List of Jurors
1850 – 1852


Grand JurorsMarch Term 1850
paidRobert Darling4 days5.00
paidJames Parrish4 days4.40
paidHartwell Lancaster4 days4.75
paidT. W. Lane4 days4.30
paidJohn W. Hosmer4 days4.25
paidMartin Nall4 days4.25
paidE. H. O. Seeley4 days4.00
paidJames P. Black4 days4.40
paidMordecia Fowler4 days4.30
paidAdams Dunlap4 days4.15
paidJohn F. David4 days4.50
paidAhira Wells4 days4.15
paidDavid Sims4 days5.00
paidGeorge M. Campbell4 days5.00
paidGeorge Garrison4 days4.35
paidJesse H. Ellis4 days4.30
paidLevi Lusk4 days4.35
paidJames L. Anderson4 days4.00
paidSamuel R. Lowery4 days4.30
paidB. G. Tutt4 days4.20


Petit JurorsMarch Term 1850
Wm. C. Reno6 days6.70
paidJohn Quinn6 days6.25
paidCharles Pattson6 days6.30
paidCharles Kenaday6 days6.25
paidThomas Elmore6 days6.20
paidJonas B. Lung6 days6.20
paidCharles Easley6 days6.15
paidWm. C. Berry6 days6.15
paidWilliam Callison6 days6.00
paidJames Folsom6 days6.15
paidB. M. Curry6 days6.20
paidHenry Atkinson6 days6.10
paidJohn Green6 days6.15
paidThomas Moore6 days6.30
paidAlex. W. Ross6 days6.20
paidJames Lawler6 days6.15
paidLewis R. King6 days6.75
paidWilliam Walker6 days6.70
paidSamuel McCreery6 days6.00
paidThomas Parrott6 days6.00
paidGeorge W. Roberston6 days6.00
paidJacob O. Jones6 days6.00
paidJames Haskell6 days6.30
paidCharles Neil6 days6.00
paidJohn C. James2 days2.00
Lewis Beaston2 days2.30
paidJohn James2 days2.25
paidJohn Piper2 days2.00
paidAlonzo Pearce2 days2.30
paidJames Browning2 days2.30


Grand JurorsAugust Term 1850
paidJ. J. Coonrod4 days4.35
paidAmos Hart4 days4.80
paidJames Greenwell4 days4.55
paidP. C. Vance3 days3.30
paidSamuel Thompson4 days4.35
paidJohn Howell4 days4.45
paidT. P. W. Magruder4 days4.25
paidWilliston West4 days4.50
paidThomas J. Poe4 days4.75
paidThomas M. Crain4 days4.85
paidGeorge M. Wells4 days4.70
paidJames DeWitt4 days4.45
paidV. C. Berry4 days2.25
paidGeorge Henry4 days4.00
paidGreenbury Dorsey4 days4.15
paidGeorge L. Greer4 days4.00
paidJohn Stambaugh4 days4.80
paidDavid C. Long4 days4.45
paidPeter Popham4 days5.05
paidJamison Wilson4 days4.85


Petit JurorsAugust Term 1850
paidAlfred Lane5 days5.75
paidDavid Venters5 days5.75
paidNathan Chapman5 days5.75
paidBenjn Londry5 days5.75
paidMartin L. Read5 days5.00
paidDavid Martin5 days5.00
paidThomas Goodwin5 days5.00
paidThomas Freeman5 days5.00
paidJohn Dougherty5 days5.00
paidHiram Evans5 days5.00
paidWelcom Wilhelms5 days5.10
paidJoel Tullis5 days5.10
paidE. P. Swan5 days5.10
paidGeo. Manlove5 days5.10
paidSamuel Stover5 days5.15
paidJames Moore5 days5.20
paidDavid Hindman5 days5.15
John Hare5 days5.15
paidJefferson Wilson5 days5.15
James Lawler5 days
paidJohn F. Davis5 days5.50
paidJon G. Randall5 days5.00
paidThomas Phillips5 days5.60
paidDaniel Sheldon5 days6.00
paidBradford Wilson1 day1.00
paidSamuel R. Lowery1 day1.00
Wm. Black1 day
Thos. I. Fowler1 day
P. H. Holme1 day
Lud Noble1 day
John Restine1 day
paidWm. K. Pelton1 day1.00
Wm. Berry1 day
Ira Gillson1 day
paidDavid Shupe1 day1.30
Henry Chadsey1 day
paidJohn M. Campbell1 day1.00
Sparks1 day


Grand JurorsApril Term 1851
paidJohn Jordan4 days4.45
paidMoses Tyson4 days4.30
paidMordecia Fowler4 days4.25
paidAsa Goodwin4 days4.00
paidWilliam T. Clark4 days4.80
paidJabez Walker4 days4.80
paidJeremiah Bader4 days4.65
paidJames Lawler4 days4.30
paidJames Arrowood4 days4.20
paidRobt. N. Chadsey4 days4.25
paidHarrison Dorsett4 days5.00
paidSelden Walker4 days4.75
paidC. P. Anderson4 days4.60
Anthony Messerer4 days
paidJohn Serrott4 days4.30
paidWilliam Callison4 days4.00
paidJacob Tarr4 days5.15
paid David Snider4 days4.50
paidGeo. W. Scripps4 days4.00


