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February  2008



Genealogy Society

January 30, 2008 - Genealogically Speaking - Rushville Businesses, 1894.

February 13, 2008 - Genealogically Speaking - Old Flag Returned- 1907.

February 27, 2008 - Genealogically Speaking - Maid Rite Opens; 1930 Businesses.


Polly SMITH has a new email address which has been changed for the surnames: ABERCROMBIE, CHIPMAN, COOPER, GLANDON, HITE, HORNEY, LANTZ, MANLOVE, SELF & WHEELER. Thank you, Polly for keeping us updated.

Sue TROUT is seeking to hear from PECHIN genealogists. Her PECHIN ancestors are Peter Frederick & Louisa NARDIN PECHIN. Thank you, Sue and good luck.

January  2008



Genealogy Society

January 16, 2008 - Genealogically Speaking - Browning School.


Coleen COLEMAN wants to hear from other researchers working on the surnames of EWING & MILTON. Thank you Coleen.

James Jay SKILES, Sr. Joins the other researchers working on the surname of SKILES. Thank you James and good luck.

Andrea PATTERSON has 2 new surnames for our surname list. Are GILL and MADDEN. Thank you Andrea for submission and lots of luck.

Look UP Page

Dann NORTON, one of the wonderful volunteers,has has a new email address. Thank you Dann, for keeping all of us updated.

Obituary Section

Sue HAWES, has found a detailed obit on Ralph Waldo CRAIN and she has an incredible website. Go have look.

Steve PETERSON has a new email address and wanted to inform us. His new email has been changed on the obituaries he submitted which were: Robert, Susan, James & John Robert PETERSON. Thank you Steve for including all your submissions along with your new email. That made my job a snap.

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Rushville Businesses, Genealogical Speaking 1-16-08 and Old Flag Returned, Genealogical Speaking 1-30-2008

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