Civil War Rosters
84th Infantry

Three years service.

In this regiment we find that only a few men went from Schuyler county, while one whole company D, and a part of company I, went from Brown county. It was organized at Quincy, Illinois, in August, 1862, by Col. Louis H. Waters, and mustered into the U. S. Service, September 1st, with 951 men and officers. September 23, 1862, it was ordered to Louisville, Kentucky, and assigned to the Tenth Brigade, Col. Grose commanding; Fourth Division. Brigadier General William Sooy Smith, commanding, and marched September 29, in pursuit of Bragg. Following is a list of the battles in which the 84th was engaged:--Stone River, December 31, 1862, January 1st and 2d, 1863, loss 228 men. Woodbury, January 17th, 1863; Chickamauga, Sept. 19th and 20th, 1863. Loss 172 men. Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge and Ringgold, November 24th, 25th and 26th, 1863. Loss 9 men. Dalton, Feb. 27, 1864, losing 4 men. In the Atlanta campaign, at Buzzard's Roost, May 10th, 1864; Dalton May 13th, 1864; Resaca, May 14th, 1864. Burnt Hickory, May 26th to 31st and June 1st, 2d, and 3d; Kenesaw Mountain, Smyrna, Atlanta, Jonesboro and Lovejoy Station. Losing in the campaign 125 men. Franklin and Nashville, loss 20 men. Total casualties in battle 558 men. In this regiment there was but one man ever taken prisoner; but ten men deserted; only one man ever sent to military prison; and but 4 men tried by court martial.

The regiment was in several minor engagements, and made many long and severe marches. It was mustered out of service at Nashville, Tennessee, June 8th, 1865.

*Company A.
*Macumber, Anson, private.
*Robinson, William, private.
*Wisdon, Elijah S., private.

*Company B.
*Baker, Israel H., private.
*Chipman, Daniel, private.
*Chipman, David, private.
*Chipman, Levi, private.
*Chipman, Samuel, private.
*Moore, Benj. F., private.
*Robinson, Geo. W., private.
*Sellers, John A., private.
*Swift, Horace W., private.
*Swink, Peter B., private.

*Company D.
*Clark, Thomas A., private.
*Pendleton, James S., private.
*Pendleton, Thomas H., private.
*Pendleton, Wm. B. C., private.
*Sprigg, Thomas C., private.

*Company F.
*Clark, Victor B., private.

Company I.
Binkley, N. A., private, mustered out June 8, 1865.
Bowker, Clark, private, discharged January 17, 1863, disability.
Davis, W. N., private, mustered out June 8, 1865.
Derry, Basil, private, discharged January 4, 1863, disability.
Kimery, Jno. J. [*Kimry, John J.], private, killed at Kenesaw Mt., June 24, 1864.
Wildenhammer, J. I., private, discharged April 25, 1863, disability.
Wright, Alonzo O., private, tr. to V. R. C., July 26, 1864.


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