List of Jurors
1835 – 1837


Grand JurorsJune Term, 1835
paidDavid Manlove3 days2.25
paidIsaac Garrett3 days2.25
paidSamuel Heaton3 days2.25
paidLyman Utter3 days2.25
George Tyson3 days2.25
paidWilliam Allen3 days2.25
paidJohn Orchard3 days2.25
paidJohn Hambaugh3 days2.25
paidSilas David3 days2.25
pdGeorge Harper3 days2.25
paidElijah Owen3 days2.25
paidEphraim Eggleston3 days2.25
paidJames Worthington3 days2.25
paidSamuel Horney3 days2.25
paidWilliam McKee3 days2.25
paidJames Bull3 days2.25
paidThomas Burnett3 days2.25
paidLuke Seeley3 days2.25


Pettit JuryJune, 1835
paidBenjamin Thomas6 days4.50
paidWilliam Owen6 days4.50
paidSamuel Dennis6 days4.50
Jonathan G. Randall6 days4.50
paidLevin Ross6 days4.50
paidMarshall Smith5 days3.75
paidRandolph Rose6 days4.50
Samuel Hindman6 days4.50
paidRichard Prichard6 days4.50
paidGeorge Henry6 days4.50
paidBenjamin Hinman6 days4.50
paidGeorge Swan6 days4.50
John L. Scott6 days4.50
paidGeorge Penney6 days4.50
paidJames Teel6 days4.50
paidStephen Mallory6 days4.50
paidFurgus Graham6 days4.50
Albert G. Dupuy6 days4.50
paidJohn Norvill6 days4.50


Pettit JurorsJune Term, 1836
paidCyrus Cowdery5 days3.15
paidGeorge Garrison3 days2.25
paidDaniel Huff6 days4.50
paidJoseph H. Bates6 days4.50
paidRalph H. Hurlbutt9 days6.75
paidEdward Wade5 days3.75
paidC. Bodenhammer4 days3.00
paidJohn Baker6 days4.50
paidJoshua Chitwood6 days4.50
paidRichard Black6 days4.50
paidJohn J. Brown6 days4.50
paidJames A. Chadsey9 days6.75
paidWilliam McKee9 days6.75
paidThomas Dean10 days7.50
paidJoseph Purdy9 days6.75
paidHenry Teel10 days7.50
paidNathan Winchell10 days7.50
paidWilliam Ritchey9 days6.75
paidEphraim Hells10 days7.50
paidAlex Hollingsworth9 days6.75
paidGeorge Green10 days7.50
paidMichael Kirkham9 days6.75
paidThomas Burnill9 days6.75
paidJames True9 days6.75
paidIsaac Linder8 days6.00
paidHenry Hills4 days3.00
paidElias Briggs3 days2.25
paidFelix Thornton3 days2.25
paidJohn Cox3 days2.25
paidJohn Doughery5 days3.75
paidThomas Sipes2 days1.50
paidPhilip Briggs2 days1.50
paidJohn Strong2 days1.50
paidGeorge M. Wells2 days1.50
paidStephen M. Mallory2 days1.50
paidThomas Elmore2 days1.50
paidJonathan Jenkins2 days1.50
paidJohn Boling2 days1.50
paidHarvey Skiles2 days1.50


Grand JurorsMarch Special Term, 1837
paidJohn Brown3 days2.25
paidWilliam Peak3 days2.25
paidMicaiah Warren3 days2.25
paidElijah M. Wilson3 days2.25
paidJames McCrosky3 days2.25
paidThomas Elmore3 days2.25
paidGeorge Townsend3 days2.25
paidRobert Henry3 days2.25
paidElisha G. Adams3 days2.25
paidHenry Hoffman3 days2.25
paidJames Orchard3 days2.25
paidWilliam C. Smith3 days2.25
paidJames Powers3 days2.25
paidThomas Davis3 days2.25
paidJoseph Merritt3 days2.25
paidJohn Ritchey3 days2.25
paidJohn Todhunter3 days2.25
paidThomas Goodwin3 days2.25
paidHenry Hills3 days2.25
paidJohn Cox3 days2.25
paidJoseph T. Leonard3 days2.25
paidGeorge H. Scripps3 days2.25


Pettit JurorsMarch Special Term, 1837
paidRalph Alexander3 days2.25
paidGeorge Clark3 days2.25
paidJacob Snider3 days2.25
paidWilliam A. Bates3 days2.25
paidJohn L. Lechelt3 days2.25
paidBenjamin Adams3 days2.25
paidRobert Tribue3 days2.25
paidJohn Means3 days2.25
paidPhilip Briggs3 days2.25
paidPerry Meeks3 days2.25
paidRalph H. Hurlbutt3 days2.25
paidBenjamin Hinman3 days2.25
paidBenoni R. Park3 days2.25
paidWilliam Noble3 days2.25
paidIsaac Naught3 days2.25
paidNathl Harris3 days2.25
paidWilliam Cox2 days1.50
paidAbsalem Browning2 days1.50
paidCharles McDill2 days1.50
paidObediah Blair2 days1.50
paidPeter C. Vance2 days1.50
paidJohn Garman2 days1.50
paidFielding Glenn2 days1.50
paidGarland O. Wilson2 days1.50
paidWilliam Fazell2 days1.50


