Schuyler county is under township organization, but the paupers are a county charge. We have nothing to add to what was said about this almshouse in our last report, and nothing to take back. The keeper has occupied his present position since March 1, 1877. His salary is seven hundred dollars, and the expenses, which amounted last year to twenty-seven hundred dollars, are met by the county. The amount expended for outdoor relief was something over a thousand dollars. When visited, this almshouse contained twenty-seven inmates, of whom eight were children and six insane, none of whom were in seclusion or otherwise restrained ; five of them were men capable of farm labor. The county physician receives seventy-five dollars a year, and furnishes medicines, but visits the almshouse only. An almshouse register is kept, but the overseers of the poor do not keep the accounts nor make the reports required by law. 1)Reports Made to the General Assembly of Illinois, 1881

Schuyler County, Illinois, Almshouse Register 1854 – 1921

A record of inmates as nearly as could be found on former Registers on March 1st, J. R. Leary, Supt.
#NameSexAgeOccupationBirthplaceResidenceHealthDate of AdmissionPropertyAuthority for AdmissionCause of PauperismDate of DischargeRemarks
1John RiceM52Farmer [Railroader written above farmer]KentuckyBuenavista [Huntsville written above Buenavista]Poor10 Aug. 1898noneJ. R. Leary and T. J. McCreeryIll health, poorDied Mar. 20, 1917buried in Marlow Cemetery
2Hamilton SparksM84CarpenterKentuckyRushvillePoor24 Apr. 1900Bed and beddingT. W. ScottBlind,poorDied July 26Buried in Rushville Cemetery, has monument
3N. J. RaderM32Farmer [Carpenter written above farmer]IllinoisLittletonPoor2 Sep. 1898NoneC. W. RunkleIll health, poor23 Jun. 1904Went to Riggsville
4John SoulsM88FarmerKentuckyRushvilleGood10 Jan. 1902noneFrank RitcheyIntemperance2 Apr. 1905Returned Jun. 27, 1905, went to live with daughter, returned, Sep. 23,1907 went to South Bartonville, died there
5George McDanielsM54LaborerIllinoisFrederickGoodnoneThomas HodsonPoverty16 Mar. 1904Went to Milan, Mo.
6G. W. HayesM78CooperKentuckyRushvillePoor16 Jan. 1897Bedding, clothesDr. ScottOld age12 Jul.1904Went to Beardstown, Ill., returned Oct. 24, 1904
7Edward McNeraM56LaborerIrelandFrederickGood15 Jul. 1854noneSupt. Frederick Tp.Insane13 Jul 05Sent to South Bartonville, incurable insane, died 18 May 1907, buried there.
8Bazil BrownM54noneIllinoisBrooklynGood17 Jul. 1877noneJohn GlandonInsane22 Sep. 1904Incurable insane, South Bartonville, Ill.
9George GloverM58noneIllinoisFrederickGood5 Oct. 1877noneSupt. Frederick Tp.Poverty, insane13 Jul. 1905Sent to South Bartonville
10William WeirM44FarmerIllinoisOaklandGood22 Dec. 1896noneEdd JohnesBlind13 Jul. 1905Sentto South Bartonville
11John BarkerM77Well diggerIllinoisBuenavistaPoor2 Feb. 1906noneClay CorbigePoor health13 Jul. 1905Sent to S. Bartonville, incurable insane
12Elijah NorrisM64LaborerIllinoisBrowningPoor1 Mar 1891noneSherman DrayPoverty25 Mar. 1911Died, buried on Co. Farm
13Alfred WilsonM52FarmerIllinoisCamdenGood15 Oct. 1877nonePhilander AveryWeak mind13 Jul. 1905Sent to South Bartonville
14Isaac PickleM69ServantIllinoisWoodstockGood1 Dec. 1892noneJ. EmerickFeeble mind13 Jul. 1905Sent to South Bartonville, died Aug. 31, 1906
15Jasper WallaceM64FarmerIllinoisBrowningGood29 Apr. 1895none, afterward rec'd some money from small estateW. C. RenoPoverty, and feeble mind11 Apr. 1920Died, buried in Home Cemetery
16Samuel PortwoodM54Coal diggerKentuckyRushvillePoor13 Aug. 1895W. M. ThompsonPoverty22 May 15Taken to Bartonville
17Roy TaylorM54NurseNew YorkWoodstockGood9 Oct. 1895noneRice BriggleCame as a nurse to care for Sam Griffin, was poor and stayed.Died 27 Dec. 1905Dr. Ball called, said it was not apoplexy of the brain, died very suddenly. Buried in Rushville Cemetery
18Nathan MilslagelM14BoyIllinoisRushvilleGood19 Nov. 1903noneJ. R. LearyPoverty, lazy29 Apr. 1904These two boys were sent to Kewanee with their mother to their father
19Harry MilslagelM12BoyIllinoisRushvilleGood19 Nov. 1903noneJ. R. LearyPoverty29 Apr. 1904ditto
20John BurrellM14BoyIllinoisHickoryGood10 Feb. 1904noneJohn RosePoverty
21Amelia AshbaughF36DressmakerIllinoisRushvillePoor27 Jun. 1898Trunk, clothes, etc.Dr. T. W. ScottIll health23 Aug. 1909Went to Oak Harbor, Wash. [NOTE: surname was difficult to read]
22Ida BurrellF10GirlIllinoisHickoryGood10 Feb. 1904noneJohn RosePoverty14 Mar. 1904Wentto live with Mr. Curry, July 14, 1904, Supervisor
23Grace BurrellF8GirlIllinoisHickoryGood10 Feb. 1904noneJohn RosePoverty28 Oct. 1904Wentto live with Wm. Hood, Frederick Tp.
