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December  2007



Newspaper Section - see Schuyler Citizen newspapers 1879-1880 Deaths & Obituaries

Carol WOLF BRITTON has submitted a real jewel. She has searched 2 years of old Schuyler Citizen Newspapers (1879-1880) and collected death notices & obituaries. What a truly outstanding gift for this website. I am sure everyone agrees.
Click Here to view.
surnames include: Achison, Ames, Armstrong, Asher, Badenbinder, Baker, Baxter, Beckrom, Berry, Bert, Bertholf, Bidamon, Blair, Branstool, Briney, Brown, Buckingham, Burnham, Campbell, Carlilsle, Christianson, Clark, Collins, Crandall, Crosoer, Curtis, DeWitt, Demoss, Farneworth, Fifer, Foote, Fowler, Gadbert, Garrett, Gay, Goodwin, Gray, Greer, Hagans, Haney, Harman, Haskell, Heita, Heitz, Heitzman, Hermetet, Herron, Higgins, Hiler, Hopley, Hoskinson, Howell, Irvins, Irwin, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Jonte, Kennedy, Kerr, King, Kotzman, Kuhn, Lambert, Larash, Lawler, Lewis, Linn, Little, McClure, McCutcheon, McIntyre, McMaster, Merritt, Meyers, Middleton, Milby, Millison, Montgomery, Morris, Nall, Nardin, Newberry, Noble, Norton, Packard, Parker, Parr, Parrott, Pierson, Potts, Purdy, Ray, Rebman, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Roosa, Ruth, Schultz, Scott, Scripps, Seward, Slack, Sloan, Smith, Smither, Strong, Swayze, Taylor, Thompson, Todd, Trone, Wade, Walton, Wheelhouse, Window, Wright, Yoke.

Surname List

Hal & Pat BRELIANT has submitted the surname FEGLEY.

Obituary Section

Here are 3 more obituaries: Mrs. Harriet FRY Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. James OWENSMrs. Melissa J. RAY (nee PRICE).

Carol WOLF BRITTON has submitted has submitted the following obits: Joseph Willson CAMPBELL, &William Thomas CRUM.

Photo Section- See Schuyler Co. Photo Gallery

 Coleen BRISTOL has submitted 3 nice family photos. One photo is of  Nathan Perrin WOODS in his Civil War Uniform,Marqurette WOODS WILLISNathan P. WOODS & his wife Sophia DAVIS. Thank you Coleen.


 Newspaper Articles Regarding Reunions of Co. D 115th IL. Volunteer Infantry :(this is a link from ILGenWeb Illinois Civil War Page under Our Civil War Scrapbook) Thank you William L. BARAN for letting me know about this.


The following obituaries have been added: Mrs. Emma WILLIAMS CLARK Linclon BARTON, Mrs. Gertrude MONTGOMERY ELLISMrs. Roseanna RITTENHOUSE GRISTWalter Moro VENTERSMrs. Marion VANCE

Genealogy Society

December 6,2007 - Genealogically Speaking - History of Cane Hill

Decmeber 20, 2007 - Genealogically Speaking - New Band Stand in the Park

November  2007



Cemetery Section - see appropriate cemetery

Pat & Jim SELF have submitted Overview Photos of the following Bainbridge Township Cemeteries: Bell, Burnside, Clark (Newberry), Davis, Ebenezer (Hardscrabble), Gillette, Hosmer, Jackson, Krohe, Lawler, Persinger, Tracy (Mitchell) & Steele. They also submitted a tombstone photo of John Boiling (Boiling Cemetery). Thank you so very much Pat & Jim.
Does anyone else have tombstone photos? If so, please consider submitting them.

Courthouse Section

Records held at the Schuyler County Illinois Courthouse Page.

Births - see Submitted Births

Robert PECK submits his grandfather, Edwin Truman Peck & Minnie Laura (NELSON) PECK's birth date

Biographies & Family Histories - see Submitted Biographies

Herman Chester RINEHART Biography

Janis LOWY MULLIN has donated Hugh McCULLOUGH  Descendant Chart  (PDF file) along with 6 photos. (photos are in the Photo Gallery section. Thank you Janis for your donation and being so very patient.

Photos Index - see Schuyler County Illinois Photo Gallery.

Janis LOWY MULLIN - has donated 6 photos from the McCULLOUGH Family which can be veiwed on pages 18 & 19 in the photo gallery. They include : Anna May, Carlton, William Edward, Hugh McCULLOUGH & Annie FLINT McCULLOUGH, Myrtle McCULLOUGH BOSSONG.