Grand JurorsJune Term, 1837
paidJohn Scripps5 days3.75
paidGeorge Swan5 days3.75
paidJohn Dennin5 days3.75
paidRandolph Rose5 days3.75
paidJohn Sellars5 days3.75
paidSamuel King5 days3.75
paidGreenbury Orr5 days3.75
paidEph. Eggleston5 days3.75
paidRichd Briggs5 days3.75
paidThomas Iams5 days3.75
paidDaniel Brown5 days3.75
paidJohn Emrick5 days3.75
paidThomas M. Barton5 days3.75
paidRoswell Bryant5 days3.75
paidAlex. McHatton5 days3.75
paidJoshua Chitwood5 days3.75
paidEnoch Edmondson5 days3.75


Pettit JuryJune Term, 1837
paidWilliam Owens9 days6.75
paidThomas Sellars6 days4.50
paidAlex. Hawkins6 days4.50
paidMatthias Mastin6 days4.50
William Davis6 days4.50
paidLemuel Sparks9 days6.75
paidReubin Lock6 days4.50
paidDaniel Matheny6 days4.50
paidAbslem Browning9 days6.75
paidStarky McCabe9 days6.75
paidGeorge Baker7 days5.25
paidCornelius Denison6 days4.50
paidJesse Martin12 days9.00
paidTheodore Munson12 days9.00
paidJohnson Downing6 days4.50
paidJames B. Farris9 days6.75
paidIsaac Lane6 days4.50
paidJonathan Manlove6 days4.50
paidWilliam M. Wright7 days5.25
paidCharles Ryan6 days4.50
paidIsaac Fowler6 days4.50
paidWilliam C. Smith2 days1.50
paidAlexr Campbell12 days9.00
paidHenry Hills6 days4.50
paidJosiah Parrott6 days4.50
paidSamuel Dennis6 days4.50
paidJacob Jennings6 days4.50
paidWillis Carson6 days4.50
paidGasper Patton6 days4.50
paidDavid Knizell6 days4.50
paidBenedict Cecil6 days4.50
paidThomas Tyree6 days4.50
paidWilliam Boyer6 days4.50
paidReubin Pope6 days4.50
paidWm. W. Batterton6 days4.50
paidLewis Robertson6 days4.50
paidPeter B. Heisey6 days4.50
paidJames M. Teel6 days4.50
paidTimothy Condet6 days4.50
paidWilliam H. Ray5 days3.75
paidWilliam Patterson1 day.75
paidFelix Thornton5 days3.75
paidJohn Cox5 days3.75


Grand JuryNovember Term, 1837
paidSamuel Hindman5 days3.75
paidMoses Skiles5 days3.75
paidIsaac Linder5 days3.75
paidWilliam Brown5 days3.75
paidEphr. Hills5 days3.75
paidNathan Compton5 days3.75
paidPeter Popham5 days3.75
paidReubin Allphin5 days3.75
paidAlfred Marlow5 days3.75
paidAbraham Lewis5 days3.75
paidRichard Black5 days3.75
paidThomas Dixon5 days3.75
paidEdgecomb Merritt5 days3.75
paidBenj. Kindrick5 days3.75
paidWilliam A. Bates5 days3.75
paidErastus Root5 days3.75
paidMartin Dewitt5 days3.75
paidPeter Adams5 days3.75
paidSamuel Jackson5 days3.75
paidHenry Hills5 days3.75
paidBrummell Sapp5 days3.75
paidThomas Justus5 days3.75


Pettit JuryNovember Term, 1837
paidJohn Corrie6 days4.50
paidGeorge Little6 days4.50
paidJ. G. Randall6 days4.50
paidWm. M. Seeley6 days4.50
paidIsaac Grier6 days4.50
paidJohn Garman6 days4.50
paidAlex. Campbell10 days7.50
paidWilliam H. Window6 days4.50
paidAbner McDowell3 days2.25
paidDarin Graham4 days3.00
paidA. G. Dupuy6 days4.50
paidWilliam Snyder6 days4.50
paidTheodore Munson9 days6.75
paidBenjamin Chadsey6 days4.50
paidG. G. Dorsey6 days4.50
paidThomas Garrett6 days4.50
paidJonathan Patterson6 days4.50
paidWilliam Gordon6 days4.50
paidWilliam McKee6 days4.50
paidWillis G. Williamson6 days4.50
paidJoseph Hoofman6 days4.50
paidGamaliel Hills6 days4.50
paidJohn L. Scott6 days4.50
paidWilliam Wilson2 days1.50
paidP. B. Hume4 days3.00
paidThos. Burnett6 days4.50
paidJohn Cox6 days4.50
paidAlexr. W. Ross6 days4.50
paidAlex. Montgomery4 days3.00
paidGeorge M. Wells4 days3.00
paidJohn Dougherty4 days3.00
paidAlex. Brazelton4 days3.00
paidHenry Hells4 days3.00
paidPeter B. Heisey4 days3.00
paidForgus Graham4 days3.00
paidMoses Wright4 days3.00
Thomas Huland4 days3.00
paidJesse Bullard4 days3.00
paidB. O. Henley4 days3.00
paidJohn Green4 days3.00
paidThomas Sellars4 days3.00
paidDavid S. Traine4 days3.00
paidWilliam Purnell4 days3.00
paidAzrow Brown4 days3.00
Lewis Robertson4 days3.00
paidJohn Whitman4 days3.00
paidRansaler Wells4 days3.00
paidCutler Eames4 days3.00
paidThomas Goodwin4 days3.00
William Patterson4 days3.00

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