List of Jurors
1838 – 1840


Grand JurorsJune Term, 1838
paidPeter Holme5 days3.75
paidDaniel Berry5 days3.75
paidJames Hunter5 days3.75
paidJonathan Smith5 days3.75
paidJohn Moore5 days3.75
paidParis Wheeler5 days3.75
paidS. H. B. Clarkson5 days3.75
paidDavid Smith5 days3.75
paidJohn L. Ewing5 days3.75
paidManlove Wheeler5 days3.75
paidJacob Vandeventer5 days3.75
paidSamuel Moore5 days3.75
paidMoses Pettigrew5 days3.75
paidWilliam Perry5 days3.75
paidErastus Stone5 days3.75
paidJohn Wilson5 days3.75
paidMichael Kirkham5 days3.75
paidJoseph Cox5 days3.75
paidWilliam Long5 days3.75


Pettit JuryJune Term, 1838
paidO. M. Hoagland6 days4.50
paidJohn B. Seeley6 days4.50
paidGeorge M. Wells6 days4.50
paidGeorge H. Scripps6 days4.50
paidMarshall Smith6 days4.50
paidGeorge Nelson6 days4.50
paidPeter B. Heisey6 days4.50
paidDavid Leonox6 days4.50
paidJenkins Rogers6 days4.50
paidSamuel Mason6 days4.50
paidThomas Royalty6 days4.50
paidJohn Todhunter6 days4.50
paidChancy Rose5 days3.75
paidWilliam C. Harris6 days4.50
paidBenjamin Whitson3 days2.25
paidDavid Knizle6 days4.50
paidLemuel Sparks6 days4.50
paidThomas Goodwin6 days4.50
paidPeter Wampler6 days4.50
paidGarland O. Wilson5 days3.75
paidJames Milles11 days8.25
paidWilliam H. Ray6 days4.50
paidGeorge Adams8 days6.00
paidHnery Hills11 days8.25
paidAlex Campbell11 days8.25
paidWilliam Cunningham5 days3.75
paidAlex Hawkins5 days3.75
paidAlex Montgomery5 days3.75
paidJoel Eaves4 days3.00
paidDavid G. Huff5 days3.75
paidJacob O. Jones5 days3.75
paidAlex Brazelton5 days3.75
paidCutter Eames5 days3.75
paidEdward Doyle5 days3.75
paidAnd. Belk5 days3.75
paidJames Hunter5 days3.75
paidJacob H. Jennings5 days3.75
paidJohn Whitman5 days3.75
paidJohn Dougherty5 days3.75
paidTheodore Munson5 days3.75
paidJoseph Haskell5 days3.75
paidWm. McConnell5 days3.75
paidW. D. Scott7 days5.25
paidJ. G. Randall6 days4.50
paidGeorge Baker5 days3.75
paidHenry Wheeler2 days1.50


Grand JurorsNovember Term, 1838
paidWilliam Sackman3 days2.25
paidAlexander Sherrell3 days2.25
paidJohn M. Campbell3 days2.25
paidJames Lawler3 days2.25
paidLamuel Mason3 days2.25
Cornelius Vandeventer3 days2.25
James Orchard3 days2.25
paidRobert Hills Sr.3 days2.25
Joseph Stoner3 days2.25
paidMichael Summy3 days2.25
paidJohn Taylor3 days2.25
paidJohn Owens3 days2.25
paidEphraim Hells3 days2.25
paidJames McCrosky3 days2.25
paidWilliam Young1 day.75
Samuel Horney3 days2.25
paidGeorge Harper3 days2.25


Pettit JuryNovember Term, 1838
paidJoseph Jennings6 days4.50
paidAbner Balson4.50
Elijah Mobley5 days3.75
William Kendrick6 days4.50
paidFielding T. Glenn6 days4.50
paidGeorge Clark6 days4.50
paidSamuel Lock6 days4.50
paidJoseph Montgomery6 days4.50
paidWilliam E. Withrow6 days4.50
paidRichard Garrett6 days4.50
paidAsa Goodwin6 days4.50
paidLevi Jackson6 days4.50
paidJohn Green3 days2.25
George Ritchey6 days4.50
paidAndrew Cruse6 days4.50
paidJohn Mitcheltree6 days4.50
paidAllen Persinger6 days4.50
paidJonathan Billings6 days4.50
paidGarland O. Wilson6 days4.50
paidAlex Montgomery9 days6.75
paidJoseph Haskell6 days4.50
paidStephen Mallory6 days4.50
paidElijah Bell6 days4.50
paidGeorge Garrison6 days4.50
2nd Week
paidWilliam Cox3 days2.25
paidJohn Cox3 days2.25
paidRobert Martin3 days2.25
paidAllen Alexander3 days2.25
paidWilliam C. Harris3 days2.25
paidCharles B. Adams3 days2.25
paidJohn P. Scott3 days2.25
paidJohn Doughtery3 days2.25
paidEdward Doyle3 days2.25
paidThomas Goodwin3 days2.25
paidJ. G. Randall3 days2.25
paidDarin or David Knizell3 days2.25
paidBenj. Clark3 days2.25
paidObediah Blair3 days2.25
paidWilliam Scripps3 days2.25
paidJames P. Anderson3 days2.25
paidPeter B. Heisey3 days2.25
Frederick King3 days2.25
paidBenjamin Wheat3 days2.25
paidEbenezer Grist3 days2.25
Thomas Garrett3 days2.25
Joseph Leonard3 days2.25