Marriages - see Submitted Marriages

Coleen BRISTOL - has submitted a marriage date for William E. MASON & Mary Ellen WOODS.

Genealogy Society

November 7, 2007 - Genealogically Speaking - Museum Updates

November 22, 2007 - Genealogically Speaking - Thanksgiving / Ladies' Seminary


Charlotte DOYLE BEYER has donated 2 new obits: Harriett HERRON & Mrs. Susan V. DOSIER

Mary B. HANNING obit & Glen R. HANNING obit.

Sarah A. BOSS (nee Black) obit.

Roscoe H. BURNSIDE obit.

Death Section - see Schuyler County, Illinois Death Registers

Pat SELF has also submitted overveiw photos from the following Browning Township Cemeteries: No. 1 Bader, Old Ridgeville New Ridgeville.

Cemeteries - see appropriate Township

Lynn & Marlow Cemeteries Tombstone Photos (Camden Township) have been donated by Barb Shave.

Sugar Grove Cemetery Tombstone Photos (Rushville Township), Greenleaf (Pickle) Cemetery in Buena Vista Township (partial List of burials) Thank you submitters.

Surname List

Charlotte DOYLER BEYER has submitted the surnames: DOYLE & HERRON.

October 2007



Genealogy Society

October 10, 2007 - Genealogically Speaking - Bibles

October 24, 2007 - Genealogically Speaking - Horses to Cannery.

September 2007




I wish to apologize for the delay on posting contributions recently to this site. My time has been spent with my family. My sister -in-law was seriously injured in a  tragic boating accident. I have been busy helping  plan a benefit for her and making a website.

Genealogy Society

Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum & Genealogical Center Hope Chest 

The Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum and Genealogical Center Board Members promise to send genealogical items from time to time so please keep checking.

Genealogically Speaking articles will be sent to this website on a regular bases. These articles will include some of the current holding, new additions and donations to the jail museum & genealogical center.

Genealogical Speaking for September 12, 2007 Tells about Cunningham Family Bible, McCREERY Family Bible, METZ Family Bible, POOL Family Bible, Cyrus and Lydia Ann BELTZ UNGER Family Bible, Antique Dolls, Vintage Dolls, Scripps, Metholdist Church Republic of Libaria Africa, Presbyterian Church 1938 RHS Commencement program, Samuel T. VAIL Land Grant, Phillip Family WW1 Ration Stamp Book, 1800's Schuyler County Illinois School Records
August 2007 



Genealogy Society

Announcement! Great news! The Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum & Genealogical Center  & this website will be working together to bring visitors genealogical news & events. Items furnished by the Genealogical Center will be placed online on this section. A brand new page called "Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum & Genealogical Center Hope Chest" has been added. On this page visitors will be able to view the Historical Jail Museum & Genealogical Center's featured Treasure Trove items.
Update - August 8, 2007 Genealogically Speaking

History or Biographies

Mr. E. H. JOHNSON has submitted biographies from "A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans Vol 3 & 4 " for the former Schuyler Co. IL. Residents surname -BRONAUGH, VEATCH, WINGATE, YOE. Thank you, Mr. JOHNSON for your thoughtfulness.

July 2007  




Black Hawk War Index Page:
Captain STENNETT's Company - Brigade of Mounted Rangers - Rushville Residence
Odd Companies - Schuyler County Residences
Captain William C. RALLS' Company - Illinois Mounted Volunteers
Captain M. G. WILSON's Company - Fourth Regiment - Rushville Residences
Captain William C. RALLS' Company - Fourth Regiment Mounted Volunteers - Rushville Residences

Mexican War Index Page:
Independent Companies of Mounted Volunteers - Captain A. DUNLAP's Company (1 page)
Independent Companies of Mounted Volunteers - Captain A. DUNLAP's Company (2 page)

Genealogy Society

The main page has been updated. Come take a look. New items will be coming soon!!


Angella WILLEY GREGORY is researching the surnames FRAKES & WILLEY. Thank you, Angella for joining the list of surnames.

Mary MANYX GOODSON is working on the surnames: ANGEL, CLARK, & MANYX. Her MANYX lineage originated from Ireland. Once in America they lived in Schuyler, Brown, Knox,  McDonough Counties Illinois, & in Missouri, Oregan, & California. Other connecting surnames are - BOWE, DREW, FRYE, McDONOUGH, PATTERSON, & VOLK. You can view her family tree on under MANYX family. Thank you Mary, & here's wishing you lots of luck.

Joyce BREWER wishes to hear from fellow researchers working on the surnames: BREWER, COKENOUR, CROSS, HAGEMAN, PERRY, THOMPSON, & WORTHINGTON. Thank you, Joyce.

