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Rushville City Cemetery Interments
1860 through 1880

Interments for 18 January 1860 –  December 1860 – Samuel Hindman, David Swan, Sextons
The Schuyler Citizen, January 16, 1861
The Schuyler Citizen, July 24, 1861

18 January 1860Miss Sarah E. DAVIS
13 February 1860dau. of G. R. BENTON
17 June 1860John PARROTT – congestion of the brain29y 3m
4 July 1860Thomas M. MARTIN – premature discharge of cannon39y 5m 15d
5 July 1860David GILLAM – premature discharge of cannon24y – 25y
6 July 1860Apolene wife of Jacob ZIMMERMAN – consumption23y 1m 12d
24 July 1860dau. of William LANDON – inflammation of brain2y 3m
24 July 1860Henry son of J. BELLCHAMBERS – consumption9y 10m
25 July 1860Anna Mary dau of W. Jackson WHITSON – inflammation of brain4m 20d
3 August 1860Martha Ann dau. of Alfred COPPAGE – inflammation of bowels19d
5 August 1860Harriet dau. of Henry C. LETT of Lafayette, KS – inflammation of brain
14 August 1860infant son of William H. RAY 
16 August 1860Martin Luther son of Franz KRUSE – inflammation of brain13m 5d
22 August 1860John GARMON – palsy57y 1m 26d
26 August 1860John HAMILTON – congestive chill
27 September 1860Mrs. Heathey RANDALL – dropsynear 54y
27 September 1860Mrs. Rebecca BARNES – billious fever58y 9m 17d
28 September 1860John Henry son of John WRIGHT – diarrhae15m
4 October 1860Dirk Sunken KRUSE – old age82y 9m 16d
13 October 1860Simon son of Wm. L. NOBLE – scrofula15m
13 October 1860Jonathan BELLCHAMBERS – billious fever45y
21 October 1860child of William A. YOUNG – bold hives4 weeks 1d
22 October 1860Lyman P. J. MELONEE, adopted son of John FLINT – drowned in tan vat1y 8m 25d
25 October 1860Hannah wife of James WHITE -disease of lungs47y
30 October 1860Elizabeth McCUTCHEN – diptheria10y 2m 7d
5 November 1860George Wesley son of Joshua ROBINSON – croup1y 19d
13 November 1860Jane TYSON – consumption58y 8m 15d
6 December 1860Ephraim DERICKSON, died in  St. Louis, MO – old age77y 8m
19 December 1860Elleanor WILSON – consumption22y 4m 28d
23 December 1860Frances E. BLACKFORD – consumption15y 10m 18d

Interments for January 1861 – July 1861 – Samuel Hindman, David Swan, Sextons
The Schuyler Citizen, 24 July 1861

28 January 1861Jesse dau. of Asa GOODWIN, Sr.1y 9m
6 February 1861Alexander YOUNG – old age86y 9m
6 February 1861Jane dau. of John HAMILTON – diptheria6y 4m 6d
7 February 1861John Jerome son of Mary Ann WILLIAMS – disease of throat3m
10 February 1861Peter L. CAMPBELL – typhoid fever22y 4m 7d
12 February 1861William son of Frederick  GLOSSIP – croup1y 11m 10d
13 February 1861Catherine wife of Stephen CAMPBELL – cancer30y 7m 4d
15 February 1861Mrs. Wealthy STEVEN and twins – in child bed34y 1m 15d
17 February 1861Stephen A. D. son of John HILL – scrofula1y 3m 15d
21 February 1861William Basil son of Ferdinand BOWEN – lung fever3y 6m 2d
1 March 1861Harriet C. RAMSEY – cancer52y 2m 16d
2 March 1861Mary dau. of John C. SCRIPPS – lung fever3 weeks 5d
8 March 1861Joseph son of George NELSON – broncho pneumonia1y 12d
14 March 1861Mabel dau. of William LANDON27 hours
16 March 1861Lavina wife of Ira INGRAM – dropsy, liver complaint49y 6m 9d
19 March 1861Amanda child of James CARNES1y 3m
20 March 1861Mary HERON – dropsy68y 1m
28 March 1861Mary Chestnut DUNCAN41y
3 April 1861Vietta dau. of James GREER11m
3 April 1861Marcellus son of Mrs. GILLESPIE4y 8m 28d
6 April 1861Minnie dau. of David SLOAT – whooping cough2y 6m 1d
9 April 1861Ellen Virginia dau. of John C. SCRIPPS3y 6m
25 April 1861Wallace C. son of William LANDON – whooping cough4y 5m
8 May 1861Caroline Alice dau. of Edward BERTHOLF – diptheria7y 7m 23d
13 May 1861Anna Elizabeth dau. of Wilbur F. WHITSON – lung fever2m 28d
31 May 1861Charity wife of Samuel LOCKE67y 7m 24d
11 June 1861Thomas G. son of Peter L. CAMPBELL20y 6m 24d
9 June 1861George William son of John CUNNINGHAM11m 24d
14 June 1861Thomas ZEIGLER32y 6m 14d
30 June 1861Lucy wife of Alexander COLT52y 10m 6d
July 1861Anna Mildred dau. of James S. WHITSON1y 3m 22d