24Della BurrellF4GirlIllinoisHickoryGood10 Feb. 1904noneJohn RosePoverty27 Jul. 1904With Mrs. Moore, Rushville, Ill., 27 Jul. 1904, when Mrs. died, Della went to Chicago, Dr. Good
25Nellie HickmanF45ServantIllinoisRushvilleGood4 Jun. 1898Bed, bedding, trunk, clothesDr. T. W. ScottDeaf, dumb, insane
26Leah HickmanF10GirlIllinoisRushville Tp.GoodFirst admitted 4 Jun. 1898Child was 4 yrs old when first admittedDr. T. W. ScottDaughterLeah Hickman lived with Mrs. Taylor summer of 1904, from there went to live with Richard Crozier Oct 11, 1904,returned and sent to Geneva Training School
27Mary E. TaylorF40nonePennsylvaniaWoodstock Tp.Good1882noneInsanity22 Sep. 1904Incurable insane,South Bartonville, Ill.
28Sarah J. SanfordF45ServantIllinoisCamden Tp.GoodBed and beddingPhilander AveryFeeble mind8 Dec. 1905Died of yellow jaundice, buried at the Lynn Cemetery
29Susan CaickF63ServantIllinoisHuntsville Tp.Good1874Aged 35 when first admittedR. McMasterInsanityDied 1 Aug. 1914At South Bartonville, buried Sugar Grove N. Cemetery, Illinois
30Eliza GlennF68Housekeeper , Was a slave,mother of 4 childrenJacksonvilleGoodNov.InsanitySent to South Bartonville, died there.
31Nancy GobbleF79HousekeeperVirginiaHickoryPoor28 Jan. 1904Bed, bedding, clock, etc.John RosePoverty, good old ladyDied 5 Apr. 1912Was buried at Sheldons Grove
32May SmithF21Former inmateMissouriBuenavistaGood16 Aug. 1904Carpet, safe, dishes, bedding, trunkCharles M. DoyleOrphanage, first admitted when 11 yrs oldMay Motere, also called May Tomlinson, married Ben Smith, went to live with W. M. [off page]
33Edith May ClarkeF9GirlIllinoisCamdenGood22 Sep. 1904noneJudge TeelOrphanage29 Sep. 1904Returned, lived with her [unreadable, off page], returned, sent to Geneva,15 Mar. 1905
34Frank WoodardM12BoyIllinoisHickory Tp.Good26 Oct. 1904John RosePoverty29 Dec. 1904Wentto live with his Father in Hickory Tp.
35James WoodardM4BoyIllinoisHickory Tp.Good26 Oct. 1904John RosePoverty9 Mar. 1905Wentto Henry Octegen, Frederick Tp., sent to Chicago
36Rosa Wooard [sic]F10GirlIllinoisHickory Tp.Good26 Oct. 1904Returned from S. S. Smiths May 29, 1905, Went to live at MartinsJohn RoseSent to Geneva State School for Girls, both Rose [&] Elsie11 Jan. 1905Went to live with S. S. Smith, Woodstock Tp.
