List of Jurors 1841 – 1843
Grand JurorsApril Term 1841
paidWilliam E. Withrow3 days2.25
paidDaniel G. Berry3 days2.25
James Lawler3 days2.25
paidJesse Jackson3 days2.25
paidJoseph Hoffman3 days2.25
paidJohn M. Campbell3 days2.25
paidBenjamin Good3 days2.25
paidCaleb Brooks3 days2.25
paidHartwell Sellars3 days2.25
paidWilliam Crain3 days2.25
paidJoab L. Moore3 days2.25
paidWilliam Edger3 days2.25
paidThomas Bronough3 days2.25
paidPeter H. Holme3 days2.25
paidMoses Skiles3 days2.25
paidLuke Seeley3 days2.25
paidWilliam M. Smith3 days2.25


Pettit JurorsApril Term 1841
paidDaniel Sheldon6 days4.50
paidPeter Perkins6 days4.50
paidThomas Mason6 days4.50
paidDavid Venters6 days4.50
paidBenjamin Pyle6 days4.50
paidGarrett Wyckoff6 days4.50
paidAlex. Montgomery6 days4.50
paidJ. G. Randall6 days4.50
paidC. J. T. Tolle6 days4.50
Green Butterfield6 days4.50
paidAsa Goodwin6 days4.50
paidJohn Ren6 days4.50
paidE. W. Downer6 days4.50
paidGeorge Edger6 days4.50
paidLewis Robertson6 days4.50
paidRobert H. Rose6 days4.50
paidDavid G. Huff6 days4.50
paidGeorge M. Wells6 days4.50
paidGilbert Ingraham6 days4.50
paidJacob H. Jennings6 days4.50
paidAlfred Lane6 days4.50
paidJohn Bowling6 days4.50
paidJacob Fudge6 days4.50
Nathl Harris6 days4.50
paidJames Hunter6 days4.50
paidJoseph Demmick6 days4.50



Grand JurorsSeptember Term 1841
paidJohn Scripps6 days4.50
paidPeter Adams6 days4.50
paidJ. L. Wright6 days4.50
paidElijah M. Wilson6 days4.50
paidWilliam H. Crawford6 days4.50
paidWilliam Allphin6 days4.50
paidHenry Hills6 days4.50
paidJ. D. Manlove6 days4.50
paidSamuel Hindman6 days4.50
paidEphraim Hills6 days4.50
paidReuben Allphin6 days4.50
paidJohn Brown6 days4.50
paidCharles Kanedy6 days4.50
paidCharles Wells6 days4.50
paidWilliam Price6 days4.50
paidJohn M. King6 days4.50
paidJames Worthington6 days4.50
paidA. A. Downing6 days4.50
paidDaniel Sheldon
Pettit Jurors
paidGeorge Willard6 days4.50
paidGeorge Little6 days4.50
paidHenderson Walker6 days4.50
paidAllen Persinger6 days4.50
paidA. G. Dupuy6 days4.50
paidAlexr. Campbell6 days4.50
paidWm. H. Scripps6 days4.50
paidThomas E. Derlin6 days4.50
paidLemuel Sparks6 days4.50
paidGeorge W. Metz6 days4.50
paidCharles M. Dalson6 days4.50
paidWalter D. Scopp6 days4.50
paidJohn Hodge6 days4.50
paidLewis Gay6 days4.50
paidN. G. Wilcox6 days4.50
paidJ. P. Skiles6 days4.50
paidS. C. Wain6 days4.50
paidP. B. Husey6 days4.50
paidJohn Dougherty6 days4.50
paidWilliam Has??6 days4.50
paidDavid G. Huff6 days4.50
paidAsahel Philips6 days4.50
paidThos. H. Woods6 days4.50
paidMorgan B. Green6 days4.50


Grand JurorsApril Term 1842
paidWilliam Patterson6 days4.50
paidJesse Darnell6 days4.50
paidWilliam A. Bates6 days4.50
paidCharles Reno6 days4.50
paidGeorge Tyson6 days4.50
paidJenkin Rogers6 days4.50
paidStephen Frasier6 days4.50
paidJoseph Orendorff6 days4.50
paidNelson Wells6 days4.50
paidJeremiah Briscoe6 days4.50
paidHenry Fonday6 days4.50
paidJames Hale6 days4.50
paidWilliam Avery6 days4.50
paidHiram Evans6 days4.50
paidMilton Boothe6 days4.50
paidJonathan Patterson6 days4.50
paidLeonidas Horney6 days4.50
paidJohn Kirkham6 days4.50


Pettit JurorsApril Term 1842
paid[unreadible]6 days4.50
paidFelix G. Dooley6 days4.50
paidRoswell Bryan6 days4.50
paidJohn Ren6 days4.50
paidJames Lamaster6 days4.50
paidArchibald Paris6 days4.50
paidDavid Snider6 days4.50
paidJohn Huff6 days4.50
paidPeter Popham6 days4.50
paidJohn Corrie6 days4.50
paidRobert H. Rose6 days4.50
paidJonathan Tharp6 days4.50
paidMicaiah Warren6 days4.50
paidJohn Lashmet6 days4.50
paidJames G. McCreerey6 days4.50
paidJonathan G. Randall6 days4.50
paidMatthew McCrary6 days4.50
paidJames Hunter6 days4.50
paidLewis Robertson6 days4.50
paidThomas J. Woods6 days4.50
paidHorace R. Witt6 days4.50
Jesse Hunter6 days4.50
paidThomas Bicknell5 days3.75
paidAlexander Montgomery6 days4.50