Coleen BRISTOL reports she has a new email address. Updated for the surname of WOODS.


New obituaries posted this month are: James W. TWEDDELL, & Miss Minnie A. TUTT.

Family Links & Branches - see Hinderer Family History

John GILLESPIE has more HINDERER history. New donations are - Draft Registrations Cards for : Adrain H. HINDERER, Arlie Grover HINDERER, Emanuel H. HINDERER, Frederick Henry MESSERER

June 2007  




Kay GODDARD has been added to the surname ROBERTS. Good Luck, Kay.

Nancy STEPHENS STAUFFER enters her surnames of: CLEMENTS & STEPHENS. Thank you, Nancy.


The following Obituaries are now online: Mrs. Chris ANGOLOFTMrs. Louise BANKSMrs. Matilda BATES (nee RENO), William Henry BEDENBENDERMrs. Jay BOOTH (nee WARRINGTON), Charley BROWNMr. & Mrs. William CHAPMAN,  Mrs. Henry CURTISBert Davis, Rev. J. N. DEWELLJoesph E. GASKELLMrs. Delilah REBMAN GEER, James Henry GREEN, Con HARDY, Mrs. Lydia Jane JACKSON, Mrs. JONNIGAN, Mrs. KOSTHarry LANE,  Jacob LAWYER, Mary MANYX (nee ANGEL), Wm. H. MCLARENMrs. Gary NEWELL, Elizabeth NOBLE, Emery E. PAINTER, Mrs. Laura PARRY, Francis Virginia RYAN, Henry J. SCHROEDER, Mrs. Thomas F. SCOTT (BODEBHAMER) , Mrs. Sarah SEARS, Arthur SHINN, Mrs. William SHOUP (nee BOVEY),  Mrs. Hallie SMITH, Mrs. Elnora PENNINGTON SNOWDENJohn S. SPARKS, Infant child of George SPEERS, Salaithel STONE, Reuben TOLLE, James H. or M. VAHLE, Arthur WALKER, Infant of Chas WELLS, Mrs. Clayton WILLARD, Twins of Alfred ZEIGLER

Obits of Francis Elmo WARDELL & Francis Marion WARDELL submitted by Judi Gilker.

May 2007




Military - see Revolutionary War Index

Revolutionary War Pensioner Census 1841, Revolutionary War Rejected PensionsIllinois Revolutioary War Veteran Burials


Sherry MORELL SHELTS has contributed a newspaper article announcing the 50th anniversaries of 3 sisters & 1 brother within a year. (with photo) Surnames included: BRIGGS, SHELTS, REEDER, HARE, RAPER, VANCE, SCHUENKE, HENNIGER, OSBORNE, KAMM.

Family Links & Branches - see HINDERER Family History

7 new HINDERER photos: Edward Blaine, ErnestJuanita, Opal Marie, Grove, Alice May (nee HUNT), Grove & Alice with family. Courtesy of Lea HINDERER & John GILLESPIE. Thank you both for your lovely vintage photos.


Sherry MORELL SHELTS has donated some of her family's obits: Emilla SHELTS, Charles Estes SHELTS. Thank you, Sherry for being so patient & understanding.

Marilyn PROCTOR PARSONS submitted an obituary for Jacob Brummel Parsons. Thank you, Marilyn.

Carol WOLF BRITTON presented this website with the following obituaries: Frank COX, Mrs. W. I. GREEN (nee RUNKLE), Luster GREGGWashington M. LAWLER, George MANSIR, MATTON, Mrs. Samuel McKEE, Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Peter PECHIN,  

James P. BLACK , Nicolas S. HETRICKJonathan THARPEJoseph WARDELL, & Mrs. Judith WARDELL (nee INGLES) Obituaries donated by Judi GILKER.

Ohter new obits: Joel H. DECAMP, John William JONES, Maurice KELLY, Mrs. Lean NEIMAN, Mrs. James (Anna) LITTLE, Leon ORR, Mrs. Harriet E. REEVE, son of Elmer SCHURMAN, Elizabeth SCHWAB, Mary Francis McGRAW SPIVA, William S. SPEED, Mrs. Henrietta WELTY (nee HENDRIX)

Family Group Sheets

Thank you Jennifer HEER NORMAN for being the first brave soul to use the new & improved methods to submit your Michael & Mary O'CONNELL WOODS family group sheet. Now maybe fellow researchers will decide to try.

Thank you, Cathryn HATFIELD for being for first to send your family group sheets in PDF format. Cathryn has subitted 3 family group sheets: Charles & Mary LEMASTER HATFIELD; Abraham & Mary THOMPSON HATFIELD; Henry & Mary RITTENHOUSE HATFIELD.


