Schuyler County Courthouse
102 S. Congress Street
P.O. Box 200
Rushville, IL 62681

NOTE: The record dates below are from the earliest date to present time.

Schuyler County Circuit Court Clerk

The Clerk of the Circuit Court, commonly known as the Circuit Clerk, is the keeper of the files and records of the Circuit Court. Other documents in criminal law, chancery, support, probate, adoption, juvenile, drainage, local improvement, mental, small claims, traffic, ordinance violations can also be found here.

  • Probate Records from 1825


Schuyler County Recorder

The County Recorder of Deeds serves the people of County by receiving, filing and maintaining all records related to real property in our county. These documents range from all types of conveyance deeds, mortgages, releases and assignments, property liens, as well as, assorted federal, state and local liens. The Recorder’s office is responsible for the recordation and storage of plats of subdivision, land surveys and monument records. Many other types of miscellaneous documents are recorded, such as; foreign birth certificates, foreign marriage licenses, and military discharge paperwork to name a few.

  • Land Records from 1817 

Schuyler County Clerk

The County Clerk maintains records and issues certificates of vital statistics (birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates) for the entire County.

  • Birth / Death Records from 1877
  • Marriage Records from 1825