Grand JurorsSeptember Term 1842
paidLester Seward3 days2.25
paidTalbott Ross3 days2.25
paidJohn Moore3 days2.25
paidJames P. Hughes3 days2.25
paidJohn Todhunter3 days2.25
paidGeorge Ritchey3 days2.25
paidGeorge Philips3 days2.25
paidAlexander Stodman3 days2.25
paidAlfred C. Wallace3 days2.25
paidJoseph Logan3 days2.25
paidEdward Doyle3 days2.25
paidWilliston West3 days2.25
paidHenry Hills3 days2.25
paidAlexander G. Melrose3 days2.25
paidDavid Smith3 days2.25
paidMatthew Tweedle3 days2.25
paidJohn Norvel3 days2.25
paidRobert Ewing3 days2.25


Pettit JurorsSeptember Term 1842
paidGreen Buterfield3 days2.25
paidEddison Himer6 days4.50
paidCornelius V. Berry3 days2.25
paidJonas B. Lung6 days4.50
paidWilliam Moss6 days4.50
paidJames H. Chick6 days4.50
paidJonathan G. Randall6 days4.50
paidMorgan B. Green6 days4.50
paidWilliam Peak6 days4.50
paidNorman Buck5 days3.75
paidJacob Snider6 days4.50
paidLeven Dorsey6 days4.50
paidGeorge Edges6 days4.50
paidSolomon C. Waid6 days4.50
paidMatthew McCreerey6 days4.50
paidThomas J. Bicknell6 days4.50
paidThomas Elmore6 days4.50
paidJames Folsom6 days4.50
paidAlbert G. Dupuy6 days4.50
paidRobert H. Ross6 days4.50
paidAlexander Montgomery6 days4.50
paidE. H. O. Seeley6 days4.50
paidHenderson Walker6 days4.50
paidHorace R. Witt6 days4.50


Grand JurorsApril Term 1843
paidJohn Himer5 days3.75
paidWilliam Callison5 days3.75
paidGeorge Garrison5 days – miles4.10
paidJohn Justus5 days4.20
paidJoseph Hoffman5 days4.00
paidWilliam E. Withrow5 days3.75
paidJohn Corrie5 days4.15
paidIsaac Lane5 days4.25
paidLewis Garrison5 days4.25
paidEdward P. Shaw5 days4.95
paidThomas Parrott5 days3.75
paidJames Lamaster5 days5.10
paidDavid Manlove5 days4.65
paidJohn Huff5 days5.45
paidAmos Curtis5 days4.65
paidLewis Warner5 days4.65
paidAlexander Campbell5 days3.75
paidBriant Brown5 days4.75
paidJames Louther5 days4.25
paidThomas J. Louther5 days4.25


Pettit JurorsApril Term 1843
paidJeremiah Jackson6 days4.75
paidMarshall Smith5 days4.65
paidWilliam Edger6 days4.74
paidDorsey Baker6 days5.00
paidHarvey Bledgel5 days4.25
paidJesse Darnell2 days1.85
paidArchibald Edger4 days3.00
paidJames Martin4 days3.00
paidThompson Lancaster6 days5.10
paidFrederick Teel6 days4.70
paidSamuel Philips6 days4.50
paidAlexander Ross6 days4.70
paidLewis D. Ervin6 days4.90
paidRiley Pennington6 days4.80
paidGreenbury G. Dorsey5 days4.62
paidEdwar G. Nall6 days4.70
paidMorgan B. Green2 days2.30
paidParis Wheeler6 days5.15
paidWilliam Skiles6 days4.85
paidDanford Cady6 days5.20
paidJesse Burke6 days5.50
paidSamuel F. Pendarin5 days4.75
paidJesse Bodenhamer6 days5.50
paidSimon Doyle6 days4.50
paidHenry King6 days4.50
paidJames Hunter6 days4.50


Grand JurorsSeptember Term 1843
paidEnoch Edmonston3 days2.70
paidJohn L. Scott3 days2.25
paidBenjamin Chadsey3 days2.35
paidGeorge Henry3 days2.25
Allen Persinger3 days3.45
paidAlexr. Stoolsman3 days2.60
paidDavid Snider3 days2.75
paidEphraim Hills3 days2.50
paidRandolph Rose3 days2.65
paidJacob Wier3 days3.20
paidGeorge McCoy3 days2.90
paidDavid Wade3 days3.65
Harrison Clark3 days3.05
paidGeorge Willard3 days2.70
paidLewis Beasten3 days2.55
paidWilliam Allphin3 days2.80
paidWilliam Fowler3 days2.85
paidSolomon Pendarin3 days3.65


Pettit JurorsSeptember Term 1843
paidJonathan G. Tucker5.50
paidJoseph Purdy5.00
paidJames Moore4.75
paidS. H. B. Clarkson5.25
paidJames Parkin5.10
paidGeorge Carnagie3.30
Edward Doyle5.00
paidWilliam Ross1.70
paidHarrison Legy5.10
paidJohn Himer4.50
paidThomas L. Binckley4.75
paidSimon Doyle4.50
paidThomas Deaves5.20
paidWilliam Bodenhamer5.50
paidJonathan D. Manlove4.50
paidHorace Witt4.50
paidJames Hunter4.50
paidAlexr. G. Melrose4.50
Samuel McHatton
paidAlexr. Campbell2.25
paidRobert H. Rose4.55
paidForgus Gaham4.50
paidWilliam Berry4.95
paidWilliam A. Bates5.50
paidSamuel Burrell5.50
paidPeter H. Holme4.50
paidWilliam Stennell3.10

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