List of Jurors
1844 – 1846


Grand JurorsApril Term 1844
paidJohn Brown4 days/5 nights3.25
paidJ. B. Lung4 days/4 nights4.20
paidTheodore Jordan4 days3.45
paidJohn M. Campbell4 days3.60
paidWilliam Sackman4 days/19 nights3.95
paidDavid C. Long4 days3.30
paidIra Sanford4 days/20 nights4.00
paidR. Cowdery4 days/16 nights3.80
paidDavid Manlove4 days/20 nights4.00
paidJohn Weaver4 days/12 nights3.60
paidLewis D. Ervin4 days/8 nights3.40
paidSamuel Hindman4 days3.00
paidJohn Garman4 days3.00
paidThomas Goodwin4 days3.00
paidGeorge Little4 days3.00
paidJosiah Parrott4 days3.00
paidJames P. Black4 days/8 nights3.40
paidHenry Murray4 days/10 nights3.50
paidJohn Lawler4 days4.10


Pettit JurorsApril Term 1844
paidThomas Witt5 days3.75
paidLewis Robertson5 days3.75
S. H. B. Clarkson5 days4.75
paidJames Moore5 days3.95
paidJohn Doughery5 days3.75
paidSamuel Cooper5 days4.90
paidJohn G. McHatton5 days/3 nights3.90
paidBeverly McCurry3.95
paidClayton M. Montgomery5 days/4 nights3.95
paidWilliam H. Ray5 days3.75
paidAlexr. G. Milrose5 days3.75
paidJohn Ren5 days4.80
paidAnd. J. Reno5 days/15 nights4.50
paidJacob Cowdery5 days/20 nights4.75
paidAlexr. Montgomery5 days3.75
paidJohn Allphin5 days/20 nights4.75
paidHiram Evans5 days3.75
paidWilliam K. Jones5 days/17 nights4.60
paidLewis Price5 days/20 nights4.75
paidEdward P. Shaw5 days/22 nights4.85
paidSamuel Warren5 days/18 nights4.65
paidIsaac G. Cady5 days/13 nights4.40
paidSimon Doyle5 days3.75
paidIsaac Severn5 days/18 nights4.65
Pettit JurorsSeptember Term 1844
paidLewis Warner6 days5.50
paidJacob Wier6 days5.45
C. Crampton5 days4.55
paidWm. Cooper5 days4.85
paidJonathan Patterson5 days4.65
paidW. D. Scott5 days4.70
paidThomas Young5 days4.80
paidAlexr. Montgomery5 days4.50
paidE. Hindman5 days4.75
Felix Walker5 days4.60
paidNathl. G. Wilcox6 days4.90
paidWilliam Owens6 days4.65
paidJames Martin6 days4.80
paidDaniel G. Berry6 days4.75
paidH. H. Anderson6 days4.90
paidMartin Nall6 days4.75
paidR. H. Rose6 days4.55
paidJoseph Haskell6 days4.50
paidHiram Evans6 days4.50
paidJoseph Reno6 days5.00
paidBenj. Chadsey6 days4.65
paidJohn Dougherty6 days4.50
paidJonathan D. Manlove6 days4.55
paidAsahel Philips6 days4.85
Grand JurorsSeptember Term 1844
Peter C. Vance2 days
paidI. O. Jones2 days1.50
paidIsaac Linder2 days1.75
paidJohn Todhunter2 days1.50
paidThomas Hampton2 days1.50
paidAndrew Lacroix2 days1.50
paidHenry Pease2 days1.55
paidJoseph Hoffman2 days1.75
William Klepper2 days2.20
paidWilliam Lewis2 days2.30
paidRice Dunbar2 days1.80
paidGeorge Strong2 days1.96
paidWilliam Edger2 days1.75
paidEdward Doyle2 days1.20
paidJames Hunter2 days1.50
paidEdward Swan2 days1.60
paidJohn J. Gash2 days2.40
