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Rushville City Cemetery Interments
1881 through 1900

Interments for 1881
Rushville Times

3 January 1881Ida V. SCOTT33y 26d
10 January 1881infant of Oliver LAWLER3m
16 January 1881Thomas CUNNINGHAM3m
18 January 1881Grace DRAINE3y 9m 7d
25 January 1881William H. RAY69
26 January 1881Richard NEWELL52y 11m
31 January 1881Mary E. SEELEY39
8 February 1881George E. COONEY18y 9m
17 February 1881Leonidas PRICE52y 4d
23 February 1881Douglas SEELEY26y 6m 26d
25 February 1881Martha PARIS72y 10m 5d
11 March 1881Lewis R. CALDWELL41
22 March 1881Sophia DAY34y 2m
28 March 1881Florence CUNNINGHAM27y 6m 2d
29 March 1881Tennessee J. PEMBERTON39
29 March 1881Elizabeth BEATTY
29 March 1881Emily ELGIN20
7 April 1881George H. NEWELL2y 10m
7 April 1881Piercie SCOTT3
8 April 1881Elizabeth KERR74y 3m 23d
17 April 1881Carolyn SNYDER35
20 April 1881Eleanor DEWITT63
23 April 1881Elizabeth REECE60
24 April 1881Franklin S. HUBBARD73
24 April 1881Eliza PARKER83
27 April 1881John TATMAN91y 10m 19d
1 May 1881Sarah YOUNG
8 May 1881Sarah BILLINGSLEY74y 1m 2d
29 May 1881Josiah PARROTT81
3 July 1881Andrew RICHMOND5y 1m 1d
4 July 1881William H. BAKER56
10 July 1881Urena May ASHER4y 2m 15d
10 July 1881Bessie BARNHART7m 15d
13 July 1881Warren BOICE10m
23 July 1881Margaret Ann ARMSTRONG1y 11m 4d
25 July 1881Homer E. STRONG2y 9m 17d
28 July 1881Harriett J. LAWLER29y 6m 27d
02 August 1881Henry S. METZ36
06 August 1881infant of James YOUNG
16 August 1881Nora M. PRENTISS4m 25d
19 August 1881infant of Martin YATES
12 September 1881infant of Harry CRASKE
13 September 1881Sarah YOUNG5m
14 September 1881Ella MUCK33y 11m
26 September 1881twin infant of Charles YATES
4 October 1881twin infant of Charles YATES
10 October 1881Rumsey HINDMAN3y 6m
20 October 1881Frank BAKER44
24 October 1881infant of W. I. LARASH
6 November 1881Bazil BOWEN80y 9m 1d
22 November 1881Nancy ARMSTRONG52
5 December 1881infant of James ATCHISON
11 December 1881David W. EVANS42y 9m
13 December 1881Orville B. TRONE4y 9m
22 December 1881Sarah LAWLER34y 11m 8d

