These photos and information of the New Ridgeville Cemetery were Donated by Marcine Lohman Jan 2010. 

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DeWitt, Myrtle Steele 
Dickenson, Earl
Dickenson, Flora
Dickenson, Geraldine 
Furnace, Martha
Furnace, Samuel
Geer, Salome
Geer, Sidney
Glover, Martin H.
Glover, Rosa (Skiles)
Markley, Angeline
Markley, Charles T.
Patteson, Charles R.
Reno, Clarice Rosetta 
Reno, Harry
Reno, Joannah
Reno, John 
Reno, Lela
Reno, Lewis
Reno, Nellie
Schisler, Annanias
Schisler, Louella
Skiles, Carrie
Skiles, Donald
Skiles, Garnet
Skiles, Harvey W.
Skiles, Jennest

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