paidJohn Boice2 days1.55
Petit JurorsApril Term 1845
paidJohn M. King6 days4.50
paidLewis Robertson6 days4.50
paidJohn Doughtery6 days4.50
paidJohn Ruth6 days4.50
paidSamuel McCreary6 days4.50
paidJohn Thoroughman6 days4.50
paidHenry Hills6 days4.50
paidGeorge H. Scripps6 days4.50
paidTimothy Clark6 days4.50
paidJohn Clark6 days4.80
paidPeter H. Holme6 days4.50
paidJohn Green6 days4.65
Randalph Rose1 day1.25
paidJacob O. Jones6 days4.50
paidDaniel Berry6 days4.70
paidJohn Scott6 days4.55
paidSamuel Mason6 days4.50
paidEdward Doyle2 days1.70
paidSimon Doyle4 days3.00
paidThomas Witt6 days4.50
paidGeorge L. Greer6 days4.50
paidF. G. Clark6 days4.65
paidJ. D. Manlove6 days4.55
paidA. J. Reno6 days4.95
paidReuben Allphin6 days4.90
paidJ. G. Randall6 days4.50
paidAsahal Philips6 days4.75
Grand JurorsApril Term 1845
paidGeorge M. Wells5 days4.35
paidFrederick Teel5 days3.95
paidThomas L. Binckley5 days4.00
paidT. Tyson5 days4.00
paidLemuel Sparks5 days3.90
paidJames Beard5 days
paidWilliston West5 days4.25
E. M. Wilson5 days4.40
paidLester Seward5 days4.30
paidJobb L. Moore5 days3.60
paidJohn Norwell5 days4.65
paidJ. N. Ward5 days4.35
paidJohn Bryand5 days4.50
paidJesse Shaw5 days4.95
paidDorsey Baker5 days4.95
paidGeorge Budwill5 days4.15
paidJohn Strong5 days4.15
paidAmos Hart5 days4.85
paidBenj. Whitson5 days3.75
paidJohn Justus5 days4.15
Grand JurorsSeptember Term 1845
paidJames P. Black2 days2.65
paidJames Lawler5 days4.05
paidJames Greer5 days3.85
paidCharles Hatfield5 days4.00
paidIsaac Lane5 days4.28
paidArchibald Edger5 days4.15
paidDavid Snider5 days4.25
paidFrancis Kingston5 days4.90
paidWilliam Bilderback5 days4.80
paidThomas Parrott5 days4.00
paidAlex. W. Ross5 days3.90
paidGeo. Ritchey5 days
paidJoel Gillingwaters5 days
paidGeo. Greer5 days3.75
paidThomas J. Garrett5 days3.75
paidSaml. Lock5 days
paidJohn Neu5 days4.05
paidJonathan G. Randall5 days3.75
paidTheodore Jorden5 days4.10
paidP. C. Vance5 days4.05
paidJohn Thoroughman5 days3.75
paidJonathan Billings5 days4.10
paidReuben Allphin5 days4.15
Petit JurorsSeptember Term 1845
paidJohn Serott5 days4.00
paidAllen Persinger5 days
paidSamuel Thompson1 day
paidDavid G. Berry4 days3.25
paidJoshua Chitwood5 days4.05
paidMoses Tyson5 days4.00
paidS. B. Skiles5 days4.75
paidAlfred C. Walace5 days4.35
paidJoseph Purdy5 days4.25
paidJames Ellis2 days2.55
John G. McHatton3 days3.15
paidJoseph Mace5 days3.95
paidE. D. Wells5 days4.10
paidSamuel Dodd3 days3.60
paidR. H. Rose3 days3.00
paidJohn Sellars5 days4.35
paidJohn Lock5 days4.75
paidT. Ray5 days3.75
paidAlexr. Montgomery5 days3.75
paidNathan Moore5 days3.75
paidSamuel McCreery5 days3.75
paidJames Haskell5 days4.05