37Elsie Woodard8GirlIllinoisHickory Tp.Good26 Oct. 1904John RoseSent to Geneva State School for Girls, both Rosa [&] Elsie16 Jan. 1905Went to live with Richard Black, returned Apr. 8, 1905. Went to John [unreadable, off page], Apr.15, 1905
38Andy HoweM52LaborerIllinoisRushvilleGood21 Oct. 1904noneA. J. LashmettIll health29 Oct. 1904Went to live with Geo. [unreadable, off page], Frederick Tp. Taken to Bartonville, May 22, 1915
39James MartinM76Tramp & peddlerIrelandRushvilleGood12 Dec. 1904noneA. J. LashmettInfirm, poverty9 Mar. 1905
40Jeremiah StummM79Surveyor & civil engineerPennsylvaniaRushvillePoor15 Dec. 1904A. J. LashmettIll healthDied, taken to Ada, Ohio for burial in family lot
41Alfonzo WilliamsonM23CrippleIllinoisRushvilleGood7 Mar. 1905C. M. DoyleFeeble mind25 Sep.1907Taken to South Bartonville Insane Asylum
42Frank LeeM68Harness makerOhioRushvillePoor18 May 05Set harness maker toolsA. J. LashmettIntemperanceDied here at County Home, 26 Jul. 1916, buried in Rushville cemetery
43Lawrence Herman SmithMborn March 2, 1905Goodborn March 2, 1905Jan. 25, 1907Sent to Orphans Home Chicago, died Apr. 22, 1907
44Charles BoothM81Blacksmith & trampDenmarkRushvillePoor9 Oct. 1905noneA. J. LashmettHis boat sankDied 5 July 1906buried here on farm
45Thomas RileyM70FarmerIrelandOaklandPoor27 Sep. 1905noneGilbert McMillenOwned 40 acres of land and a woman and ought not to be hereDied 14 Dec. 1906buried in Chockley cemetery
46Robert SaulsberyMLaborerIllinoisHickoryGood30 Nov. 1905noneJohn RosePoverty22 May 15Takento Bartonville
47Josephus PowellM64FarmerMissouriBrowningGood1 Jan. 1906W. B. JohnesPoverty, went to Springfield
48Lewis HumpheryM48One side paralyzedIllinoisRushvilleGood15 Feb. 1906A. C. EdgarHurt in coal bank
49John OsborneM34LaborerIllinoisRushvilleGood13 Aug. 1906A. C. EdgarCrippled with ax, discharged
50Edd WilcoxM23LaborerIllinoisFrederickGood10 Aug. 1906A. L. CurryFeeble mindedTaken toPeoria Hospital for Insane
51Will SteeleM31LaborerIllinoisRushvillePoor27 Aug. 1906A. C. EdgarTuberculosisDied at his fathers, 15 Apr. 1907
52Leah HickmanM14returnedIllinoisFirst came from Rushville Tp.Good7 Apr. 1906Returned from Mrs. CroziersFirst age, then waywardness
53George PattersonM71LaborerIllinoisBuenavistaGood26 Nov. 1906noneThomas RyanOld & poor28 Oct. 1913Taken to Peoria Hospital
54Willis PearceM35LaborerOhioRushvillePoor6 Dec. 1906noneA. C. EdgarPoor healthTaken to Peoria Hospital
55Nancy MitchellF93Soldiers Widow PensionerKentuckyOaklandGood26 Jun. 1907Gilbert McMillenWeakmind21 Aug. 1907Taken to Soldiers Widows Home at Wilmington
56Matilda WebbF62NoneFrederickGood29 Jun. 1907A. L. CurryWeak mind21 Aug. 1907Taken to Soldiers Widows Home at Wilmington
57Cinderella RiceF68HousekeeperIllinoisFrederickGood2 Jul. 1907Bed and beddingA. L. CurryPovertySoldiers Widows Home, Wilmington, 19 Jan. 1915
58Jake RichMLaborerOhioRushvilleGood6 Aug. 1907W. W. MooreHomeless
59Lewis FulksM24NoneIllinoisRushvilleFits29 Aug. 1907C. M. EdgarFeeble mind23 Sep. 1907Taken to South Bartonville
60Otis HunnicuttMSection HandIllinoisFrederickPoor2 Jan. 1907A. L. CurryConsumption, One little boy Kenneth Hunnicutt, had wife Effie HunnicuttDied 20 Jan 1907Buried at Browning, Ill.
61Harry ClineMNoneIllinoisBrooklynGoodWm. CooperWaywardness, here only short time
62Edgar KinmanMFarm HandIllinoisCamdenGoodJohn HaleCrippled
63Frank HogueM60FishermanIllinoisFrederickGood11 Jan. 1907A. L. CurryPoverty22 May 15Taken to Peoria State Hospital
64Henry HogueM13BoyIllinoisFrederickGood11 Jan. 1907A. L. CurryHomelessWent to Moline,Ill. to live with [unreadable word]
65John HowkM67Coal MinerHuntsvillePoor25 Oct. 1907T. J. BartlowIll health
66Elmer QuinnM38Farm HandIllinoisRushvilleGood27 Dec. 1907A. E. EgarPoverty24 Mar. 1914Died at County Home, burial in Rushville cemetery
67Jerry RightMFiddlerBrowningGood27 Oct. 1907J. W. BatesIll healthDied of Tyaphoid [sic] fever
68F. M. MillisMBumRushvillePoor14 Apr. 1907noneA. E. EdgarFloater, CrippledLeft, not known where he went
69Mr. SkagenMRailroaderBrowningPoor3 Sep. 1906W. B. JohnesIll healthSent to Chicago
70Nathaniel DaleMFarm HandIllinoisCamden Tp.GoodJohn HalePoverty2 Apr. 1916To brothers at Monmouth
71Mrs. WoodsF69Housekeeper, PensionerIllinoisCamdenPoor2 Nov. 1907noneJohn HalePovertyDied 4 July1912Buried at Littleton in cemetery in twp.
