Civil War Rosters
Men Who Served from Schuyler County

12th Infantry 14th Infantry 15th Infantry 16th Infantry 18th Infantry 19th Infantry
20th Infantry 21st Infantry 28th Infantry 33rd Infantry 34th Infantry 46th Infantry
47th Infantry 50th Infantry 55th Infantry 61st Infantry 62nd Infantry 64th Infantry
72nd Infantry 73rd Infantry 75th Infantry 78th Infantry 84th Infantry 85th Infantry
89th Infantry 115th Infantry 119th Infantry 124th Infantry 127th Infantry 129th Infantry
131st Infantry 137th Infantry 149th Infantry 151st Infantry 2nd Cavalry 3rd Cavalry
7th Cavalry 10th Cavalry 11th Cavalry 12th Cavalry 15th Cavalry 17th Cavalry
First Artillery
10th Missouri Infantry Co H IL Cavalry (complete)
Combined History of Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois, 1882
*Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Schuyler County, 1908

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