Connie WELLS, great, great granddaughter of Carson & Effie BECKERDITE has submitted 3 BECKERDITE photos. BECKERDITE's in photos include: Carson, Effie, Edna & Edna Mae. There also are 2 mystery ladies in one photo Connie would enjoy identifing.

Look Up

How about a "Standing Ovation" for these 2 wonderful volunteers. Let's hear it for:

Pat SELF - she now has tombstone photos she will email with look ups (upon request) for the following cemeteries: Bainbridge, Browning, & Hickory.

Dann NORTON - says she has requested help from many volunteers during her own genealogy research and knows how beneficial they can be. Now she wants to help fellow researchers. She will provide Look ups for:  Records of Wills, Letters of Administration, Guardian Bonds 1827-1849; Wills and Estates of Schuyler County, Jan 1850-Aug 1868; and Records of Wills A 1868-1887, B 1866-1879, Index Administrators Bonds Book A 1857-1872, B 1871-1879.  Also, Atlas Map of Schuyler County, Illinois 1872; Schuyler County History 1983, 1985. 


Cathryn HATFIELD has thrown in her surname of HATFIELD

Marilyn PROCTOR PARSONS  has submitted a new email address. Her address has been updated on the surnames she submitted. Thank you Marilyn for sending the surnames along with your email address change.  

Family Links & Branches - see Family Web Page

NEFF & LUNG Genealogy Home Page link update.

Old Query Page -- see "S"  SHEESLEY

Donna HYLAND has updated her eamil address on her SHEESLEY query of March 2003. 

April 2007




Family Group Sheet Section

NEW and IMPROVED!! Now there are 3 ways to submit your family group sheets. Come and take a look.  They are easy!!!

Wills, Estates, & Probates Section - see Several Probates Notices between 1875 - 1976

Carol WOLF BRITTON has bequeathed several probates notices between 1875-1976.

Courthouse Section - see 1875 & 1876 Township Elections

While going through her old records & files, Carol WOLF BRITTON found these 1875 & 1876 Township Elections which graciously donated for all to share. Thank you, Carol for being so thoughtful.

Family Links & Branches Section - see Historical Documents Solomon WINSTON

Hats off to Lee WINSTON , Virginia CAMPBELL & the WINSTON family members have digging into they family treasure chests and have furnished this site with an astonishing array of vintage family photos. Total of 38 pictures. Surnames include: BATHALEEN, KEHR, KELLY, LUTTREL, MARDEL, MILLER, SCHIALER, SHIRREL, THORNTON, WHEELHORNEY, WINSTON.
They have also contributed THORNTON & WINSTON burials from Browning Cemetery (Schuyler County) & Astoria Cemetery (Fulton County), along with obituaries of Martha & William S. THORNTON.

Land Records

Janis LOWY MULLIN has donated information of the 1864 Littleton Township Illinois Land Purchase of John W. BARNES. Thank you, Janis.

Surname Section

Elizabeth BECKER  would enjoy hearing from genealogists hunting for Festus ALEXANDER. I hope you snag a couple of new leads, Elizabeth.

Jennifer HEER NORMAN has submitted the surnames: FITZGERALD, GAFFNEY, WOODS. She also has her own HEER family website. Good luck, Jennifer, and here's wishes your website to grow.

Shirlee is researching the surnames: SHAW & WEAVER. Can anyone give Shirlee a nibble or two?

Rochelle WAGER would like to learn more about the surname MOSS. Happy digging, Rochelle.

Obituary Section

 Jim PRENTICE has submitted a new email address. Researchers can obtian Jim's new address by clicking here on his name or viewing  PRENTICE, WRIGHT, & MOSS obits, which he submitted.

Courthouse Section

1875 or 1876 Township elections results - Courtesy of Carol Wolf Britton. Thank you very much, Carol.

March 2007




Family Links & Branches Section

The Solomon WINSTON descendents have furnished a grand variety of historical documention. Come take a look at the Historical Documents of Solomon WINSTON & His Family index page.

Daughters of  the American Revolution Applications (DAR) Section

This is a new page to post D.A.R. applications for Schuyler County, Illinois Residents and / or connecting families to former Schuyler County, Illinois Residents.  Currently we have one application which is Julia WINSTON TAYLOR. Donated by the WINSTON family members.
Consider adding your ancestors.

Family Group Sheet Section

A new universal form to submit your Schuyler County Illinois ancestors is now online. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Pat ADKISON for letting me know the old form was not working.