72Cassy HayesF87Old crippledIndianaRushvillePoor21 Oct. 1907A. C. EgarHomelessDied 3 Sep. 1916Buried at cemetery in Rushville
73Will StonekingM16None, ReturnedIllinoisFrederickGood5 Nov. 1907noneA. L. CurryFeeble mind
74no number, skips directly to 75
75Frank WoodardM17NoneIllinoisHickoryGood20 Aug. 1908John RoseShifftersWent to Browning
76Aaron MossM87FarmerHuntsvilleBad11 Jul 08T. J. BartlowIll HealthDiedTaken to Iowa for burial
77Jake WilsonMHod CarrierRushvillePoor23 Oct. 1907A. C. EgarPovertyDied 23 Sep. 1908Was a Dunkerd, buried in Rushville cemetery
78Mrs. ChesleyFNoneRushvilleGood31 Oct. 1907A. C. EgarPovertyWent to live with son
79Martin DaleM8ChildIllinoisCamdenGood21 Feb. 1908John HaleHomelessDischarged
80Leona DaleF11ChildIllinoisCamdenGood21 Feb. 1908John HaleHomeless
81Dr. Hezikiah LeekM68Dr.IllinoisCamdenBad19 Sep. 1908John HaleIll Health12 Dec. 1916Taken to Bartonsville, Died 7 Apr. 1917, buried in Home Cemetery [this notation in the remarks column might be for the next entry]
82Dave BurrellMFarmer HandIllinoisHickoryGood10 Nov. 1908John RoseCrippledDischarged
83Will GilispieM62Hod CarrierIllinoisRushvilleGood13 Nov. 1908returnedA. C. EdgarIntemperanceDischarged 15 Sep. 1916
84Albert FooteM53Restaurant [unreadable word]IllinoisRushvilleGood6 Jan. 1909A. C. EdgarIntemperanceDischarged
85Walter HoweM9boyIllinoisRushvilleGood9 Jan. 1909noneJudge DietrickWaywardWent to live with [rest off page]
86Alice ByersF48HousekeeperIllinoisRushvilleGood2 Mar. 1909bedSupt. A. C. EdgarPoverty, crippled9 Dec. 1909Went to Quincy
87Aaron StephensMWoodsawyerIllinoisRushvilleGood9 Mar. 1909none, returned 6 Jan.1912Supt. Wheeler MoorePoverty24 Jan. 1912
88Ben ElderM54LaborerIllinoisCamdenPoor8 Apr. 1909Trunk clothes, etc.Supt. John W. HaleSickness26 Apr. 1909Died at farm, buried at Lynns Cemetery, Camden Twp.
89Mollie ElderF42HousekeeperIllinoisCamdenGood8 Apr. 1909Supt. John W. HaleCame to care for husbandWent to Bluffs [rest off page]
90Blanche SteeleF13noneIllinoisRushvilleGood3 May 09noneSupt. A. C. Edgarweak eyes28 Sep. 1909Taken to Jacksonville, placed in Blind [rest off page]
91John O'ConnorMFarmerIrelandBuenavistaPoor14 Jun. 1909noneSupt. Wheeler MooreIll health5 Jul. 1909Went to live with [rest off page] 17 Nov.1914
92Sarah VanorderF84noneIndianaRushvillePoor27 Jun. 1909noneJudge DietrickNotable to care for herselfDied 1 Jun. 1911Buried in Osmer Cem.
93Andy VanorderM38noneIllinoisRushvilleGood27 Jun. 1909noneJudge DietrickFeeble minded5 Oct. [rest off page]Taken to Bartonville
94Sarah J. WrightF78HousekeeperBrooklynGood9 Aug. 1909Bed, bedding the Supervisors boughtW. H. DietrickInsane23 Aug. 1909Taken to Bartonville Insane Asylum, died Aug. [rest off page]
95James IcnogleM72FarmerBainbridge Tp.BainbridgePoor13 Oct. 1909noneW. H. DietrickOld age, no one to care for him24 May 10Died very suddenly, buried at Hardscrabble [Cemetery]
96Theodore PylesM51Farmer, Common LaborerFrederickGood28 Dec. 1909Bed, comfortA.L. CurryPovertydischarged
97Ira PylesM8boyIllinoisFrederickGood28 Dec. 1909A. L. CurryPoverty8 Feb.1910Taken to Orphans Home, White Hall, 8 Feb. 1910
98Lawrence PylesM6boyIllinoisFrederickGood28 Dec. 1909A. L. CurryPoverty8 Feb. 19108 Feb. 1910Taken to Orphans Home, White Hall,
99Hila Leah PylesF9girlIllinoisFrederickGood21 Jan. 1910A. L. CurryPoverty8 Feb. 1910Hilah taken to Frederick with Dr. McElroy
100Phelta PylesM3boyIllinoisFrederickGood21 Jan. 1910A. L. Curry[following not in book order] Taken to White Hall Orphans Home 8 Feb. 1910, returned to Co. Home 10 Mar. 1912, placed in Bloomington Soldiers Orphans Home 2 Apr. 1913