Interments for 1882 – William Kortain, Sexton
Rushville Times

4 January 1882John T. JONES35 years
9 January 1882John LANDON72y 7m 28d
16 January 1882infant of Walter FOOTE
4 February 1882infant of Herbert FOOTE
12 February 1882Viola BELLOMY4m 8d
16 February 1882Sarah WRIGHT84 years
17 February 1882Mary ZEIGLER56 years
2 March 1882J. P. FORD48 years
29 March 1882Margaret KING60 years
1 April 1882Jennie ARCHISON35 years
14 April 1882infant of Daney LEE
23 April 1882Garfield TODD1y 1m 15d
6 May 1882Preston BARNES25y 4m 26d
21 May 1882Julia Ann CRAINE3m 24d
25 May 1882Adam STAMBAUGH74y 9d
30 May 1882infant of George WRIGHT
4 June 1882Jennie GILLAM79y 2m 20d
11 June 1882Carl PETER8y 9m 15d
18 June 1882Arthur TODD1y 3m 24d
18 June 1882Charles BRIDGEWATER33y 3m 13d
25 June 1882Martha CALLISON82y 6m
8 July 1882Mary PHILLIPS18 years
11 July 1882Caroline PETER47 years
12 July 1882Anna J. FOWLER2y 11m 9d
21 July 1882Margaret HICKMAN
23 July 1882George FOWLER50 years
23 July 1882Jackson TRAVIS81y 6m 21d
28 July 1882Joseph MONTGOMERY71y 9m 2d
28 July 1882infant of Green PHILLIPS
10 August 1882Margaret F. ROACH8m
12 August 1882Bessie HARRIS12d
13 August 1882Mary PERRY89 years
24 August 1882Elizabeth BENNETT64y 24d
9 September 1882Josina SMITH35y 1m 16d
10 September 1882Sarah ACHISON32 years
11 September 1882infant of Charles LAWLER
12 September 1882Bertie Ida WARRINGTON6m 8d
12 September 1882Samuel McCREARY66y 8m 1d
13 September 1882James W. GRIST49y 4m 25d
17 September 1882infant of Charles YATES
18 September 1882infant of Harry CRASKE
22 September 1882Thomas CUNNINGHAM51y 7m
22 September 1882Mrs. Rosa SKIDMORE
27 October 1882infant of C. H. PRICE
30 October 1882Arthur M. LEONARD3y 1m 22d
6 November 1882infant of D. H. MANNY
27 November 1882Thomas COFFEY80 years
3 December 1882Pertie GILES14 years
9 December 1882Charles BRANSTOOL12 years
18 December 1882Clarissa ANGEL54 years
31 December 1882John ARMSTRONG70 years
31 December 1882infant of Franklin REBMAN2m 14d

Interments for 1883 – John Korstian, Sexton
Rushville Times, 17 January 1884

1 January 1883Walter McCREARY19 years
15 January 1883Mrs. Annette GLOSSOP48 years
17 January 1883Mrs. Phillis KORSTIAN48 years
26 January 1883infant daughter of John GOODWIN
30 January 1883John EWING90y 4d
31 January 1883Dr. R. M. WORTHINGTON74 years
2 February 1883Catharine C. RUCKER90y 7m
5 February 1883Mrs. Emma INGRAHAM36y 2m 25d
5 February 1883Henry H. HOSKINSON31y 5m 2d
21 February 1883George SCOTT68 years
21 Fenruary 1883Mrs. Sadie GRAFF
26 February 1883Miss Lillie PERRY18 years
2 March 1883Joseph CHAMBERLAIN64 years
4 March 1883Mrs. Lizzie BALLARD24 years
9 March 1883Henry KORSTIAN66 years
10 March 1883Erastus POTTER67 years
20 March 1883Miss Mary WADE19 years
24 March 1883Miss Susie SMITH8y 4m 24d
26 March 1883Martin RYAN68 years
7 April 1883William McCORKLE24 years
9 April 1883Daisy ASHLEY4y 6m
9 April 1883William LOUDON63y 4m 18d
13 April 1883infant of M. C. McCABE
28 April 1883infant of William SCOTT
14 May 1883John YATES69 years
14 June 1883Mrs. Sarah YOUNG77 years
20 June 1883Miss Julia ALLPHIN17 years
11 July 1883Lawrence FRISBY33 years
20 July 1883Ethel KRUSE2y 2m 20d
3 September 1883George W. SMITHER50y 1m 9d
7 September 1883infant child of Doc FOWLER
16 September 1883Adams DUNLAP80 years
24 September 1883Mrs. John W. LAWLER31 years
26 September 1883Miss SKIDMORE
26 September 1883Mrs. Josephine FOWLER
27 September 1883infant child of George WRIGHT
29 September 1883infant child of George NIEQUETTE
4 October 1883infant child of William DEMOSS
10 October 1883infant child of John W. LAWLER
12 October 1883Dr. M. M. PRENTISS61y 6m 3d
14 October 1883Robert G. WELKER53y 9m 27d
19 October 1883infant child of S. GABBERT
12 November 1883Adolph RIFFEY21y 9m 19d
17 November 1883infant child of S. GABBERT
4 December 1883Charles L. GREER35 years
4 December 1883Pleasant L. WINGO72 years
18 December 1883Emanuel LIEB45y 4m 6d

