List of Jurors
1853 – 1854


Grand JurorsApril Term 1853
paidAdams, Buford5 days8.00
paidAllphin, Rubin5 days7.50
paidBilderback, Chas.5 days8.45
paidCartmel, S. S.5 days8.55
paidCallison, Wm.5 days7.50
paidDavis, D. B.5 days8.00
paidDupey, A. G.5 days7.75
paidHiggins, Danl5 days8.20
paidKlepper, Henry5 days8.25
paidLeach, C. M.5 days8.30
paidLamaster, Abrm5 days7.85
paidMitcheltree, Jno.5 days7.55
paidMontgomery, Jos.5 days7.50
paidNardin, Jas. F.5 days7.90
paidPhillips, Benjn5 days7.80
paidRandall, J. G.5 days7.50
paidRay, Wm. H.5 days7.50
paidStodgel, Shelton5 days7.90
paidThornhill, Jackson5 days8.40
paidWillan, George5 days8.00
paidWade, Edward5 days8.15
paidWells, E. D.5 days7.85


Petit JurorsApril Term 1853
paidAtkinson, Henry6 days9.10
paidBeatty, John6 days9.00
paidBaker, Dorsey6 days9.00
paidCurry, B. M.6 days9.20
paidCorbridge, Wm. P.6 days9.00
Clarke, E. M. M.6 days9.00
paidCarson, Willis2 days3.00
paidBrown, Lanston2 days3.10
paidDorsey, Charles6 days9.90
paidEwing, Robert6 days9.80
paidEllis, James6 days9.30
paidFowler, Saml6 days9.65
paidFey, John P.6 days9.00
paidGarrett, Coleman6 days10.15
paidGranger, Wm.6 days10.00
Ingraham, Gilbert6 days9.00
paidJohnson, C. J.6 days9.00
paidLane, Alfred6 days9.90
paidLancaster, Hartwell6 days9.70
paidManlove, J. D.6 days9.20
paidPerkins, Peter6 days9.55
paidTaylor, M. J.5 days7.50
paidTullis, Joel6 days9.00
paidVentres, Henry6 days9.60
paidWhiteman, Abel6 days9.55
Wallace, A. C.6 days9.50


Grand JurorsOctober Term 1853
paidReuben Allphin4 days6.00
paidDanford Cady4 days6.70
paidJesse Darnell4 days6.30
paidAaron Fream4 days6.60
paidIsaac Garrison4 days6.30
paidJoseph Huffman4 days6.00
paidJames Hunter4 days6.30
paidJesse Jackson4 days6.30
paidT. J. Kinney4 days6.65
paidT. T. Lancaster4 days6.60
paidRutherford Lane4 days6.80
paidRobert Morrison4 days6.40
paidGeorge McCoy4 days6.65
paidElisha Milton4 days6.85
paidJ. C. Middleton4 days6.25
paidGeorge Manlove4 days6.05
paidWm. Nelson4 days7.00
paidJohn R. Randall4 days6.50
paidWm. K. Shupe4 days6.35
paidPeter F. Serrott4 days6.30
paidJaber Walker4 days6.80
paidParris Wheeler4 days6.85
paidBenjn Whitson4 days6.00


Petit JurorsOctober Term 1853
paidJohn Beaston6 days9.20
paidWm. Black5 days8.10
paidWm. Callison6 days9.00
paidP. Cordell6 days9.45
paidElias Druitt6 days9.50
paidThos. Goodwin6 days9.00
paidP. H. Holme5 days7.50
paidLewis Hartman6 days9.15
paidJas. Hosmer6 days9.25
paidJon Jenkins6 days9.25
paidJohn H. Lawler5 days7.80
paidIsiah Lewton5 days8.50
paidWm. Melvin5 days8.15
paidJohn Mitcheltree5 days7.50
paidCharles Neill5 days7.50
paidIsaac Pettijohn5 days8.30
paidRiley Pennington5 days7.80
paidCharles Kennady6 days9.25
paidJohn P. Skiles5 days8.00
paidSaml. Stofer5 days7.65
paidM. M. Seeley6 days9.00
paidJoel Tullis6 days9.10
paidP. Wingo5 days7.50
paidJamison Wilson6 days8.85
paidElijah Hindman2 days3.00
paidGeo. Simpson2 days3.30
paidLangston Brown1 day1.50
paidSamuel Fowler2 days2.15