101John BenderethM79FarmerGermanyCamdenBad30 May 10Dog, BibleJohn W. HaleSickness14 Aug. 1910Died Catarrh of Stomach, buried Lynn Cemetery, has monument
102Thomas KelleyM72Railroader, TrampIrelandRushvillePoor24 Aug. 1910J. Clark GraffDischarged
103Lulu WisecupF42HousekeeperIllinoisFrederickGood29 Aug. 1910Bed, beddingWm. H. Dietrick, G. B. SteelePoverty, trouble with husband21 Oct. 1910Went back Frederick Twp. with her husband
104Robert WisecupM8boyIllinoisFrederickGood29 Aug. 1910Wm. H. Dietrick, G.B. Steele
105Florence WisecupF6girlIllinoisFrederickGood29 Aug. 1910Wm. H. Dietrick,G. B. Steele
106Dorothy WisecupF2girlIllinoisFrederickGood29 Aug. 1910Wm. H. Dietrick,G. B. Steele
107Mrs. Julie LongF84HousekeeperNew YorkBrooklynPoor17 Nov. 1910one suit of clothing sent from conservator H. H. BrownW. L. VandiverOld, blind4 Nov.1914Went to live with John Long, a son in [rest off page]
108George McAullyM73LaborerFrederickPoor7 Feb. 1912Tent, few bed clothesArther BradmanOld ageDied 2 Jul. 1914buried in Messer Cemetery
109William BelleM67TrampIllinoisBainbridgePoor6 Dec. 1911noneArther BradmanWeak mindDied 3 Dec. 1913Buried at Gillette
110Goldie O'DonnellF24EpilepticMissouriBainbridgePoor29, Feb. 1912noneArther BradmanEpilepsy13 Jun. 1912Taken to Bartonville
111Walter O'DonnellM2childIllinoisBainbridgeGood29 Feb. 1912noneArther Bradman13 Jun. 1912Taken to Bartonville with mother
112Thomas JonesM62CoalminerBrooklynPoor26 Nov. 1911noneW. L. VandiverDied 19 Dec. 1912Was buried in Co. Home Cemetery
113Frank BolandM72TrampPennsylvaniaBirminghamPoor30 Mar. 1912noneH. O. WhippleHad money, but preferred to trampOct. 1912Left
114Dora UmphriesF16girlIllinoisRushvillePoor30 Mar. 1912noneJudge John C. WorkWent to live with fatherSep. 1912
115Nora UmphriesF16girlIllinoisRushvilleGood30 Jul. 1912noneJudge John C. WorkWent to live with fatherSep. 1912
116Della WaltersF28Housekeeper, Jail birdIllinoisRushvilleGood2 Jul. 1912noneJudge John C. WorkWas living in drainage with Lambert was arrested, put in jail1 Aug. 1912Discharged
117Edgar WaltersM1 yr. 4 mos.childIllinoisRushvilleGood2 Jul. 1912noneJudge John C. Work
118Pete KenanMLaborerIrelandLittletonPoor24 Feb. 1912noneDied 26 Feb.1912Buried at Littleton by James Little
119George BeardM24LaborerIllinoisRushvillePoorJ. C. GraffSicknessDied 15Nov. 1912Buried at Co. Home Cemetery
120John GabbertM81FarmerKentuckyBainbridgePoor17 Aug. 1912noneArther BradmanOld, infirmDied 30 Jul. 1916Buried at Messer Cemetery
121John BellM56CookRushvilleGood16 Dec. 1912noneJ. C. Graff
122Theodore CurlessM52FarmerIllinoisLittletonGood20 Dec. 1912noneFrank MillerHomeless22 May 1915Taken to Peoria Hospital
123Paul BlodgettM20boyIllinoisFrederickPoor12 Oct. 1912noneA. L. CurryHomeless, feeble minded28 Oct. 1913Taken to Peoria Hospital
124Pete PhilipsMLaborerIllinoisRushvilleGood21 Jul. 1912noneJohn RinehartIntemperanceDied 2 Aug. 1913Buried in Rushville Cemetery
125Lewis WheelerM57PilotIllinoisBuenavistaGood7 Feb. 1913noneJohn RinehartSick22 May 15Taken to Peoria Hospital
126Walter B. NellM55Book keeperIllinoisRushvillePoor1 Mar. 1913noneJ. C. GraffIntemperance28 Oct. 1913Taken to Peoria Hospital, was discharged[rest off page] Returned [rest off page]
127William LayM38LaborerOhioGood22 May 15Taken [rest off page]
128Aaron StephensMLaborerIllinoisReturned, see above7 Feb. 1916noneJ. C. Bartlow
129J. P. SandegeM66ThresherIndianaRayParalysis14 Nov. 1913noneG. W. JonesIntemperanceDied 3 Jun.Buried in Rushville Cemetery
