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December 2006



Newspaper Section - see
Pubished Items of Interest.
Connie WELLS has submitted her Great Great Grandmother's poem titled "Mama Goes to Court" by Effie CONNELLY BECKERDITE. Thank you, Connie.
School Souvernirs This is a brand new section. Thanks to Connie WELLS. She has a superb collection report cards, diplomas and other school papers her father-in-law, Bill WELLS.
 Marriage Index Section -- see Submitted Marriage Images

Charlotte GIBLER MUCKEY - 1852 marriage license of Lewis GIBLER (GIBBLER) and Frances WISBY. Charlotte is their great granddaughter. Thank you Charlotte for choosing to share this with us.

Janice DUKES MARTIN has contributed James Leonard BECKWITH & Frances WEST from 1866. She has also furnished Paternal & Maternal Lineages. Great idea Janice.

Photo Gallery Section -- see Schuyler County Photo Gallery 

Donna CRAMER - has submitted a photo of Edward John BRICKELL born 1820 in Liberty, Ind. & died 1891 in Spokane, Wash. Donna says he was married four times. Three of the wivies maiden name was GRAGG & the very first wife's maiden was FURBY. Donna also mentions that of the GRAGG ladies was married to BEATTY, & DYER prior to her marriage to E. J. BRICKELL.
Thank you Donna for the photo & the marriage info.

Yolanda LEWIS - has been submitted Undentified Toddler Photo.  She believe's it was taken around the 1880's. On the back of the photo is the name of the photographer - Clark's Photographers and Dental Rooms in Rushville. A truly unusual business combination. Can anyone tell us more about this business or identify the toddler? Thank you for sharing, Yolanda.

John CROXTON once again donated a vintage photo. This one is of Charles & Miriam K. CROXTON around 1919. An outstanding photo of Charles teaching his bride-to-be how to ride a bike.
Keep up the fantastic job of donations, John. We enjoy them.

John CROXTON has submitted several awesome tin print photos of his family ancestors. Their names include: Frederick Cleavland CROXTON, Frederick William CROXTON, Hanna BOX CROXTON, Hester Jane GILLENWATER CROXTON, Joel Erwin CROXTON, Margaret CROXTON, Sarah Jane CROXTON, Walter Enoch CROXTON, Jr., Hezikiah GRAGG, Joseph GRAGG (aka: CRAGG), Moses SKILES, & Cornelius STEVENS. I'm sure other researchers will appreciate their old fashion charm.

Photo Gallery Section --see Center Gover School Photo
 John G. CROXTON has contributed a photo of Center Grove School, Pleasantview, Rushville Township. This old 1887 photo also shows the teacher and students standing outside the front of the building.(unidentifed) Acorrding to John, Frederick William CROXTON helped built it as well as  other CROXTON families & DIMMICK families.
Thanks John, for all the wonderful photos of the past.
Tombstone Section Carol WOLF BRITTON has furnished this site with Tombstone photos of Bryan H. GARRETT and Shelton & Sarah LUTTRELL. Thanks once again Carol.

Additional tombstone photos supplied by Harry & Kathy MILLS from Dark (Newell) Cemetery include: Matilda SELLERS BLACK, Charlie COCKERMAN, Phebe W. CRACRAFT, James R. DarkMary DARK, Nancy A. DARK, Samuel DARKTemperance DARK, Leander J. HORNEY, Wm. H. HORNEY, Hartwell H. SELLERSPriscilla  SELLERS. Thank you Harry & Kathy MILLS for having these online for all to share.

Family Trees & Branches Section --
see Family Web Pages

New website added to Family Web Pages.
Shelly Low ARONLD has submitted her site which contains the surname PACKER.
Thank you Shelly. We Love new sites to view. 

Family Trees & Branches Section -- see Submitted Biographies & Short family Histories

Stephen L. BUTLER has submitted a family history on Henry KELLY. Related families mentioned are RITTENHOUSE, ROBERTS, GUSTIN, LAWLER. This history should ring a bell or two for some researchers out there. Thanks Stephen.
Surname Section

Shelly Low ARONLD is researching the surname PACKER and has her own website.

Patti & Roger BRESNEHEN are researching the surname DAWSON.  Particularly William J. (John) DAWSON. He served the Civil War in Company I & married Solena BLACK - DAWSON being the last marriage of hers of about 4 or 5. Thank you Patti & Roger.

