These photos and information of the Old Ridgeville Cemetery were Donated by Marcine Lohman Jan 2010. 

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Dooley, Eliza
Dooley, Mary
Dooley, William
Johnson, Rachel 
Justus, John M.
Justus, Mary
Laster, Thaler
Luttrell, Elizabeth 
Mann, Isabell
Patterson, John B.
Perkins, Henry P.
Reno, Charles
Reno, Eliza A.
Reno, Jonathan
Reno, Louisa
Reno, Sarah
Skiles, George Sr. 
Skiles, Mary
Skiles, Melinda
Skiles, Moses J.
Skiles, Rev. H. A.
Thornton, Susan
Trone, Abraham
Willard, Roderick
Wright, Martin V.
Wright, Martha J.

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