130Taylor OhersonM67GardenerIndianaBainbridgeGood20 Nov. 1914noneArther BradmanIntemperanceDied 3 Aug. 1918Buried in Ebenezer Cemetery
131Henry ChandlerM60LaborerIllinoisBainbridgePoor13 Oct. 1913noneArther BradmanIntemperanceDied 19 Feb. 1914Buried at Gillette Cemetery
132Paul ChristenenM22noneIllinoisWoodstockEpileptic19 Jun. 1913EpilepticJohn ParksEpilepsy20 Jun. 1913Sent to hospital, Peoria
133Clide SwanM24FarmhandIllinoisBuenavistaGood4 Nov. 1913one horse, buggy harnessJ. C. BartlowHomeless
134Ellis LeonardM76LaborerOhioCamdenGood6 Oct. 1914noneE. C. Yarbrough
135Rolla PetersM50HarnessmakerIllinoisRushvilleGood9 Feb. 1914D. C. HaberIntemperance
136Geo. DileM48LaborerAsthma6 Apr. 1914J. W. Rose16 May 14Sentto Peoria Hospital
137Bulah BridgewaterF9childIllinoisRushvilleGood13 Aug. 1913Judge Work
138Perry GiddingsM68Farm handRushvilleGood30 Nov. 1914noneD. F. Haber23 Dec. 1914went to St. Louis
139Fanny DevoreF81HousekeeperCarl Co., OhioBrowningRheumatic1 Oct. 1913trunk, clothesW. B. JonesDied 19 Dec. 1919buried at Bader Cemetery
140Susan ProvoltF80HousekeeperRushvilleGood30 Sep. 1913bed, beddingJ. C. GraffSent to Iowa
141Helen SkilesF14childIllinoisRushvilleGood15 Aug. 1913noneJohn C. Work30 Aug. 1913Sent to Girls school, Geneva, Ills.
142Ralph StockwellM11childIllinoisWoodstockGood22 Jan. 1915John Parks29 Jan. 1915Arther Vaughn, living near Camden, Ills.
143Glenn StockwellM8childIllinoisWoodstockGood22 Jan. 1915John Parks18 May 1915Joe Shaver
144Joe GilispieMTrampRushville23 Dec. 1914D. C. Haber11 Feb. 1915Left for parts unknown
145John YoungMTrampRushville17 Oct. 1914D. C. Haber
146Sam KimballMLaborerBainbridgeCripple8 Oct. 1915Arther Bradman
147Lester DavisM8childIllinoisRushvilleGood30 Oct. 1915Judge Work19 Feb.1916Soldiers Orphan Home, Normal, Ills.
148Ralph DavisM6childIllinoisRushvilleGood30 Oct. 1915Judge Work19 Feb.1916Soldiers Orphan Home, Normal, Ills.
149Thistle HeatonMLittleton13 Jul. 1915Came with wife to help care for wife, not admitted to stayFrank Miller17 Jul. 1915John Bates took Mrs. Heaton to Hospital, she died there
150Mrs. HeatonFLittletonElephantitus13 Jul. 1915Frank MillerMrs. Thistle Heaton was Insane, was transferred to Perie [Peoria?] State Hospital where she died with a very strange disease known as Elephantitus
151Joe GraftonMBrowningEpileptic24 Aug. 1915E. G. VentersSickness, Epileptic1 Sep. 1915Returned to their home in Browning
152Alice GraftonFBrowningGood24 Aug. 1915E. G. Venters1 Sep. 1915Returned to their home in Browning
153Adelaide StockwellF17IllinoisRushvilleGoitre21 Dec. 1914Judge WorkDelinquency28 Dec. 1914Sent to Girls Training School, Geneva, Ills.
154Lillie ThompsonF17IllinoisRushvilleGood9 Dec. 1914Judge WorkDelinquency21 Dec. 1914Went to live with Aunt near Ray, afterward went to Missouri
155Lena PorterF16IllinoisLittletonGoodGeo. B. SteeleDelinquencySent to Geneva to girls Training School
156Jesse AdkinsonMSection boss 27 years, C. B. Q.IllinoisFrederickPoorA. C. Currywas struck with lightning. Had knee joint removed at St. Francis Hospital, MacombWent to work for Dr. McElroy of Frederick
157Orval UmphriesM21LaborerIllinoisBuenavistaGood6 Jul. 1915G. B. SteeleDelinquency6 Jan. 1916
158Charles WebbM80Camden11 Feb. 1916noneE. C. YarbroughCamden2 Apr.1916
159Cecil NortonM16LaborerBrowningBrowningGood14 Mar. 1916noneSheriff CampbellCripple, abused22 Apr. 1916Expelled from home for misbehavior
160Clarence WelchM20LaborerIllinoisFrederickGood14 Mar. 1916noneDep. Sheriff BatesLarceny19 Jun. 1916Sent as witness to Springfield, Ills.