Interments for 1888 – Thomas Burnham, Sexton
Rushville Times, 1 January 1889

2 January 1888Mrs. Margaret YOUNG87
18 January 1888infant of H. CRASKE
22 January 1888Mrs. J. C. SPERRY31
26 January 1888Mrs. Rebecca MITCHELTREE79
6 February 1888Mrs. Susan WHITSON84
9 February 1888Mrs. G. W. DAY39
13 February 1888Peter DEMOSS79
14 February 1888Mrs. Manda ROBINSON30
14 February 1888Mrs. Reuben REED, colored
23 February 1888Mrs. J. B. TUCKER25
25 February 1888Walter D. SCOTT89
27 February 1888Dwight E. RAY33
8 March 1888Nellie V. PARROTT27
9 March 1888Edith SKIDMORE6
13 March 1888Mrs. Margaret RYAN71
23 March 1888Mrs. Anna WORTHINGTON67
25 March 1888John B. HUBBARD87
21 April 1888Fred WILMOT41
26 April 1888Mrs. A. L. KLAUBERG71
April 1888infant of Frank DUFFY
2 May 1888Mrs. Edith HOSKINSON70
5 May 1888Mrs. Laura LILLY25
9 May 1888Charles W. SMITHER57
11 May 1888Hazel MALLORY4m
12 May 1888Frank DUFFY33
18 May 1888Elizabeth ARMSTRONG83
22 May 1888Mrs. Martha PRAY43
3 June 1888infant son of H. KINAMEN
7 June 1888Charles READ45
9 June 1888Martha KINAMEN20
19 June 1888infant of Jessie ELGIN
2 July 1888John LOGSDON26
3 July 1888infant of Cass TEEL
15 July 1888infant of S. PERKINS
16 July 1888Hezekiah STOUT74
21 July 1888infant of Henry KRUSE6m
23 July 1888infant of William BARRY
24 July 1888Mrs. Anna HARMON41
28 July 1888Adra MILBY5
29 July 1888Mrs. Ella C. PARROTT29
30 July 1888Mrs. Bettie FOX45
11 August 1888George BAKER52
17 August 1888infant of Peter FOX
19 August 1888J. F.  DAVIS81
24 August 1888George PARKER, colored17
31 August 1888child of D. TURNER10m
3 September 1888Mrs. George WHEELHOUSE69
4 September 1888Mrs. L. H. DEMAREE56
6 September 1888Mrs. Fanny McCREERY78
6 September 1888James RIPETOW74
1 October 1888Jennie O. GYLES16
15 October 1888James KING26
18 October 1888E. A. PARKER71
23 October 1888B. C. GILLAM68
15 November 1888Mrs. Frances EADS72
7 December 1888Robert C. JONES3m
18 December 1888Mrs. Lillie AUSMUS23
22 December 1888Dollie REED, colored
27 December 1888infant of James EADS

Interments for January 1893 – 13 October 1893 – John T. Knowles, Sexton
Rushville Times

