List of Jurors
1847 – 1849


Grand JurorsMarch Term 1847
William McIntire2 days3.00
paidJefferson Anderson2 days2.45
paidElijah Davidson2 days2.55
paidSamuel P. Vale2 days2.50
paidSamuel R. Lowry2 days2.25
paidLevi Lusk2 days2.35
paidThomas Bronough2 days2.40
Thomas Deaves2 days2.80
paidJohn J. Gash2 days2.90
paidThomas Justice2 days2.60
paidWilliam T. Clark2 days2.75
paidJohn Corrie2 days2.45
paidAlex W. Ross2 days2.15
paidGarrett Taylor2 days2.15
paidJoseph Hoffman2 days2.25
paidBuford Adams2 days2.45
paidSaml Hindman2 days2.00
paidGeo. Nelson2 days2.00
paidWilliam W. Graham2 days3.05
paidCharles Neil2 days2.00
paidThomas Deaves2 days2.70


Petit JurorsMarch Term 1847
paidIsaac C. Cady4 days
paidJonathan Patterson4 days4.15
paidJoel Gillingwaters4 days
paidWilliam Edger4 days
paidJonathan Jenkins4 days
paidHenry Pease4 days4.10
paidJames Greer4 days4.15
paidBenjamin Scripps4 days4.00
paidMathew M. Seeley4 days
paidNorris Hobert4 days
paidE. G. Hall4 days4.20
paidGeo. Garrett4 days
paidMartin Ryan4 days4.00
paidMoses Skiles4 days4.35
paidRoswell Brines4 days4.35
paidNathan B. Moore4 days
paidSaml Mason4 days
paidE. P. Shaw3 days
paidJohn Smith3 days
paidA. P. Brewner3 days
paidJohn G. McHatten3 days
paidHiram Evans3 days3.00
paidJoseph Kelly3 days
paidSamuel Leonard3 days
paidThomas Witt1 day1.00


Grand JurorsAugust Term 1847
paidWilliam Jones3 days3.85
paidWilliam Gregory3 days4.00
paidJohn Stambaugh3 days3.75
paidBenjamin Walton3 days3.60
paidGeo. W. Strong3 days3.15
paidJonathan Patterson3 days3.15
paidJerry Jackson3 days3.25
paidJohn Brown3 days3.25
paidThos. L. Brinkley3 days3.40
paidJohn Norvell3 days3.90
paidHarrison Clark3 days3.75
paidCharles M. Dalson3 days3.90
David Clugston3 days3.80
paidLewis D. Erwin3 days3.40
paidIsaac Linder3 days3.25
paidThomas Elmore3 days3.20
paidEdward Bertholf3 days3.00
paidGeorge Scripps3 days3.00
paidWilliam Snider3 days3.00
George Garrison1 day1.50


Petit JurorsAugust Term 1847
paidJames Skiles3 days3.70
paidFielding Harris3 days3.55
paidJohn McCreery3 days3.45
paidHickman Dale3 days3.45
paidEdward Davis3 days3.30
paidJohn H. Clark3 days3.45
paidGeo. H. Redicks3 days3.35
paidJesse Jackson3 days3.30
paidJames Lawler Jr.3 days3.15
paidSaml. Parrott3 days3.22
paidNathan Stephenson3 days4.00
paidJohn McElveney3 days3.65
paidSheldon Allphin3 days3.75
paidWilliam Walker3 days3.80
paidSaml. Horney3 days3.45
paidJohn Dennis3 days3.40
paidGreenbury Dorsey3 days3.15
paidAbsolem Bower3 days3.00
paidGilbert Ingraham3 days3.00
paidNathan Reed3 days3.00
paidJob Scoll3 days3.05
paidJ. G. Randall3 days3.00
paidT. J. Bicknill3 days3.00
paidS. H. B. Clarkson3 days3.75
paidWilliam Thompson3 days3.25
paidWm. H. Crawford2 days2.45
paidNathan Moore2 days2.00