161Nina Florence DemossF9childIllinoisBuenavistaBad, cripple21 Mar. 1916noneJudge WorkDependant24 May 16Sent to hospital at Monmouth
162Milton DemossM13childIllinoisBuenavistaGood21 Mar. 1916noneJudge WorkDependant25 Mar. 1916School at St. Charles
163Jas. DemossM11childIllinoisBuenavistaGood21 Mar. 1916noneJudge WorkDependant25 Mar. 1916School at St. Charles
164Anna DemossF6childIllinoisBuenavistaGood21 Mar. 1916noneJudge WorkDependant14 Apr. 1916Returned to mother
165Pearl DemossF4childIllinoisBuenavistaGood21 Mar. 1916noneJudge WorkDependant14 Apr. 1916Returned to mother
166Jno. ThompsonM67noneOhioRushvilleFair only21 Mar. 1916noneSupt. HaberDependant12 Dec. 1916Taken to Bartonville
167Edward DemossM15LaborerIllinoisBuenavistaGood22 Mar. 1916noneJudge WorkDependant23 Mar. 1916Sent to St. Charles school
168Harvey SwangoM14LaborerIllinoisHuntsvilleGood22 Mar. 1916noneJudge WorkFatherran away23 Mar. 1916Sent to St. Charles school
169Roy SwangoM7none,childIllinoisHuntsvilleGood22 Mar. 1916noneJudge WorkFather ran away4 May 16Normal, Ill.
170Eddie SwangoM5childIllinois, HuntsvilleGood22 Mar. 1916noneJudge WorkFatherran away4 May 16Normal, Ill.
171Frank GreenM44noneIllinoisRushvilleFair30 Mar. 1916noneSupt. HaberDisabled, destitute1 Nov. 1918Went to live with sister, Mrs. Slack
172Michael SullivanM54LaborerMilwaukee, Wis.IowaFair2 May 16noneTrampAsthmetic8 May, left for Arizona
173Chas. WebbM80noneIllinoisRushvilleFair6 May 16noneJ. C. BartlowPoverty1 Jun. 1916
174Andy HoweM64noneIllinoisRushvilleGoodMay 16noneD. HaberPoverty, weak mind18 May 16Ran away
175Sam KimballmLaborerIllinoisBainbridgeFair1 Jun. 1916noneR. RittenhousePoverty, crippleDied 16 Sep. 1921buried Messerer Cem.
176Theodore SanfordM53LaborerIllinoisMt. PleasantGood1 Jun. 1916noneD. HaberPovertyLeft of own accord
177F. DaleMnoneCamden, IllinoisMonmouthFair23 Jul. 1916none Returned to home of own accordCripple, povertyReturned July 1916, Died 5 Sep. 1916
178Jas. HarrisM60LaborerOhioRushvillePoor21 Aug. 1916clothing, changeG. McMillanRheumaticLeft, 5 Sep. 1916
179Rob PearsonM47LaborerIllinoisHannibal, MissouriGood22 Aug. 1916noneD. HaberPovertyLeft for Hannibal, Mo., 20 Mar. 1917
180Lewis HumphriesMReturned, see above25 Aug. 1916
181Wm. StonekingReturned, see above4 Sep. 1916
182Eddie WilcoxReturned, seeabove13 Dec. 1916noneE. E. VentersPovertyLeft in visit 17Mar. 1917Died not returned
183Andy VanorderReturned, see above8 Jan. 1917noneJudge WorkFeeble minded23 Jan. 1917Taken to Bartonsville
184Clyde SwanReturned, see above14 Jan. 1917noneOwn accountFeeble minded6 Apr. 1917Taken to hospital at Macomb for Operation
185Lesther TharpM9childIllinoisRushvilleGood2 Feb. 1917noneJudge WorkNo care by parents30 Mar. 1917returned to parents
186Zella TharpF6childIllinoisRushvilleGood2 Feb. 1917noneJudge WorkNo care by parents30 Mar. 1917returned to parents
187Harrold TharpM5childIllinoisRushvilleGood2 Feb. 1917noneJudge WorkNo care by parents30 Mar. 1917returned to parents
188Ethel TharpF3childIllinoisRushvilleGood2 Feb. 1917noneJudge WorkNo care by parents30 Mar. 1917returned to parents
189May MarshallF13childIllinoisRushvilleGood14 Feb. 1917noneJudge WorkNo care by parents22 Jun. 1917returned to parents by order of Judge Work
190Emett Marshall11childIllinoisRushvilleGood14 Feb. 1917noneJudge WorkNo care by parents22 Jun. 1917returned to parents by order of Judge Work
191Robert Marshall6childIllinoisRushvilleGood14 Feb. 1917noneJudge WorkNo care by parents22 Jun. 1917returned to parents by order of Judge Work
192Jno. A. SmithM62LaborerRoane, GeorgiaRushvilleGood5 Apr. 1917Miners lampSupt. D. Haber, written permitPovertyRan away
193crossed out.