Francis BEATON has thrown in her surnames too! She's researching: BOYD, SPOONAMORE, SPONENBERG, SPONINBERG, SPONINBURGH, & SPONENBURGH.
Glad to have you aboard, Frances.
Mary CURLESS JAMES wants to here from CURLESS researchers. So CURLESS has been added to the surname list. Mary reports her CURLESS family lived in Illinois & Kansas.
Sure hope you get some good clues, Mary.
Margaret BUCHOLTZ has changed her email address for the surnames: GARRETT LINDER, MACE, SKILES. She says she would be happy to share any information she has. Thanks Margaret for keeping you email address current. 
 ***Please note Margaret has a new email address. Her new one is here. She has several items she has donated in the past, which may not reflect this update.
Sue MENDENHALL is researching the surname BROKAW or BROCAW which is now on the surname list. Good Luck, Sue.

Larry M. LANDIS brings us another new surname LANDIS for the surname list. He is researching Abraham & Harriet T. LANDIS family. Sure hope you find a connection, Larry.

Lori BROOKS REED is researching the surnames of ALLEN & BROOKS.
She has changed her email address for these surnames which I had updated.
Thank you very much for notifing me, Lori.
Barb SHAVE wants to add her surnames to the list. LINN & LYNN.  She also submitted her GenCircles List. Good luck, Barb & thank you for the kind words regarding Schuyler County ILGenWeb.
Will, Estate, & Probate Section -- see the Will portion of this page.

Will & Testaments of Peter Frederick DECOUNTER & his son Samuel DECOUNTER has been added courtesy of LouAnn CAMERON. *** Please note LouAnn has a new email address. Her new one is here. She has several items she has donated in the past, which may not reflect this update.

I found Abraham HOLLINGSWORTH Will in my Schuyler County, ILGenWeb files and have placed it online also.

Obituary Section

Connie OGDEN has pitched in an obit on William B. CURLESS. Thank you, Connie.

Steve PETERSON submitted the following obituaries:
Robert PETERSON (1901), Susan QUEEN PETERSON (1896), John Robert PETERSON (1938), James PETERSON (1958).
Thank you Steve for typing & donating them for all the share.

Ridings Document Collection -- see Letters of the Past LouAnn CAMERON contributed more! 2 letters (civil war era)  David Adam Strong RIDINGS & James C. HOW.
She even transcribed them! Thank you. Thank you, LouAnn. *** Please note LouAnn has a new email address. Her new one is here. She has several items she has donated in the past, which may not reflect this update.
Military Section -- see Civil War portion LouAnn CAMERON has contributed Civil War service resords for David Adam Strong RIDINGS and James C. How.  Transcribed by LouAnn. Thanks.  *** Please note LouAnn has a new email address. Her new one is here. She has several items she has donated in the past, which may not reflect this update.
Cemetery Section
Jeannette PHETHEAN has graciously donated several transcribed records from Schuyler County Cemeteries. Jeannette can not guarantee their authenticity, since she does not know who transcribed them. They are all hand written and she assumes that someone walked the cemeteries and made notes.  The cemeteries involved are: Littleton (the largest one of the group), Milby, Brethren, Bluff City (Louderback), Gillette, King, and Palm.
I will be placing them online as time premits. So far, Bluff City (Louderback),  Davenport (Mt. Harmony), GilletteLangford,  Ashcraft (Pittinger),  & Littleton,  are online.
What a wonderful gift for the site. Thank you, Jeannette.
More newly transcribed cemeteries on this site are: Hawkins Cemetery, Moore Cemetery,  Weightman Cemetery.
A new updated list of all known Schuyler County Illinois Cemeteries is also online. Information for this page was obtained from various sources & may not be entirely accurate or complete. Please contact me if corrections are needed. You can view this page here! Also a map source link is provided on this page.
Land Records This is a brand new section for this site, thanks to LouAnn CAMERON. She has been quite busy submitting transcribed land records.
Way to go, LouAnn!!!!   *** Please note LouAnn has a new email address. Her new one is here. She has several items she has donated in the past, which may not reflect this update.


November 2006 

Nothing new added this mouth due to family illness.




October 2006 

Nothing new added this mouth due to family illness.




September 2006
The "New" 1883 Pensioners List for Schuyler County Illinois
New donations include:

Terry ROWDEN has submitted: BEATTY & MOORE. Thank you once again, Terry for your participation.

has submitted :
MORRELL & CLAYTON. Thank you, Sherry


August 2006
The "New Look" should be completed this month.
New donations include:

Naturalization Index for Schuyler County 1823-1880 supplied by Illinois Regional Archives Depository at WIU in Macomb, IL.