Petit JurorsApril Term 1851
paidDaniel S. Anderson3 days3.00
paidSamuel Miller3 days3.00
paidGeorge Greer3 days3.00
paidB. W. Sparks3 days3.05
paidGeorge Lawler3 days3.15
paidAndrew Mathews3 days3.15
paidJacob White3 days3.00
paidWilliam Ross3 days3.25
paidWilliam Cooney3 days3.10
paidW. B. G. Putman3 days3.00
paidJonathan Tharp3 days3.10
paidJames Moore3 days3.25
paidWilliam C. Reno3 days3.45
paidJames Hindman3 days3.05
paidJohn Landen3 days3.00
paidJohn F. Davis3 days3.50
paidJohn Thornton3 days3.40
paidJames Parrish3 days3.45
paidHenry Lancaster3 days3.50
paidJohn Hodge3 days3.00
paidThomas I. Garrett3 days3.00
paidJonathan Myres3 days3.30
paidCharles Scott3 days4.00
paidReuben Lovell3 days3.60
paidLankford Brown2 days2.15
paidArchibald Edger2 days2.35
Thomas Fowler1 day


Grand JurorsSeptember Term 1851
paidJackson Thornhill3 days3.90
paidA. G. Bacon3 days3.95
paidA. E. Clarkson3 days3.75
paidJames Lynn3 days3.60
paidWm. Lewis3 days3.75
paidSamuel Fisher3 days3.85
paidGamaliel Hills3 days3.45
paidTalbot Ross3 days3.50
paidHarrison Reed3 days3.40
paidJosiah Downing3 days3.50
paidJames Ellis3 days3.30
paidWm. K. Jones3 days3.85
paidThos. Lancaster3 days3.60
paidIsaac Greer3 days3.00
paidFrederick Teel3 days3.30
paidSamuel Vail3 days3.45
paidIsaac Black3 days3.35
paidGarrett Taylor3 days3.15
Mecaiah Warren3 days
paidPeter H. Holme3 days3.00
paidJeremiah Bader3 days3.65


Petit JurorsSeptember Term 1851
paidWilliam Dron6 days7.10
paidGeorge Little5 days5.00
paidJohn Holloway5 days5.00
paidPeter Perkins6 days6.50
paidW. W. Wells5 days5.00
paidH. R. Witt6 days6.00
paidJohn F. Davis5 days5.50
paidJohn P. Skiles6 days6.50
paidJohn Walters6 days6.15
paidJohn K. Hair5 days5.15
paidWm. A. Bates5 days5.85
paidSamuel Burtis6 days6.50
paidJohn Dougherty5 days5.00
paidDavid Sherill5 days5.45
paidJohn Thornton6 days6.50
paidJonathan Sharp5 days5.10
paidReuben Allphin5 days5.05
paidCharles Scott6 days7.00
paidGeorge R. Houts4 days5.00
paidLewis C. Dunlap5 days5.15
paidLuke Bryant6 days6.50
paidJames Skiles6 days6.55
paidWilliam Owens6 days6.15
paidMartin Nall6 days6.00
paidJohn J. Gash1 day1.00
paidJonathan G. Randall1 day1.00
paidWilliam Moore1 day1.00


Grand JurorsApril Term 1852
paidWm. A. Bates4 days4.85
paidHartwell Lancaster4 days4.65
paidJ. P. Skiles4 days4.50
paidLewis Price4 days5.00
paidJohn Redman4 days4.40
paidJohn K. Bennett4 days4.30
paidArchd Edmonston4 days4.30
paidJohn F. Lankford4 days4.50
paidJos. Logan4 days4.40
paidF. G. Clark4 days4.10
paidJon D. Manlove4 days4.20
paidJohn Beaston4 days4.20
paidThomas Moore4 days4.50
paidChas. Ryan4 days4.25
paidC. W. Morrell4 days4.50
paidRuel Wells4 days4.60
paidDaniel Higgins4 days4.75
paidNicholas Pittinger4 days4.60
paidJacob O. Jones4 days4.00
paidNathan Stephenson4 days5.00
paidAnthony Messerer4 days4.35


Petit JurorsApril Term 1852
paidHenry Lancaster3 days3.60
paidJohn Friddle3 days3.50
paidThos. Campbell3 days3.50
paidHiram Evans3 days3.00
paidThos. Parrott3 days3.00
paidThos. Wilson3 days3.00
paidWm. E. Withrow3 days3.00
paidHenry Venters3 days3.60
paidJohn McCreery3 days3.05
paidGeo. Baker3 days3.05
paidHenry Teel3 days3.20
paidWm. Davis3 days3.20
paidJohn Garman3 days3.00
paidMarcus Serrott3 days3.30
paidBenjn Kirkbride3 days3.00
paidAmos Farrer3 days3.00
paidGeo. Nelson3 days3.00
paidM. M. Seeley3 days3.00
paidGeo. R. Houts3 days4.05
paidLeonidas Horney3 days2.50
paidSamuel Fowler3 days2.70
paidWm. Lancaster3 days3.50
paidWm. H. Window3 days3.45
paidBenjn Whitson3 days3.00

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