paidAlexr. Brazelton5 days3.75
paidGeorge Tyson5 days3.75
paidH. R. Witt5 days3.75
paidThos. Goodwin5 days3.75
paidWm. Edger5 days3.95
paidWm. Green2 days1.50
paidMarshall Murry3 days2.25
Grand JurorsApril Term 1846
paidWilliam Sackman5 dayspaid
paidWilliam A. Bates5 dayspaid
paidJoseph Reno5 dayspaid
paidWheeler W. Wells5 dayspaid
paidSherry Odle5 dayspaid
paidLeonidas Horney5 dayspaid
paidWilliam Lewis5 dayspaid
paidThomas J. Fowler5 dayspaid
paidDavid Atkins5 dayspaid
paidDaniel Graham5 dayspaid
paidJames Perkins5 dayspaid
paidJohn Brown5 days3  2 (check mark)
paidDavid C. Long5 dayspaid
paidJerry Jackson5 dayspaid
paidJames Lamaster5 dayspaid
paidJohn Lashmatt5 dayspaid
paidWm. H. Ray5 dayspaid
paidWm. H. Scripps5 dayspaid
paidJames Dewitt5 dayspaid
paidRobert Brown5 dayspaid
paidN. Petinger5 dayspaid
Petit JurorsApril Term 1846
John James5 days5.20
paidWm. M. Seely5 days
B. M. Curry5 days5.25
paidWm. Price5 days
paidJohn Dougherty5 days3.75
paidThomas J. Garrett5 days
paidSamuel Leonard5 days
paidGeo. Greer5 days
paidJohn Thoroughman5 days
paidWm. Callison5 days
paidGeo. Garrison5 days
paidBenj. Chadsey5 days
paidJoseph N. Ward5 days
paidLemuel Sparks5 days
paidR. Wells5 days
paidWm. Snider5 days
paidThos. J. Bicknell5 days
paidAbraham Tolles5 days
paidGeo. W. Robertson5 days3.75
paidJ. J. Graham5 days
paidGeo. Baker5 days
paidE. P. Munson5 days
paidE. Hymer5 days
paidJohn Greer5 days
paidJames Lawler3 days
Ephm. Derickson2 days2.00
paidJohn G. McHatton2 days
paidJohn H. Lawler2 days
paidJohn Hill2 days
paidB. M. Curry2 days
Petit JurorsAugust Term 1846
paidEdward Wade4 days
paidCausten Bodenhamer1 day1.75
paidSilas Hubbard4 days
paidSaml. Thompson4 days
paidJohn Rose4 days
paidJames Green4 days
paidJohn Dennis3 days
paidWilliam McKee3 days
paidSingleton Wright3 days
paidCharles Ray3 days2.35
paidJohn Madden3 days
paidHarvey Blodgel3 days
paidDyer Greer3 days2.75
paidNathan Chapman3 days3.00
paidCharles Neil4 days
paidJohn Restine4 days
paidCharles Farwell3 days2.70
paidSaml. Burrell4 days4.10
paidJonathan G. Randall3 days
paidJohn Smith4 days
paidParis Wheeler4 days3.80
paidThos. Gragg4 days
paidAmos Hart3 days
paidJames Hunter4 days
Grand JurorsAugust Term 1846
paidGeorge Willard4 days
paidH. J. Benton4 days3.50
paidMichael Standeford4 days
paidGeo. E. Lawler4 days
paidEdward Whipple4 days
paidJon. G. Tucker4 days
paidRobert Erwin4 days
paidRobert Burnham4 days
paidPeter Wampler4 days
paidElias Briggs4 days
paidAbraham Lamaster4 days
paidF. G. Clark4 days
paidHamelten Dunbar4 days
paidSaml. Wardell4 days
paidLewis C. Dunlap4 days
paidNathaniel Wilcox4 days

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