Family Links & Branches:
PICKINPAUGH Pedigree - including surnames: PICKINPAUGH,
CORMAN, DUNLAVY, GRAGG. Currectly displaying family photos, Tombstones. These photos were graciously donated by Sarah J. RUST from her personal collection of family history for all the share. Thank you so very much, Sarah for your generosity.

Photo Gallery:
What a charming array of CROXTON
Family portraits submitted by John CROXTON! Some of these are old tin print photos. You must go take a look. John says he has more to share. 3 cheers for John!!! Thank you John for furishing this site with these splendid old keepsakes.
Family Reunion Photo which as taken about 1942 is another wonderful donation from Alice Alene HERREN. Many thanks, Alice.

Family Group Sheets:
Jay WADE has provided the site the David Carr LONG & Emily THOMPSON family. Surnames - CARR, FRETUEG, HOUSER, LEWIS, LONG, PETERSON. Thank you Jay.


Marriages: (see Submitted Marriage Records)
Angela HARRISsubmited the marriage of James Leonard BECKWITH & Francis THOMPSON. Thank you Angela.

Diane CLANIN COOPER has submitted : CLANIN. Thank you, Diane

Mick has submitted the surname STEPHENS. Thank you, Mick.

Sue is researching the Joseph (b. 1783 in KY) and Polly( b. 1785 in KY) SMITH family. They came to Schuyler Co. IL. abt. 1825-1829. Her name & email address has been added to Surname List. Thank you, Sue.

Richard W. COURSEY has updated his email address for the following surnames he is rereaching: AULGUR, CLEEK, COX, DAVIS, DENNIS, EASLEY, HAWKINS, HENDRIX, MARLOW . Thank you, Richard.

Laneya RINO has joined the surname list by submitting the surnames: DAVIS, EFFORT, McGEE, McNEAL Welcome, Laneya

Teresa TIGHE has joined the surname list by submitting the surname: PETERSON Welcome, Teresa

Sharon LEEZER has added two surnames: LEEZER, SCOTT to the growing surname list. Welcome, Sharon

Biographies from Kansas History Books:


July 2006
This site is under construction & re-organization 
this month.
Please be patient.


June 2006
This site is under construction & re-organization this month.
Please be patient.


May 2006

"New" First 100 Schuyler County Illinois Marriages.
This marriage list was transcribed from the Combined History of Schuyler & Brown Counties Illinois 1686-1882, Early Marriages. It was passed on to me by another researcher who wishes to remain anonymous. He thought someone else might benefit from it's contents and I'm sure someone will. If anyone has the original images of these marriages or the application of marriage, please consider donating a copy. I can easily add them for all to share. Thank you, Mr. Anonymous.

Schuyler Photo Gallery Section:
Johnson David WHITED and Luttie CARTER Wedding Photo and a single photo of just Johnson D. WHITEDdonated by Alice Alene HERREN.  Thank you very much.

"New" Letters From The Past Section:
 This section is for vintage letters from or to Schuyler County, Illinois ancestors. They can be images of the original handwritten letter or typed if hard to read or both.
First the contribute to this section is John GILLESPIE with 4 handwritten letters from the HINDERER clan.

Hinderer Family History Section:
The new photos for HINDERER  in from John GILLESPIE.

Obituary Section:
Henry Edward BRINES
obit was submitted by an anonymous submitter. If you want credit for this obit, please send me your name. Thank you. 

Surname List Section:
BOON, BOONE, HOUCK, HOUK, HOWK, KENDAL, KENDALL, KINDEL, KINDLE surnames have been submitted by Charnee SMIT. All brand new surnames too. Thank you, Charnee.

The Schuyler County, Illinois Surname List has a brand new surname - PURDY thanks to Pat SELF for submitting it.
Two more brand new surnames:  MILTON and  WAUGH  have been added to the Surname List. Thanks Alice Alene HERREN for participating.

"New" Submitted Marriage Images:
This is a collection of Schuyler County, Illinois Marriage Certificate Images. Dana HENSON is the first submitter for this project. She has contributed the certificate of Great Grandparents, George T. WHITSON and Ermine PATTERSON. Thanks for the wonderful gift to start a new project, Dana.

Submitted Marriage Images:
This section is growing faster than wild mushrooms after a spring rain! New bride and groom surnames are: ALBERT, De COUNTER, EULER, PARSLEY, & RIDNGS all donated by LouAnn CAMERON.  Thank you LouAnn, we appreciate your time and effect.  