Grand JurorsSpecial Term, March, 1839
paidWilliam A. Bates1.50
paidWilliam Gregory1.50
paidIsaac Lane1.50
paidJoseph Newbury1.50
paidSamuel A. Cleft1.50
Wm. H. Ray1.50
paidCyrus Cowdery1.50
paidNathan Burton1.50
paidJoseph Logan1.50
George H. Briscoe1.50
paidMicaiah Warren1.50
paidJames Little1.50
paidWilliam E. True1.50
paidJohn A. Thompson1.50
paidJohn Southworth1.50
paidNathaniel Dunlap1.50


Pettit JurorsSpecial Term, March, 1839
Gilbert Ingraham1.50
paidWheeler Wells1.50
paidThomas Royalty1.50
William Haster1.50
Samuel McHatton1.50
paidJohn Himer1.50
Trainor Lane1.50
paidJames Powers1.50
paidJoshua L. Wright1.50
paidWilliam Owens1.50
paidEdward P. Swan1.50
paidWilliam Edger1.50
paidJohn Hodge1.50
paidHiram Evans1.50
paidWilliam Price1.50
paidIsaac Naught1.50
paidJ. D. Manlove1.50
paidMatthew Seeley1.50
paidJohn Mitcheltree1.50
paidGeorge Little1.50


Grand JuryDecember Term, 1839
paidBenjamin Chadsey5 days3.75
paidJohn Scripps5 days3.75
paidHenry B. Bertholf5 days3.75
paidO. M. Hoagland5 days3.75
paidJames L. Anderson5 days3.75
paidAllen Persinger5 days3.75
paidCharles Hatfield5 days3.75
paidJohn Ren5 days3.75
paidWilliam Hall5 days3.75
paidJohn Baker5 days3.75
paidLevi Lusk5 days3.75
paidArchibald Edger5 days3.75
paidCharles Wells5 days3.75
paidJohn L. Cardon5 days3.75
paidGiles Fonday5 days3.75
paidRo. T. Madison5 days3.75
paidJacob Houts5 days3.75
paidJames P. Hughes5 days3.75
paidJames T. Wilson5 days3.75
paidJames Little5 days3.75
paidSamuel Douds5 days3.75
paidWilliam Anderson5 days3.75


Pettit JuryDecember Term, 1839
paidJohn Johnson4 days3.00
paidJohn Rigsby4 days3.00
paidDaniel Woodman4 days3.00
paidPeter F. Serrott4 days3.00
paidWilliston West4 days3.00
paidWalter Black4 days3.00
paidJames Lamaster4 days3.00
paidAlexr. Campbell4 days3.00
paidWilliam Edger4 days3.00
paidSamuel Philips4 days3.00
paidJonathan Patterson4 days3.00
paidGeorge W. Manlove4 days3.00
paidJohn Brasher4 days3.00
paidJoseph Haskell4 days3.00
Jesse Darnell4 days3.00
paidRussell Toncray4 days3.00
paidHenry Hills4 days3.00
paidLach D. Spriggs4 days3.00
paidJohn P. Skiles4 days3.00
paidMarshall Smith4 days3.00
paidJonathan Reddick4 days3.00
paidJonathan D. Manlove4 days3.00
paidWilliam Purnell4 days3.00
paidWilliam Burress4 days3.00
paidFrancis E. Bryant4 days3.00


Grand JuryMarch Term, 1840
paidWilliam Lewis6 days4.50
paidAbraham Louderback6 days4.50
paidCharles Kenneday6 days4.50
paidJames P. Black6 days4.50
paidMarshall Smith6 days4.50
paidJohn Sellars6 days4.50
paidJames McKee6 days4.50
paidJohn Thornhill6 days4.50
paidJohn Justus6 days4.50
paidWilliam Allphin6 days4.50
paidRobert Chadsey6 days4.50
paidDaniel Berry6 days4.50
paidJames Marshall6 days4.50
paidThomas H. Woods6 days4.50
paidLemuel Sparks6 days4.50
paidAlexander McHatton6 days4.50
paidGeorge Willard6 days4.50