Interments for 1878
Rushville Times, 17 January 1879

2 January 1878Harrison ANDERSON
14 February 1878Charles GREER17y 4m
24 February 1878William WRIGHT3y 11m
25 February 1878Robert E. ARMOR19y 6m
11 March 1878infant son of M. W. GREER
31 March 1878Hurlburt N. GRAFF4 years
2 April 1878Henry P. TEEL76 years
16 April 1878William T. LOGSDON1y 10m
25 April 1878Nellie GRAVES16y 4m
15 May 1878Mary L. YOUNG31 years
21 May 1878Gillaspie JOHNSON44y 5m
29 May 1878Francis M. DELAPP52 years
25 June 1878Charles M. RODEWALD52 years
7 July 1878Martha YOUNG78 years
9 July 1878Mary E. REED20 years
15 July 1878John A. YOUNG73 years
27 July 1878John HAYES53y 6m
9 August 1878Laura B. STEBBENS82 years
16 August 1878William J. SCOTT30 years
21 August 1878Pearl PACKARD1y 9m
9 September 1878Gussie ANGEL3 years
16 September 1878James PENNY50 years
29 September 1878Elizabeth DEMOSS67 years
9 October 1878Mary R. SCRIPPS33y 2m
10 October 1878Homer N. MILBY2y 7m
14 November 1878James WORTHINGTON73 years
10 December 1878Nancy B. KINKADE48 years

Interments for 1879 – Henry Korstain, Sexton
Rushville Times, 2 January 1880


11 January 1879James Albert Bertie SCRIPPS8y 11m 20d
14 January 1879infant of John CHRISTIANSON
17 January 1879John (Jerry) L. HOSKINSON55
17 January 1879Benjamin Scott MILBY3y 2m 
17 January 1879infant of John  CHRISTIANSON
4 February 1879Asa GOODWIN70
7 February 1879Benjamin Frank WADE54
17 February 1879Mrs. Eva HEITZ80
24 February 1879Thomas PACKARD77y 11m
5 March 1879Franklin H. CLARK2m 20d
19 March 1879Abraham SMITH72y 6m 
21 March 1879infant of Jacob HARMON
31 March 1879infant of B. F. FOWLER
15 April 1879Martha A. CAMPBELL22y 5m 18d
22 April 1879infant of W. I. LARASH
4 May 1879Thomas PARROTT73
6 May 1879George W. POTTS41
6 May 1879Jennie L. McCLURE1y 7m 15d
25 May 1879Mrs. Sarah HOPLEY72
29 June 1879Mrs. Caroline LAWLER56
22 July 1879infant of George FIFER
23 July 1879Harvey SLACK2m
6 August 1879Richard SCOTT1y
12 August 1879Mrs. Clarissa HASKELL87
20 August 1879Anna ACHISON4m 18d
20 August 1879Peter L. CAMPBELL81
22 August 1879John C. HILLIS68y 5m 
25 August 1879infant of Charles E. LAWLER
1 September 1879Mrs. America L. LEEZER59y 4m 9d
2 September 1879Edgar ANDERSON39
9 September 1879infant of N. MONTGOMERY
13 September 1879Mrs. Effie FOOTE19y 2m 7d
18 September 1879Maude JACKSON5m 7d
21 September 1879Mary PARKER21
2 October 1879George BAXTER62
15 October 1879infant of Edward TODD
15 October 1879Mabel GOODWIN8m 15d
31 October 1879infant of Benjamin GOODWIN47
8 November 1879Mrs. Mary A. BUCKINGHAM47
11 November 1879Charles A. KUHN2y 5m 10d
20 December 1879Gildy Roy YOHE2y 6m
25 December 1879Charles W. IRVIN24y 10m 4d

Interments for 1880
Rushville Times

12 January 1880George H. LITTLE27 years
27 January 1880John RUTH75y 1m
10 February 1880Ellen Louise TRONE15y 7m 25d
10 February 1880Jane M. TOMB43 years
15 February 1880Mrs. Mabel B. RAY 48y 8m
1 March 1880Margaret HEITZ74y 5m 9d
21 March 1880Robert BURNHAM76 years
22 March 1880Julia BENTZEL21 years
2 April 1880infant child of John HEITZ
15 April 1880Jane ARMSTRONG88y 1m 12d
16 May 1880Elizabeth J. MILBY35y 5m 10d
18 May 1880Augustus G. BRANSTOOL18 years
20 May 1880Lydia Catherine PATTERSON22y 5m 12d
4 June 1880Anna CROZIER10 years
17 June 1880Thomas GOODWIN79y 9m
22 June 1880Minnie M. WELLS1y 2m 26d
4 July 1880Porter ANDERSON35 years
21 July 1880Sina MEAD18y 7m 5d
25 July 1880infant of Robert HAMILTON
6 August 1880Winifred Rebecca WINDOW1y 7m 2d
25 August 1880Susan HILER84 years
9 September 1880Curtis Frank LEONARD1 year
26 September 1880infant of Charles YATES
25 October 1880Franklin B. BODENHAMER56y 1m 16d
26 October 1880Elda M. WRIGHT1y 11m
2 November 1880Julia A. HAINLINE47y 3m 6d
10 November 1880Grace SMITHER3 years
14 November 1880Eliza LYON43y 4m 12d
18 November 1880Mildred ENGLISH75 years
18 November 1880Ernest T. HARVEY3y 8m 28d
20 November 1880Nora ROSA2m 26d
26 November 1880Eldya COLLIS1y 3m
27 November 1880Richard NOBLE65 years
19 December 1880Martha Lydia DAUGHERTY5y 5m 13d
21 December 1880William James GREER29y 9m
24 December 1880Clarence Burton LAWLER4y 3m
25 December 1880Flora CROZIER20y 10m 2d
29 December 1880Carlisle SPANGLER1y 4m 20d
31 December 1880Hannah EADES36 years

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