Hinderer Family History Section:
The extensive collection of family photos, tombstone photos and documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates of the HINDERER Family who resided in Frederick from 1860 until the death of the last member in 1970 is finished. In addition,  there are a few obits, the first pages of the family bible showing birth and death info. All donated by John GILLESPIE. Some surnames which appear in this wonderful collection are: HINDERER, SCHMIDT, MESSERER,  HALE, BLACK, HUNT, BROWN, BELLOMY, IDUES.

"New" Ridings Document Collection:
This unique collection of original documents from Constable James E. RIDINGS (mid 1800's) are going to be, by far, a researchers' buried treasure exhumed. These "gem" documents will be an ongoing process, so explore this site often for your ancestors.  Thanks to the generosity of the RIDINGS' descendants you will not have to spend tedious hours searching for some of these "rarely known about" items.  

Family Group Sheet Section:
Hip Hip Hurray!!!  Announcing the "Premier" of the Family Group Sheet Section. Thank you so much Sherry Morell SHELTS for being the first initial contributor. So come one, come all. Click on  the Family Group Sheet button (at Schuyler County Home Page) to view Sherry's ancestors and please consider submitting your sheets too, by using the easy form I have provided. 
2 New family group sheets of Johnson David WHITED family. First one is of his first marriage to Malissa Almina MILTON MITCHELL and the other, his 2nd marriage to Luttie CARTER. submitted by Alice Alene HERREN, who is 71 years old and had a challenge to mastering the task of submitting her family sheets, but her effort paid off. Thank you, Alice  your perseverance.

John GILLESPIE has added his HINDERER Family to the Family Group Sheet Section. Thanks John.  *** Also John tells me he and his family members love the HINDERER Family History pages so much that he is going to be sending more "Fabulous Family Finds" soon!!  

Robert PECK joins in with his PECK Family to the
Family Group Sheet Section. Great to have your contribution Robert.

April 2006

"New" HINDERER Family History. " Coming soon. Work in progress."
This is an extensive collection of family & tombstone photos, birth, marriage, death certificates, obits, and history. Other families included are: BLACK, IDEUS, & SCHMIDT to name a few. This collection definitely merits your attention.  All contributions furnished by John GILLESPIE who, I believe, is worthy of a standing ovation. This is truly a genealogist dream come true.


Schuyler County Photo Gallery Section:
Delilah Jane TIPTON  WYAND & twins (1877) photo - Donated by Chester H. NEFF. Thank you, Chester for sharing once again.

George Thomas & Ermine WHITSON and son Lewis photos - Donated by Dana HENSON. Thank you, Dana for particiating in the photo gallery connection.
Research Links Section:
California Death Index Project pre 1905 link.

Surname Section:
BURTON surname - Submitted by Richard BURTON.  Richard will be in this area in June 2006. He wishes any information on his GG Grandparents Aziel & Mary BURTON who lived in Brooklyn between 1850 - 1880. Thank you Richard and have a successful trip.

MOORE surname - Submitted by Rose M. JONES.  Thank you Rose and I hope you get some nibbles.

Bio Review 1892 (Biographical Review of Cass, Schuyler, Brown Counties, Illinois 1892)
115 - Bio's have been updated!! " More Coming soon! Work in progress."

Obituary Section:
3 new obit additions - Mrs. Barbara Ellen WILSON
, Norris Oliver  (Ollie) WILSON,  Lydia J. MITCHELL  donated by Marsha.  She says Barbara's husband, Nathan WILSON has been a real "brick wall" for her and she'd appreciate anything info on him. Thanks Marsha.

March 2006

Now you can Submit your Great Research Link (see Research Links Page)

New Surname additions - BOWERS, INGLES, JORDON, MYERS, POINTS submitted by Earl James FOSTER - Thank you.

New Surname additions & Website - MOSES, TWIDWELL sumbitted by Linda GREEN - Thank you.

Genlealogy Puzzles - "NEW" - A page to tell us about your "Genleaogy Puzzle" (Brick Wall or Stumbling Block) here. Maybe we can help.

Family Group Sheets - "NEW" - A easy form to list the families you are researching.

Family Web Pages - Current list of personal websites submitted by their Website owns.

Schuyler County Photo Gallery - "NEW" - An array of old Schuyler County residents and places sumbitted. Photos can be submitted for an individual of for family groups. For a familiy group posting, I request a name identifer (e. g. The John Doe Family)

Rushville school photo - Class of 1906 (8th Grade) - Donated by Earl James FOSTER. Earl says his grandmother is in this photo. Can any one else recognize the other classmates? Thank you Earl for donating the very first photo for the Schuyler County Photo Gallery.