Grand JurorsMarch Term 1848
paidArchibald Parris3 days3.45
paidJohn L. Langford3 days3.45
paidDaniel G. Berry3 days3.20
paidAmos Vanormer3 days3.30
Allen Persinger3 days3.25
paidArchibald Edmonston3 days3.35
paidJoseph Chitwood3 days3.30
paidJames Lamaster3 days3.35
paidThomas H. Woods3 days3.45
Benj. Whitson3 days3.00
paidWm. E. Withrow3 days3.00
paidIsaac Lane3 days3.40
paidAlexr. McHatton3 days3.40
paidWm. Ellis3 days3.00
paidThomas J. Fowler3 days3.50
paidSamuel Horney3 days3.50
paidHenry Teel3 days3.25
paidHenry Hills3 days3.00
paidAmos Hart3 days4.00
paidLevi Lusk3 days3.35
paid (crossed out)George Nelson (crossed out)2 days (crossed out)2.00 (crossed out)


Petit JurorsMarch Term 1848
paidGeorge W. Metz3 days3.00
paidDaniel Munson3 days3.00
paidLewis Robertson3 days3.00
paidWillis Carson3 days3.00
paidJohn Hodge3 days3.00
paidRichard Dougherty3 days3.00
paidSamuel McCreery3 days3.00
paidThomas Goodwin3 days3.00
paidJohn Ruth3 days3.00
paidHorace R. Witt3 days3.00
Wm. Callison3 days3.00
Jno. D. Manlove3 days3.00
paidLemuel Sparks3 days3.15
paidJohn Green3 days3.10
paidJohn Mitcheltree3 days3.05
Greenbury Dorsey3 days3.10
paidMordecia Fowler3 days3.30
Alexr. Lawler1 day1.20
paidJames Folsom3 days3.15
paidCharles Frisby3 days3.00
paidLewis Waugh3 days3.05
paidEphraim Hills3 days3.30
paidJonathan Patterson3 days3.15
paidHenry Klepper3 days3.75
paidGeorge E. Lawler3 days3.15
paidJohn Garman2 days2.00
paidG. W. Robertson2 days2.00
paidGeorge Garrison1 day1.00
paidThomas Witt2 days2.00
paidRobert Ewing2 days2.80
paidThomas Elmore2 days2.20
paidJackson Ewing2 days3.00


Grand JurorsAugust Term 1848
paidDaniel Sheldon3 days4.00
paidAnthony Messerer3 days3.35
paidCharles Crampton3 days3.50
paidJerry Jackson3 days3.30
paidAlexander Stutsman3 days3.40
paidPeter F. Serrott3 days3.30
paidThomas L. Binkly3 days3.40
paidS. H. B. Clarkson3 days3.75
paidPeter Cook3 days3.70
paidWm. Crawford3 days3.40
paidWm. Price3 days3.15
paidEdward D. Wells3 days3.35
paidC. M. Dalson3 days3.90
paidSamuel Pendarvis3 days4.10
paidLemuel Sparks3 days3.15
paidJon G. Randall3 days3.00
paidTivis Klepper3 days3.30
paidL. D. Erwin3 days3.35
paidJesse Jackson3 days3.30
paidJames Lawler3 days3.30


Petit JurorsAugust Term 1848
paidWakeman Thompson4 days5.00
paidWm. C. Reno4 days4.50
paidA. Lamaster4 days4.35
paidJohn Clark4 days4.35
paidJohn Serrot4 days4.30
paidB. H. Ingles4 days4.40
paidJohn James4 days4.25
paidGeorge Justice4 days4.35
paidHenson Marlow4 days4.50
paidJesse Burke4 days5.00
paidEdward Whipple4 days5.25
paidDavid Adkins4 days5.10
paidGeorge Fowler4 days4.60
paidAllen Murry4 days4.50
paidJames Moore4 days4.25
paidRoswell Brines4 days4.35
paidIsaac Lane4 days4.50
paidWilliam Ellis4 days4.00
paidN. G. Wilcox4 days4.50
paidMoses Lytaker4 days4.60
paidA. Edmonston4 days4.30
paidJohn G. McHatton4 days4.15
Aziel Burton4 days4.40
paidJoab L. Moore1 day1.00
paidSamuel P. Vail4 days4.45