8 January 1893Mrs. Hannah HAMPTON84
10 January 1893infant of Charles CARROLL
22 January 1893Mrs. Emma DILLON56
31 January 1893Mrs. Catherine NOBLE65
1 February 1893infant of Lee GRIST
3 February 1893Ennis PORTWOOD71
11 February 1893Mrs. Isabell A. TURNER62
15 February 1893Mrs. M. M. GOODWIN72
26 February 1893Chas. WILMOT43
3 March 1893Minnie A. HUTTON13
22 March 1893Jos. F. COLEMAN54
3 April 1893Mrs. Virginia PARROTT78
12 April 1893James W. SEELEY56
13 April 1893Clarence BLODGET1
18 April 1893Carl ROSE3
3 May 1893infant of Logan SETTLES
7 May 1893Geo. W. METZ78
14 May 1893Mary J. UNDERWOOD63
31 May 1893Nelly ROOSA4
6 June 1893Jonathan PATTESON96
12 June 1893infant of Charles MYERS
17 June 1893infant of John LAWLER
18 June 1893Netty ROSE15
21 June 1893infant of William SEWARD
24 June 1893Julia SCRIPPS79
5 July 1893Lena F. CUNNINGHAM5
29 July 1893Mary WILLIAMS32
30 July 1893Effie TRIMBLE12
16 August 1893Catherine A. PARROTT73
17 August 1893infant of Isaac ELGIN
31 August 1893infant of Madison KELLEY
4 September 1893Ollie May LOGSDON14
8 September 1893M. E. B. ROSE72
9 September 1893Mary McNEALY40
11 September 1893Charles PARROTT40
16 September 1893infant of Fred. COUPLAND
19 September 1893Eliza YATES77
28 September 1893Eliza WARFEL50
1 October 1893Druzilla A. KNOWLES14
6 October 1893James TUTT
10 October 1893David H. KNOWLES3
11 October 1893John MYERS31
11 October 1893Ollie GILLAM21
11 October 1893A. J. ZIEGLER70
13 October 1893Hettie DEERING65

Interments for  16 April 1894 – 16 October 1894 – John T. Knowles, Sexton
Rushville Times, 18 October 1894

16 April 1894Sarah BOWLING36 years
18 April 1894Edgar BURNHAM61 years
21 April 1894Joshua M. SWEENEY65 years
22 April 1894infant of A. PARK
26 April 1894Nellie ZEIGLER14 years
28 April 1894Esther INGLES2 years
16 May 1894Harvey ROSE7 months
17 May 1894J. W. BARNETT38 years
24 May 1894Charles H. GOODWIN23 years
26 May 1894Hattie PRICE23 years
15 June 1894A. F. PELTON62 years
28 June 1894Mary Ellen WHITSON9 months
11 July 1894Bessie May ATKINSON6 months
14 July 1894Gracie PHILLIPS5 years
21 July 1894Pearl FOWLER3 years
29 July 1894infant of Minnie HARMON
31 July 1894Elizabeth STOUT74 years
31 July 1894Rebecca J. RIPETOE46 years
6 August 1894John Y. McFEETERS8 years
7 August 1894Cynthia SKIDMORE73 years
13 August 1894Mrs. Lucy KENT84 years
14 August 1894Albert B. HOWELL64 years
14 August 1894infant of V. HAMPLE
14 August 1894Samuel RAMSEY84 years
2 September 1894infant of Allen CHITWOOD
5 September 1894infant of James MARCUS
17 September 1894Jesse J. SHARP34 years
25 September 1894George K. STREMMEL10 months
29 September 1894Mrs. Mary NELL81 years
2 October 1894Emaline COKENOUR40 years
7 October 1894infant of John ASHLEY5 months
15 October 1894Eugene PENNEY37 years
16 October 1894Andrew HEITZ74 years

Interments for 18 October 1894 – 13 April 1895 – John T. Knowles, Sexton
Rushville Times, 18 April 1895