Grand JurorsApril Term 1854
paidJohn Beatty3 days4.50
paidLangston Brown3 days4.60
J. P. Black3 days
paidG. W. Campbell3 days5.50
paidJohn M. Campbell3 days5.25
paidElias Carter3 days3.30
paidWm. Dron3 days5.60
Thos. Goodwin3 days4.50
paidGeorge Garrison3 days4.50
paidD. C. Long3 days4.90
paidI. J. Lane3 days4.50
paidMartin Nall3 days4.50
paidJames Parrish3 days4.95
paidJosiah Parrott3 days4.75
paidWilliam Robertson3 days5.40
paidDavid Simms3 days5.50
paidGeo. W. Strong3 days4.80
paidWm. M. Smith3 days5.00
paidSamuel Thompson3 days4.80
paidGarrett Taylor3 days4.65
paidG. M. Wells3 days5.20
paidWm. E. Withrow3 days4.50
paidJ. N. Ward3 days5.10


Petit JurorsApril Term 1854
paidRuben Allphin6 days9.00
paidL. Brown2 days1.50
paidWm. Callison6 days9.00
paidGeorge W. Frisby1 day1.50
paidGeo. Greer6 days9.00
paidJohn F. Davis6 days9.50
paidDaniel Higgins6 days9.70
paidJohn Hedrick2 days3.00
paidHenry Kirkham6 days9.20
paidJ. H. Lutterell6 days9.60
paidGeo. Lawler6 days9.10
paidJames Moore6 days9.25
paidJ. T. Misner6 days9.10
paidNathl Milby6 days9.15
paidJohn Moore1 day1.50
paidJ. H. Nelson1 day3.90
paidHenry Nelson6 days9.25
paidWm. Peter6 days9.00
paidWm. Pyle6 days9.70
paidAlex W. Ross6 days9.20
paidRobt. H. Rose1 day1.50
paidAndrew Stevenson6 days9.00
paidAmos Sylvester6 days9.00
paidWm. B. Scott6 days9.05
paidJohn Serrott6 days9.25
paidE. P. Swan6 days9.10
paidJ. B. Seeley6 days9.00
paidFred. Teel6 days9.20
paidJon Tharp6 days9.10
paidWm. C. Reno6 days9.50
paidSol Twidwell1 day1.50
paidJames White1 day3.00
paidA. L. Wells1 day1.50


Grand JurorsOctober Term 1854
paidJoab L. Moore8.10
paidAllen Murray8.00
paidEnos B. Narn8.00
paidIsaac H. Leach8.20
paidNathan Burton8.75
paidJamison Wilson8.35
paidThos. J. Poe8.25
paidJohn Melvin8.10
paidJohn James8.10
paidJohn L. Moore7.70
paidJonathan Patteson7.65
paidR. H. Griffith7.50
paidBenjamin Walton8.15
paidJames Pettigrew8.10
paidRobt. Darling8.60
paidJames Edmonston7.80
paidJohn T. May7.65
paidJessee Darnell9.30
paidJohn Pelsor8.00
paidJ. J. Lane7.50
paidGeorge W. Strong7.80
paidRutherford Lane8.25
paidP. C. Vance9.30


Petit JurorsOctober Term 1854
paidAbsalom Dorsett8.35
paidDavid Sandridge9.45
paidJames H. Nelson9.10
paidWilliam Denny9.90
paidJohn Clarke9.20
paidBenijah Stone9.75
paidJohn Beaston9.20
paidReuben Allphin9.00
paidJos. N. Ward9.60
paidWillm C. Berry7.70
paidThos. Goodwin9.00
paidRichd. Garrett9.00
paidJohn Frankford9.50
paidGeorge Manlove9.10
paidGeo. B. Hall9.10
paidA. H. Perkins9.65
paidDavid Ventres9.80
paidDaniel Ritchey9.40
paidWillm. Black9.60
paidCharles Hatfield9.35
paidThomas Burnsides9.20
paidWilson Sherrill9.60
paidGeo. W. Kent9.65
paidEnoch Gillam9.30
paidHartwell Lancaster1.50
Joseph Purdy
paidMoses Wright1.50
paidWm. C. Edmon1.50
paidAlex. Colt1.50

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