Grand JurorsMarch Term 1849
paidJohn Lock4 days5.00
William Lewis4 days4.70
paidLewis Horton4 days4.50
paidSh?? Odell4 days4.50
paidJoab L. Moore4 days4.55
paidJames Ellis4 days4.30
paidElijah Hindman4 days4.25
paidIsaac Linder4 days4.25
paidE. G. Hall4 days4.20
paidC. Doyle4 days4.20
paidJames P. Hughs4 days4.25
paidHarrison Prepen4 days4.45
paidJohn Brown4 days4.30
paidJames D. Thompson4 days4.40
paidEnoch Edmonston4 days4.35
paidJoshua Chitwood4 days4.30
paidMoses J. Skiles4 days4.35
paidJohn Stambaugh4 days4.75


Petit JurorsMarch Term 1849
paidEdward W. Gay4 days4.40
paidJohn Houston4 days4.50
paidWilliam K. Young4 days4.20
paidGeorge Manlove4 days4.10
paidJoseph Hare4 days4.15
paidJohn Irvin4 days4.20
paidNathan Irvin4 days4.20
paidGeorge Lawler4 days4.15
paidWesley Hymer4 days4.30
paidRichard Dougherty4 days4.35
paidCharles Neil4 days4.00
paidWilliam Snider4 days4.00
paidMathew Seeley4 days4.00
paidGarrett Randall4 days4.15
paidJob Scott4 days4.05
paidJosiah Parrott4 days4.00
paidJ. G. Randall4 days4.00
paidMarcus Serrott4 days4.30
Alfred Lane4 days4.80
paidWilliam W. Graham4 days4.95
paidJohn Hodge4 days4.00
paidWilliam Edger3 days3.20
paidLewis King4 days4.75
paidJohn Lashmate3 days3.15
William H. Window1 day1.10


Grand JurorsNovember Term 1849
paidJohn Clark4 days4.15
paidThomas E. Durlan4 days5.15
paidThomas Fowler4 days4.50
paidCharles Wells4 days4.30
paidThomas Bronough4 days4.40
paidNicholas Pittenger4 days4.55
paidPeter Swink4 days4.60
paidJohn J. Gash4 days5.00
paidWilliam Klepper4 days4.80
paidAbraham Pettijohn2 days2.80
paidJoseph N. Ward4 days4.40
paidWilliam Dron4 days5.00
paidJohn Beatty4 days4.00
paidJohn W. Barnaby4 days4.00
paidWm. Davis4 days4.20
paidNathaniel Milby4 days4.15
paidJames Evans4 days4.25
paidHenry Thomas4 days4.35
paidLewis Price4 days5.00
paidPeter Purkins4 days4.50
paidWilliam Pyle4 days4.75
paidF. G. Clarke4 days4.45


Petit JurorsNovember Term 1849
paidIsaac Garrison5 days5.30
paidRobert H. Rose5 days5.05
paidWilliam Price4 days4.15
paidRichard Garrett4 days4.00
paidJohn Utter5 days5.35
paidParris Wheeler5 days5.85
paidJohn Justice4 days4.50
paidJames Martin4 days4.30
paidEbenezer Demick5 days5.25
paidWm. H. Crawford5 days5.45
paidJohn Harmon4 days4.45
paidWm. Anderson5 days5.70
paidAlfred Marlow4 days4.50
paidNathan Wilmot5 days5.35
Oscar Howell1 day1.30
paidDaniel Stephens4 days4.35
paidJames Hunter4 days4.30
paidMathew Tweedell4 days4.20
paidNorris Hobart5 days5.20
paidBenjamin Chadsey4 days4.15
paidWilliam Cooney5 days5.10
paidPeter Campbell4 days4.15
paidAlbum Thornton4 days4.10
paidRobert Morrison5 days5.35
paidJames Towland5 days5.75
James G. King1 day

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