18 October 1894child of Carrie STOUGH10 months
20 October 1894infant of Fred. COPELAND
21 Octoer 1894Leotia LEIB24 years
23 October 1894infant of Wm. BERRY
31 October 1894infant W. A. SEELEY
22 November 1894Richard GREER39 years
25 November 1894Harry PARROTT26 years
1 December 1894Mrs. Susannah BETHEL80 years
9 December 1894Mrs. Mary McGRAW51 years
9 December 1894Mrs. Phebe WHITEHEAD74 years
18 December 1894Mrs. Margaret THOMPSON57 years
22 December 1894Wm. TRIMBLE94 years
7 January 1895Arthur F. BAGBY26 years
7 January 1895Mrs. Martha GREER76 years
7 January 1895Walter ANGEL25 years
8 January 1895Nellie B. PARROTT17 years
14 January 1895George W. CAMPBELL65 years
15 January 1895Miss Eliza M. PATTESON71 years
25 January 1895Prudence LEEZER21 months
27 January 1895Rufus PARR74 years
30 January 1895Edwin M. ANDERSON58 years
31 January 1895Mrs. Eliza LUSK85 years
4 February 1895Josiah ANGEL83 years
7 March 1895infant of James FARRAR
10 March 1895Violet E. RICE2 months
12 March 1895Nathaniel SEELEY70 years
17 March 1895Mrs. Mary LANDON85 years
22 March 1895Isaac N. VEDDER47 years
24 March 1895Narsises FOWLER73 years
1 April 1895Mrs. Hannah DUNN68 years
4 April 1895R. H. MEAD67 years
5 April 1895Mrs. Barbara STODGELL82 years
7 April 1895J. T. BALL68 years
11 April 1895Mrs. Elizabeth SEELEY69 years
13 April 1895Mrs. Ellen WEBSTER53 years

Interments for 23 April 1895 – April 20, 1896 – John T. Knowles, Sexton
Rushville Times

23 April 1895Miss Luella CASON33 years
28 April 1895John McELLECE76 years
2 May 1895infant of Eugene MALLORY4 months
4 May 1895Wm. D. DORSETT65 years
8 May 1895Mrs. Eliza HANEY70 years
20 May 1895Marcus L. SEVERNS42 years
25 May 1895Hattie L. RILEY4 months
29 May 1895Lottie BOICE1 year
6 June 1895Guy R. PARR6 years
8 June 1895Miss Catherine PORTWOOD19 years
11 June 1895Jacob RUTH63 years
16 June 1895infant of N. T. PITTENGER
27 June 1895Wm. PENNY27 years
5 July 1895Joseph L. GREER45 years
12 July 1895Wm. CONN65 years
18 July 1895Edith CAMPBELL6 months
18 July 1895Mrs. Mary STEVENS57 years
21 July 1895Ziba BROWN35 years
30 July 1895infant of George CARRICK
31 July 1895Margaret SCOTT11 months
1 August 1895Mrs. Sarah ACHISON95 years
7 August 1895Ralph A. LANDON18 months
12 August 1895Wilton LEACH2 years
20 August 1895Mrs. Josephine GREER48 years
21 August 1895Miss Gertrude PUTNAM53 years
1 October 1895Mrs. Sarah OWENS78 years
5 October 1895John T. TEEL52 years
5 October 1895Johnza FOWLER69 years
6 October 1895Frederick WHITSEL59 years
9 October 1895Fred MILLSLAGER5 years
13 October 1895Miss Maud PATTERSON18 years
28 October 1895Miss Mabell MILLER16 years
3 November 1895Miss Mary ANDERSON24 years
28 November 1895David A. LONG86 years
2 December 1895Mrs. Elizabeth RODEWALD62 years
7 December 1895David SWAN84 years
4 January 1896Fred DENHAM24 years
14 January 1896Mrs. Ellen EWING36 years
21 January 1896John W. SROYER64 years
23 January 1896infant of Fred COPELAND
5 February 1896Mrs. Hannah KUHN60 years
11 February 1896Thomas MOORE48 years
14 February 1896infant of Cass TEEL
27 February 1896Henry FINLEY50 years
28 February 1896Mrs. Josephine SCOTT53 years
5 March 1896Mrs. Louiza V. CRONE25 years
7 March 1896Mr. George LITTLE88 years
12 March 1896Ray HEREL14 months
26 March 1896infant of George STEWARD
27 March 1896A. C. HIGGINS63 years
29 March 1896Fred HANEY13 months
7 April 1896John C. BAGBY77 years
13 April 1896Wm. LUSK82 years
19 April 1896Mrs. Rebecca FRISBY47 years

