, where the regiment reported to Colonel Lauman, January 28th; February 6th, marched into Fort Henry; 12th, formed a part of Col. John Cook's Third Brigade, of the Second Division, and moved against Fort Donelson, in which battle it took an active part, February 14th and 15th; on the 25th of March, was ordered to Pittsburg Landing; engaged in the battle of Shiloh, April 6th and 7th, and in the siege of Corinth in May, 1862; October 3d, moved out against the enemy, who were approaching under Price, Van Dorn, and Villipigue; on the 5th, it engaged in the battle of Corinth; December 18th, went on a scout to Lexington, Tennessee; had a skirmish at Bear Creek, 17th; also at Cherokee, and at Newsome's Farm; 27th, moved toward Town Creek, and fought the enemy under General Forrest, at Town Creek, on the 28th; November 17th, the regiment was mounted, by order of Major-General Dodge. January 1st, 1864, three-fourths of the men of the regiment re-enlisted, and were mustered January 16th, and started on veteran furlough to Illinois; left for the field again, February 28th, moved from Quincy; 13th, was ordered to Athens, Alabama; on the 17th of May met the enemy at a cross-roads near Oostanaula river, and after some fighting, drove him from the field, the regiment losing one man killed and seven wounded. June 3d, one hundred and fifty men from the brigade, and one hundred from the First Alabama Cavalry, made an expedition to Cedar Town, Major Hanna, of the Fiftieth, commanding, and returned, and on the 6th to Cave Spring, and returned, both times capturing prisoners and horses. In August, Colonel Rowett, of the Seventh Illinois Infantry, took command of the brigade. October 4th, took cars for Allatoona, at 8 o'clock, P. M., arriving at midnight. Began skirmishing at daylight, and by 10 o'clock the whole force was fiercely engaged with Hood's army. The enemy was repulsed, the regiment losing eighty-seven killed, wounded, and missing. October 13th, Lieutenant-Colonel Hurlbut commanding brigade, and Captain Horn commanding regiment, it moved out on Cave Spring road, and met the enemy six miles out, with two pieces of artillery. January 20th and 21st, fought the enemy at Bentonville, losing two killed and fourteen wounded.

July 3d, in the prize drill between the Sixty-third Illinois, Seventh Iowa, and Fiftieth Illinois, the regiment won the prize banner.

It was mustered out of service by Captain W. B. Guthrie, Eighty-first Ohio Volunteers, and A. C. M. Arrived at Camp Butler, Illinois, July 14th, 1865, for final payment and discharge.

Company B.
Seater, Lewis C., private, mustered out July 13, 1865, as corporal.

*Company D.
*Merritt, Thomas
*Slater, Lewis C.

*Company G.
*Alexander, Seth.
*Ellis, DeWitt C.
*Lawson, James F.

Company H.
Bailey, William H., recruit, mustered out June 2, 1865.
Boweman [*Bowman], Newton, recruit, mustered out June 22, wounds.
Bruner, Zachariah, private, died at St. Joseph, Missouri, May 9, 1862.
Cooper, John, 1st Lieutenant, resigned August 20, 1864.
Friday, George W., private, veteran, absent sick at mustering out of regiment.
Friday, Jacob, private, veteran, discharged June 20, 1862.
Howser, Charles F., recruit, mustered out July 13, 1865.
Long, David C., Corporal, veteran, died at Pulaski, Tennessee, March 23, 1864.
Long, John P., private, veteran, mustered out July 13, 1865.
McClure, Charles W., recruit, mustered out June 22, 1865.
*McDonald, Levi T.
Moody, James W., recruit, mustered out July 13, 1865.
Wilmot, James W., recruit, mustered out July 13, 1865.

*Company I.
*Greer, Benjamin, Engineer.
*Sheesley, Aaron, Engineer.
*Sheesley, Josiah, Engineer. 

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*Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Schuyler County, 1908

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