194Clyde SwanM27LaborerIllinoisRushvilleGood27 Feb. 1918noneC. BartlowPoverty19 Feb. 1918
195Mrs. Mar DennisF37DomesticIllinoisRushvilleGood1 Feb. 1918Household goodsSupt. F. HareAbandonmentMar. 1918
196Lorena DennisF13childKansasRushvilleGood1 Feb. 1918noneSupt. F. HarePovertyMar. 1918
197Alberta DennisF12childIllinoisRushvilleGood1 Feb. 1918noneSupt. F. HarePovertyMar. 1918
198Lister DennisM10childIllinoisRushvilleGood1 Feb. 1918noneSupt. F. HarePovertyMar. 1918
199Josephine DennisF6childIllinoisRushvilleGood1 Feb. 1918noneSupt. F. HarePovertyMar. 1918
200Imogene DennisF4childIllinoisRushvilleGood1 Feb. 1918noneSupt. F. HarePovertyMar. 1918
201Eugene DennisM1childIllinoisRushvilleGood1 Feb. 1918noneSupt. F. HarePovertyMar. 1918
202Chas. FearyM64CarpenterPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaRushvilleGood1 Feb. 1918noneSupt. Dan HaberPovertyMar. 1918
203Robert PearsonMReturned, see above27 Feb. 1918noneSupt. Dan HaberPovertyMar. 1918
204Geo. HoraceM78TrampKentuckyGriggsvilleFair20 Apr. 1918noneJno. ParkPoverty27 Apr. 1918Sent to Pike Co.
205Henry TharpM68FarmerIllinoisRushvillePoor10 Apr. 1918Small farmDan HaberPoor health, no one to care for him
206Jno. D. MooreMLaborerIllinoisRushvillePoor20 Apr. 1918Bedding, $20. cashJno.ParkPoor health, no one who could care for him
207Ed RollandM58LaborerIllinois, 27 Dec. 1860FrederickFairOct. 1918noneSupt.A. CurryFeeble minded & poverty
208Robt. SallsberryMLaborerHickory Twp.FairOct. 1918noneSupt. F. ShawPoverty
209L. McAuleyMLaborerBrowningPoor25 Oct. 1918noneSupt. E. G. VentersDrunkeness, crippled, foot cut off by train12 Jun. 1919
210Ed WilcoxReturnedNov. 1918
211Jno. HightowerMTrampIllinoisIonaPoor1918noneCo. Clerk J. A. LongPoverty & no friendsLeft of own account
212Mrs. Mary DavidF79noneFrederickPoor20 Nov. 1919Trunk & clothingSupt. D. HurleyPoverty, no help
213Eliza PetersF72noneIllinoisFrederickPoor13 Nov. 1919noneSupt. D. HurleyPoverty, no helpapp. for admission Soldiers Home at Willmington
214James AndersonM78TrampMichigannonePoor26 Dec. 1919noneCo. ClerkCripple, poverty20 Feb 1920Taken to S. Home
215Jas. BrownM75TrampPennsylvanianonePoor1920noneClyde EverhartPoverty , no friends29 Mayleft of own account
216Oliver ChandlerM52LaborerIllinoisFrederickPoor30 Jun. 1920natchSupt. D.F. HurleyPoverty, sickness
217Daunt PerkinsM65LaborerIllinoisBrowningPoor30 Jun. 1920clothingSupt. C. EverhartPoverty, sickness
218Wm. GillispieReturned28 Jun. 1920
219Mack KnallM62LaborerIllinoisRushvillePoor1 Sep. 1920noneRoy HallPoor health, mentally deficient
220D. S. HindmanM81OhioRushvillePoor10 Jan. 1919noneJno. Parker
221Geo. RaybornM60IllinoisFrederickPoorJan. 1921noneD. F. Hurley
222Geo. W. TeeplesM77PensionerRushvillePoor25 Jan. 1921Bedding, some moneyRoy Hall
223Jas. HarrisM6521 Apr. 1921noneJ. C. Bartlowx [see above]
224Fielden GorsuchM72LaborerIllinoisBuenavistaFair23 Aug. 1921noneJoe ShaverPoverty
225John MooreM68LaborerEnglandCamdenPoor14 Oct. 1921noneJohn KennyPoverty
226King ClarkM69LaborerIllinoisOaklandPoor15 Oct. 1921noneY. McMillanPoverty
227Jno. SmithM66Coal diggerGeorgiaFrederickGood8 Nov. 1921noneBramercrippled
228Perry GiddingsM70LaborerIllinoisRushvilleFair27 Nov. 1921HorseRoy HallPoverty
229Isaac RichM73noneIllinoisRushvilleFair2 Dec. 1921noneRoy HallPoverty
230E. WilcoxM30noneIllinoisFrederickFair5 Dec. 1921BramerPoverty
231Geo. MooreM71FishermanIllinoisFrederick5 Dec. 1921noneBramerPoverty
232Martha BuserF73noneIllinoisRushvilleFair22 Dec. 1921noneHallPoverty, blindness


References   [ + ]

1. Reports Made to the General Assembly of Illinois, 1881