Interments for 21 April 1896 – 22 October 1896 – J. T. Knowles, Sexton
Rushville Times

28 April 1896infant of George SMITH
29 April 1896Charles HENRY79 years
20 May 1896Rev. John CLARKE90 years
21 May 1896Margaret L.  CRANDALL2 months
22 May 1896Mrs. Kittie I. SMITH35 years
28 May 1896Dow P. COLT68 years
31 May 1896Miss Anna POTTS18 years
2 June 1896Matthew HANGSTLER33 years
4 June 1896Mrs. Louisa C. NALL87 years
15 June 1896Mrs. Ellen MOORE47 years
23 June 1896Mrs. Sarah RICE85 years
26 June 1896Mrs. Alice C. LOUDEN55 years
2 July 1896Florence A. SANFORD2 years
2 July 1896Mary L. TAYLOR45 years
7 July 1896Mrs. Margaret FULKS48 years
16 July 1896Mrs. Emily SMITHER85 years
17 July 1896Happy S. CAMERON18 months
21 July 1896Miss Susie L. SPARKS73 years
24 July 1896Louie D. CRONE5 months
29 July 1896Charles W. KNOWLES19 years
31 July 1896infant of Lee GRIST
1 August 1896Penina PHILLIPS18 months
3 August 1896Fred HABER4 months
16 August 1896C. J. JOHNSON86 years
30 August 1896Byron CRANDALL65 years
10 September 1896E. J. SCOTT51 years
10 September 1896Solomon MARCUS71 years
13 September 1896Paul BERTHOLF8 months
19 September 1896Mary A. GILLAM72 years
21 September 1896Mary L. KELLY47 years
1 October 1896John REED27 years
3 October 1896Frank McCORKLE37 years
5 October 1896Ethel SMITH
6 October 1896Fred W. GOODALE6 months
6 October 1896Henry SAFFERS36 years
11 October 1896Greeley ROSE25 years

Interments for 28 April 1897 – December 1897
Rushville Times

28 April 1897Mrs. Sarah A. BARNABY59
29 April 1897James MURRAY31
30 April 1897Orin DENNIS6m
4 May 1897Miss Effie POTTS22
4 May 1897Miss Sarah BOICE48
24 May 1897Frank ARMSTRONG20
28 May 1897Hiram EVANS87
4 June 1897Mrs.Minnie L. PETERS30
6 June 1897Mrs. Nettie J. MALLORY34
17 June 1897child of Isaac ELGIN2
18 June 1897Mrs. Emma J. SPANGLER57
8 July 1897Mrs. Amanda B. SKILES17
9 July 1897William KUHN67
12 July 1897Mrs. Lachel SHERMAN67
19 July 1897Mable P. BEATTY4m
25 July 1897Mrs. Sarah GRAFF79
25 July 1897Richard JEFFRIES34
25 July 1897Mrs. Eliza JENNINGS60
25 July 1897child of James SKILES
30 July 1897Elisha F. MARSHAL3
6 August 1897William WILLIAMS77
7 August 1897Mrs. Nancy A. HEROLD24
11 August 1897child of John LOZIER4m
26 August 1897John ASHWOOD74
26 August 1897William B. ROSS54
28 August 1897George McCLURE29
3 September 1897Lucy V. ELGIN6m
6 September 1897Myrtle MOORE15m
9 September 1897Adolfus FLINDT8
11 September 1897James JAQUES71
11 September 1897Marsha GREER73
21 September 1897Rev. James DEWITT80
23 September 1897Mrs. Sarah SANDIDGE54
4 October 1897Kathleen THOMPSON1
8 October 1897Mrs. Anna HINDMAN96
13 October 1897Nora M. KNOWLES2
4 November 1897Mrs. Sarah E. GILLAM50
5 November 1897Mrs. Johannah McKEE68
15 November 1897Mrs. Margaret WHITE56
16 November 1897child of Belle ASHCRAFT
3 December 1897Miss Ellen HICKMAN15
9 December 1897Mrs. Nora J. KERR30
13 December 1897Chester BOLIN7
14 December 1897John HICKMAN18
20 December 1897child of Bart INGLES
25 December 1897child of Phillip ENGLISH
26 December 1897Joseph HOLBOHM60

