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Bluff City or Louderback Cemetery
Hickory Township

Schuyler County, Illinois

dc - Death Certificate
dr - Death Register

CURLESS, Jane, 47y 2m 16d, d. 1 July 1879 (dr)
CURLESS, Lucy, 70y, d. 25 December 1878 (dr)
CURLESS, Nettie, 38y 8m 27d, d. 17 February 1904 (dc)

DARLING, Charles, 2y 1m 14d, d. 16 August 1878 (dr)

LOUDERBACK, Mary, 52y 3m 3d, d. 27 May 1878 (dr)

McNEIL, William Kellogg, 14y 10m 9d, d. 26 June 1878 (dr)

OSBORNE, James, 68y 6m 1d, d. 18 January 1904 (dc)

REED, Thomas, 74y 6m 1d, d. 27 January 1892 (dr)

RICHARDSON, Ellen Jane, 13y 8m 14d, d. 11 April 1881 (dr)
RICHARDSON, Mary Alice, 14y 11m 6d, d. 14 April 1881 (dr)
RICHARDSON, Sarah Elizabeth, 43y 10m 13d, d. 18 April 1881 (dr)

SHAW, Edward, 10m, d. 15 August 1878 (dr)
SHAW, Melissa, 5y 12d, d. 27 August 1878 (dr)

UNNAMED female, 1 hr., d. 25 June 1879 (dr)
UNNAMED male, 5d, d. 3 February 1879 (dr)



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