Harris Cemetery
Browning Township

Contributed by Carolyn Barrett
[email protected]

As you go into the cemetery, the first stone to your right is:

wife of
Fielden Harris
Feb. 1 1869
63y 6m 25d

On the other side of the tree is:

Fielden Harris
Aug. 14, 1884
80yrs 5mo

To the right of Fielden's stone is:

F.M. Harris
Sept. 26, 1843
Mar. 27, 1892

In the back row on the right is a double stone that we could barely make out:

May 25, 1860
aged 3d

Apr. 5, 1871
1yr 1mo 19d

To the left of that stone is a taller stone that had fallen over but we stood it up to check for inscriptions on all four sides. On one side is:

Mary S. Cameron
May 20, 1837
Oct. 2, 1885

On the other side is:
Jimmie Cameron
Apr. 17, 1869
Apr. 17, 1877

Back to the front row and on the left side is one stone:

his wife
Aug. 5, 1833
Feb. 27, 1892

George Gorsage
June 8, 1822
Nov. 26, 1889

A special "thank you" to Pat Self - I would never have found the cemetery without her and her husband Jim's help!

Harris Cemetery

Harris Cemetery

Harris Cemetery

Louisa Harris

Fielden Harris

F. M. Harris

H. & J. Harris

M. & J. Cameron

R. & G. Gorsage

Burials reported in other sources:
Harris, George W., 59y 7m 12d, d. 11 Jul. 1886 (Death Records)

Photo Credit:
Carolyn Barrett

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