Surname Section                                      

Brooks and Martha BOYE are researching the following surnames: GOODWIN, MAXWELL, ZIGLER or ZEIGLER. I hope you get lots of nibbles.

JORDAN, JORDON & LANGNER are the surnames
Richard L. DALTON ancestor's. Sure hope you get some good clues, Richard. 

Eileen has submitted the surname HARRIS. Her ancestor is Evan HARRIS B. 1786
in VA d. 1856 M. to Rebecca MORELAND.  Buried in Pettijohn Cemetery, Schuyler County. Looking for his father and mother names.
Or any information on a Benopni HARRIS.

February 2007



Census Section

1830, 1840 census images!!!  1850 census index. Also a link to the USGenWeb Census Project. These are a "must see." - All courtesy of USGenWeb.

Surname  Section                        

Patti BRESNEHEN has another surname she is researching. WOODS. She is looking
for others
researching Henry WOODS who married Diane DAWSON before they ended up in and around Benton and Leclede Co. Missouri. She followed her brother and his wife. Thank you Patti.

Lesa HALE is looking for the surname: DARK. Thank you Lesa.

Tombstone Section

Lynne ONKEN has donated  MILBY & PRETTYMAN headstones from Milby Cemetery. Thank you Lynne.

Photo Gallery - see Mystery Photo Gallery

Family photographs are a treasure and like most genealogy researchers, Lee WINSTON,  & other WINSTON family memebers have several unidentified. They have contributed them to this site, thus I created a new section - Mystery Photo Gallery. Come have a small glimpse of the past & see if you recognize any one. Perhaps these photos will inspire you to submit some of yours.

Family Links & Branches - see Submitted Biographies

Charlotte MUCKEY, great granddaughter of Lewis & Frances WISBY GIBLER has donated some of her family branch research & documents.  A special thanks goes to her for being so patient.

Birth Section - see Submitted Births Records

Evelyn HOWARD NEWTON contributes an early birth record - surnames - CORNMAN, PENCE & ELSER. Now Schuyler County ILGenWeb has another new page. Thank you Evelyn.

Military Section - see Civil War Portion - Muster Roll (partal) 115 Inf.

A special thanks to Lee WINSTON, & the WINSTON family members who submitted a microfilm image page of the Civil War 115 inf. muster roll.  It not only shows their WINSTON ancestor, but 27 others too! I have made an index of names & a magnifier box to the microfilm image.
Does anyone else have other microfilm images to share? If so please submit them.

Military Section - see Civil War Portion - Solomon WINSTON Pension

Lee WINSTON  & members of the WINSTON family brings us more! Veiw their anscestor's, Solomon WINSTON Civil War Pension Document.

This & That Section- see Inspirational Emails to Schuyler County ILGenWeb

Inspirational Letters - Veiw Inspiring emails written directly to Schuyler County ILGenWeb. Also Sign & Veiw links to Schuyler County "Guestbook"

January 2007




Newspaper Section - see excepted from Schuyler Citizen Newspapers

11 transcribed vintage Schuyler Citizen Newspapers publicizing Rushville deaths between  1849- 1860.

Death Section

Cholera Death  in Rushville 1834 - Article from the Illinois Patriot Newspaper, Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois - July 12, 1834. Submitted by Patty HAVENS

Look Up Section

Pat SELF has kindly offered to accommodate researchers for look ups in the cemeteries located in the following Schuyler County, Illinois Townships  - Bainbridge, Browning, Hickory Townships. She also has photos!!!

LouAnn CAMERON, a wonderful volunteer for many Look Ups has a new email address. The page has now been updated to reflect this change.

I'm sure we all want to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to everyone of our gracious and good-hearted volunteers.

Surname Section

Dorothy SMETZER CHUTE is researching the surname - CHUTE.

Steven K. LUKENS is researching the surname - DAUGHERTY.

Cemetery Section -
see Woodstock Township

Here are some more cemetery burials from Jeannette PHETHEAN's  graciously donated from last month.  Now online: Palm Cemetery,  Milby Cemetery,  Brethern Cemetery, Sims or Simms (Rawson) Cemetery, Jackson Cemetery.

Death Section

Early Death Register & Death Certificate by cemeteries burials. Some out of county burials.  I exhumed these pages from deep inside the Schuyler County ILGenWeb archives.  Enjoy! I did.

Photo Gallery - See
Historical Buildings & Postcards

Historical Building Photographs & Postcards

School Souvernirs

LouAnn CAMERON has bestowed this site with more of her family gems. See Camden Township Independence Public School Pupil list & cover from 1906.

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