Pettit JuryMarch Term, 1840
paidNathan B. Moore6 days4.50
paidAndrew Lacroix6 days4.50
paidJohn Ritchey6 days4.50
paidJoseph Montgomery6 days4.50
paidIsaac Greer6 days4.50
paidA. G. Dupuy6 days4.50
paidAlexr. Penney6 days4.50
paidJohn Mitcheltree6 days4.50
paidJohn Doughtery6 days4.50
paidE. H. O. Seeley6 days4.50
paidWilliam Patterson6 days4.50
paidJ. G. Randall6 days4.50
paidAlbert A. Downing6 days4.50
paidWilliam Owens6 days4.50
paidTalbott Ross6 days4.50
paidJohn Bowlin6 days4.50
paidCharles B. Adams6 days4.50
paidWashington Wilmott6 days4.50
paidWilliam H. Scripps6 days4.50
paidJames B. Farris6 days4.50
paidJohn L. Scott6 days4.50
paidJames P. Hughes6 days4.50
paidGeorge Edger6 days4.50
paidWilliam Nelson6 days4.50
2nd Week
paidMinor Pickle6 days4.50
paidDaniel Brown6 days4.50
paidSamuel Monk6 days4.50
paidSamuel Whiteman6 days4.50
paidGreen Butterfield6 days4.50
paidWilcome Wilhelms6 days4.50
paidJohn Weaver6 days4.50
paidJohn Shaver6 days4.50
paidJames Miller6 days4.50
paidAlfred Spencer6 days4.50
paidZ. D. Sprigg6 days4.50
Jesse Orfield6 days4.50
paidJ. D. Manlove6 days4.50
paidCornelius Gragg6 days4.50
Charles Neil6 days4.50
paidJames E. M. Davis6 days4.50
Sundaman Norvell6 days4.50
paidBaalam Buzbee6 days4.50
paidTruman Hobart6 days4.50
paidJ. Lashmit6 days4.50
paidSamuel G. Latimer6 days4.50
paidAlexander Ross6 days4.50
paidElisha Howard6 days4.50
3rd Week
paidJames Martin6 days4.50
paidAlexr. Campbell6 days4.50
paidSamuel Goslin5 days3.75
paidWilliam Clark5 days3.75
paidJ. L. Moore5 days3.75
paidPeter Beghtol5 days3.75
paidJoel Tullis5 days3.75
A. Spencer5 days3.75
Henry Nelson3 days2.25
paidThomas Pemberton4 days3.00
paidJohn Barron4 days3.00
paidM. Springer5 days3.75
paidJames Hammond5 days3.75
Paul Davis5 days3.75
paidEdward Davis5 days3.75
paidJohn Burnett5 days3.75
paidJoseph T. Leonard2 days1.50
paidWilliam Gordon5 days3.75
paidRichard Black5 days3.75
paidJoseph Newbury5 days3.75
paidEdward Swan5 days3.75
paidGeorge Carnagie5 days3.75
paidGeorge W. Manlove5 days3.75


Grand JurorsAugust Term, 1840
paidLevi Sparks3 days2.25
paidJoseph Newberry3 days2.25
paidJohn Ewing3 days2.25
paidRandolph Rose3 days2.25
paidThomas Goodwin3 days2.25
John Ren3 days2.25
paidElias Briggs3 days2.25
paidSolomon Pandaris3 days2.25
paidWilliam Deweese3 days2.25
paidLevi Lusk3 days2.25
paidSamuel Smith3 days2.25
paidSullivan Searls3 days2.25
paidGeorge H. Scripps3 days2.25
paidJohn Brown3 days2.25
paidNathan Ervin3 days2.25
paidBurrage Bristol3 days2.25
paidWilliam Green3 days2.25


Pettit JurorsAugust Term, 1840
John Huff5 days3.75
Greenbury G. Dorsey5 days3.75
paidJames Thompson5 days3.75
paidThomas Parrott5 days3.75
paidJohn Green5 days3.75
paidDavid Waid5 days3.75
paidWilliam Anderson5 days3.75
paidDavid Snider5 days3.75
paidJohn P. Skiles5 days3.75
paidAbsolem Browning5 days3.75
paidRobert Ewing5 days3.75
paidJohn Allphin5 days3.75
paidJames Hale5 days3.75
paidSamuel Halloway5 days3.75
paidJohn Doyle5 days3.75
paidSilas Crawford5 days3.75
paidJohn Bennett5 days3.75
paidCornelius Gragg5 days3.75
paidWilliam Moss5 days3.75
paidIra Sanford5 days3.75
paidWilliam Lewis5 days3.75
paidEden Smith5 days3.75
paidJoel Tullus4 days3.00
paidJacob O. Jones5 days3.75
paidJohn Mitcheltree8.25

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