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Clarkor Newberry Cemetery

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William J. Clark and hiswife Solena Clark
Joseph Clark

A certain tract of land inthe south-west Quarter of the South-east Quarter of Section 21, Township1 North of the Base Line, Range 1 West of the 4th Principal Meridian inBainbridge Township, Schuyler County, Illinois.  Except three (3)acres in the South-west corner of the said forty acres to be reserved asa burying ground.

Recorded in Deed Book R –page 133 –  dated February 19, 1851

This cemetery is on top ofthe hill and beside the gravel road.  It appears to have been a muchlarger cemetery with many of the stones missing.

KILLION, CHARLES  d.Aug 5, 1872  aged 48y 7m 27d
HERBIG, JOSEPH ALBERT s/o I. S. & M. J. Herbig  d. Jan 26, 1869  aged 1y 3m 23d
SUDDETH, JOHN H.  s/oWillis & Mary E. Suddeth  Feb 3,  1876 –  Sept 23, 1897
CLARK, WILLIAM C. s/o J. H. & S. Clark  d.  Nov 13, 1860  aged 9y 11m21d
           SORENA [Black]  w/o J. H. Clark  d. Oct 17, 1855  aged 25y8m 16d
           JOHN H.  Sept 8, 1815 – July 3, 1908
           LYDIA J.  d/o J. H. & S. Clark  d. May 21, 1852  aged3y 1m 28d
           SOFLENA  d/o J. H. & S. Clark  d. April 30, 1854  aged1y 19d
HILLS, JOHN W.  s/oB & L. L. Hills  d. Jan 21, 1872  aged 1y 5m 13d
           VELMER LEE  s/o B. & L. L. Hills  d. Feb 19, 1873  aged4y 8m 28d
CLARK, W. J.  d. July17, 1860  aged 41y 3m 5d
           JOSEPH L.  July 30, 1824 – Feb 20, 1857
           WILLIAM  d. Nov 10, 1854  aged 71y 6m 22d
           ROSANNA [Hurst]  w/o William  d. Feb 1, 1847  in 63rd yearof her age
           ________   d/o J. & S.  d. March 3, 1849  aged1y 9m 4d
CLEMENTS, AGNES R. d/o Earl & Hazel  d. 1927
CLEMENTS, GEORGE  1866– 1954
                   ISADORA  [Howell]  w/o George Clements  1867 – 1927
NEWELL, JAMES P.  s/oA. W. & Z. Newell  d. May 15, 1864  aged 20y 3m 23d Co.  D. 115  ILL  Inf
NEWELL, AMERICUS W. d. Oct 17, 1863  aged 42y 9m 22d
               ZELPHA  [Newberry]  w/o Americus  d. July 30, 1896
NEWBERRY, JOSEPH  d.Sept 8, 1871  aged 85y 4m 12d
                   MARGARET  [Kerns, Bennett]  w/o Joseph  d. March 17, 1861 aged 68y 2d
RIDINGS, LORRAINE P. d/o J. E. & E. E. Ridings  d. Aug 26, 1858  aged 1y 2m 6d
                ELIZABETH  w/o J. E. Ridings  d. Aug 15, 1870  aged 47y3m 15d
BENNETT, JOHN K.  d.Oct 3, 1874  aged 58y 8m 24d
                 ELIZA A.  [Madison]  w/o John  Aug 3, 1818 – Aug 24, 1882[ her obit states she was buried in
                 Rushville Cemetery]
BENNETT, ADELIA  d/oJ. K. & E. A. Bennett  d. April 3, 1844  aged 3y 10m 6d
                 FLORENCE A.  d/o J. K. & E. A. Bennett  d. April 3, 1844 aged 4y
REDDICK, MARY J.  [Clark] w/o John J. Reddick  d. Dec 16, 1857  aged 35y 7m 1d
                JOHN J.  d. May 30, 1873  aged 46y 8m
                JOHATHAN  d. May 7, 1870  aged 70y 1m 4d
REDDICK, ELIZABETH w/o Jonathan  d. Sept 27, 1875
DONALDSON, INFANT c/o Jas. Donaldson   d. Oct 1896
FOSTER, MRS.  d. Jan4, 1899
NEWELL, WILLIAM  Dec18, 1832 – June 2, 1908

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