Interments for January 1898 – 5 April 1898
Rushville Times, 21 April 1898

4 January 1898Mrs. Jessie J. VAUGHN24
9 January 1898William FOWLER73
22 January 1898Mrs. Iva M. DENNIS33
30 January 1898Mrs. Barbary HEITZ68
2 February 1898Mrs. Ellen HOWE56
7 February 1898Edward HOWE66
11 February 1898Mrs. Rosa R. MAURER34
15 February 1898child of T. E. KNOWLES
18 February 1898Everett R. BOICE18
26 February 1898child of A. D. SKILES5m
5 March 1898JOhn SPANGLER64
6 March 1898Joshua ADAMS83
9 March 1898Mrs. Mary CRAWFORD84
11 March 1898Ella May BEGHTOL4
30 March 1898Thomas W. BURNHAM51
3 April 1898Mrs. Clara C. RAMSEY78
5 April 1898Silvia DUNLAVY2

Interments for 1899
Rushville Times

7 January 1899Mrs. Nancy STEPHENS76 years
15 January 1899infant child of John WILSON
16 January 1899Lela HUFF4 years
18 January 1899Claude DEMOSS2m 12d
19 January 1899William COONEY71 years
21 January 1899Hattie BABCOCK2 weeks
27 January 1899Freddie DUNLAVY9 years
28 January 1899Mrs. Effie ROSE25 years
31 January 1899A. L. NOBLE76 years
13 February 1899Margaret PEMBERTON54 years
20 February 1899Mrs. James ROBINSON21 years
1 March 1899Margaret HAWKINS83 years
4 March 1899Paul Byron CRANDALL10 years
10 March 1899infant of Walter FORD
11 March 1899George SEWARD56 years
21 March 1899Mrs. Minnie THOMAS24 years
2 April 1899infant of Guy BOICE
10 April 1899Mrs. Zella TRAPP35 years
15 April 1899Mrs. Jane FOWLER67 years
17 April 1899Sherman KELLY25 years
2 May 1899Jacob HARMON87 years
7 May 1899Mrs. Alex GRUBB71 years
10 May 1899Amos SYLVESTER82 years
11 May 1899John WALTERS46 years
14 May 1899John W. M. KING9 years
19 May 1899Delno POOL2 years
28 May 1899Mrs. Donna LEE21 years
2 June 1899Mrs. Eva L. CLARK25 years
8 June 1899Mrs. Mary THOMPSON36 years
6 July 1899F. H. D. KRUSE77 years
15 July 1899George GREER85 years
1 August 1899Mrs. Nettie MAXWELL33 years
3 August 1899Patrick FOX83 years
9 August 1899Martha TEEL88 years
5 September 1899John FOWLER81 years
5 September 1899infant of Frank HOWE
17 September 1899John J. MANYX23 years
24 September 1899Mrs. Mary TAYLOR25 years
24 September 1899John DOYLE37 years
4 October 1899Thomas Frederick SCOTT9 years
28 October 1899Mrs. Kunegunda SESEMAN60 years
8 November 1899John T. KNOWLES4 years
8 November 1899Sophia BOWERS58 years

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