James Marion and Josephine Mc MILLEN VANCE Wedding Photo, Virgil and Viola VANCE Family Photo, Charles Estes and Emilla Phillips SHELTS Photo, and Leonard Leon and Nettie May VANCE SHELTS Photo - Donated by Sherry Morell SHELTS. Thanks Sherry for sharing your family photos. They sure helped this project start to grow! See Schuyler County Photo Gallery on Home Page. 

Emanuel HINDERER Photo taken around 1917 when he in his mid 70's. Be sure to check out the old wheelchair his sitting in. This photo was donated by his G.G.grandson John GILLESPIE. (Schuyler County Photo Gallery on Home Page) John has accumulated a weath of wonderful family lore and credits the Schuyler Co. Surname List for much of his Genealogical success. He has generously offered to contributing more. Doesn't that sound exciting!

Suranme List - New Addition for surname MORRIS submitted by Pat McCURDY. She also is researching the surname WHEELER and has updated her email address. Thank you, Pat and Good Luck. 

Surname List - New Additions -DYSON, GARRISON, HAMPTON, MCCREERY, MONTGOMERY, NELSON, SYLVESTER. Submitted by Susan REZEK. Thank you, Susan and I wish great success.

Surname List - New Addition - WOODS - submitted by Coleen BRISTOL. Thank you Coleen and Happy Hunting.

Cemeteries and Obituaries - New Additions - submitted by Gordon JACKSON - Gordon has donated a picture of  Jackson Cemetery in Bainbridge Township, along with burials. He has also furnished two new obits for Jeremiah and Mary JACKSON. Three cheers for Gordon!!!   

Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum and Genealogical Center Pubications updates. (Pages 1, 2, 3, 4) - as a courtesy for Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Richard GRAHAM has submitted a link to a book written in 1899 by a David GRAHAM in W. VA. This book reflects the GRAHAM history back to Scotland. One of the family members coming to Rushville in 1836. Then in 1837 they platted the town of Birmingham. See Family Links & Things on the Home Page.Thank you Richard.

Surname List Section
LAWRENCE, CROSSMAN, CARTER - Submitted by Jack FINK. Good luck, Jack.

LOTER - submitted by Neoma HENDRICKSMEYER. Thanks for your new surname to the list. Here's hoping you success.

GREGORY - Court GREGORY is a new researcher added to the surname list. Court is looking for connections to William H. GREGORY b. abt. 1798 in VA. Good Luck, Court.


MILBY, MULLEN, BICKNELL surnames now appear on the surname list by Lynne MILBY ONKEN.  Great to have you aboard, Lynne.  

Family Web Pages Section
CARTER, RHOADES (+ more) - Courtsey of Jack FINK. Thank you.

Tombstone Photos - "NEW" - If you own tombstone photographs of ancestral Schuyler Countians, please consider sharing them. Please include the name of the cemetery if known.


Tombstone Photo Section :
TAYLOR Tombstones - Duncan, Elizabeth & oldest daughter Susan LAWLER and youngest daughter Mary TAYLER REED- submitted by Richard and Monte TAYLOR. Hats off to you both.

REDDICK Tombstones - John J. , Jonathan, Mary H. - submitted by Judi GILKER (supplied to me by Pat SELF)

Tombstones Galore submitted by Cindy FOSTER. She ready kept me busy. Tombstone surnames: AKIN, BEAM, BELVILLE, BELLEVILLE, BROWN,  BUSHNELLE, CAMERRON, DURAND, FOSTER, GORSAGE, HARRIS, HAWKINS, HORTON, JENNING, McILHENRY, MITCHELL, MURRAY, WARD,  WATERS. What a significant addition she contributed.

ROBERTSON Tombstones - Furnished by  Lawrence ROBERTSON. Bravo, Lawrence!

Schuyler County Photo Section:
Alta Floy MOREHEAD - submitted by Chester H. NEFF. Thank you very much for assisting to expand the photo section.

"New" Search Engine for Schuyler County ILGenWeb Site. Every page  has been re-indexed. So even if you have done a recent search you may wish to try again. Now, you can not only search the whole site, but font you have the option to search specific documents -- Briths, Marriages, Deaths, or Obituaries. Just click the "Search" botton on the Home Page.

February 2006

Schuyler County, Illinois Guestbook - "NEW"

Schuyler County, Illinois Wills & Estates 1850-1868. Updated.

Research Links & Illinois Genealogy Links - website - Updated

Schuyler County, Illinois Surnames List - updated


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