PrairieFarmer’s Directory
Brown and SchuylerCounties

Abbreviations Usedin this Directory
a – Acres
Ch – Children
O – Owner
T – Tenant or Renter
R – Rural Route
Sec – Section

Maiden name of wife followsdirectory name in parentheses
Figure at end of informationis year became resident of county
Name of farm follows namesof children in quotation marks
In case of a tenant, thefarm owner’s name follows the figures giving size of farm

Haare, Jesse (Mae Wilson)Browning R2 Hickory Sec5 O40a T180a Levi R. Hacres (1906) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Haber, D. F. (Lota Griffith)Ch Mary, Margaret, Helen, Harold, *Carl, *Pearl, *Vera, *Paul, *Clark;Rushville R3 Rushville Sec21 T280a Winfield Scott (1878) Schuyler CountyTel. Rushville

Haber, John C. (Emma Miller)Ch Thomas; Huntsville R1 Camden Sec19 O240a (1879) Tels. Huntsville andCamden

Haber, Paul V. (Eleanor Campbell)Ch John M., Mary E.; “Cloverdale Farm” Rushville R3 Bainbridge Sec4 T160aM. J. Campbell (1893) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Hackney, B. M. (Laura Caster)La Prairie R1 Huntsville Sec18 O105a (1849) Tel. Farmers’ Line Golden

Hackney, J. R. (Olive Burke)Augusta R2 Huntsville Sec5 O84a (1858) Tel. Farmers’ Line Huntsville

Hale, C. E. (Nora Mitchell)Ch Ruth, Bliss, Eva, Dick, *Fannie; Birmingham Star Route Birmingham Sec11T110a E. B. Hale (1867)

Hale, Elam B. (Mary Markee)Ch Charles; “Valley View Farm” Birmingham Star Route Birmingham Sec12 O110a(1866) Tel. Farmers’ Line Plymouth

Hale, Jesse (Agnes Daniels)Ch Florence, Glenn, Vail, Gale; Camden R1 Camden Sec13 O40a (1883) Tel.Rushville

Hale, John W. (Louvina Worrington)Ch Maude, Bertha, Homer, Bessie, Fay Walker, Grandchild, *Jesse, *Dwight;Camden R1 Camden Sec12 O375a (1859) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Hale, Ross (Mary A. Strong)Ch Doris V., James W.; Camden R1 Camden Sec3 T125a J. Gunther (1893) Tels.Camden and Rushville

Hale, William C. (Eva Noble)Rushville Buena Vista Sec24 O6 1/2a (1866)

Hall, Harry (Pearl Moore)Ch Lucille; Ray R2 Rushville Sec7 O50a T200a Washington Hall (1882) Tel.Rushville

Hall, Lee (Florence Hillyer)Ch Richard Lee, Doris Louise; “Woodland Stock Farm” Ray R2 Rushville Sec8O80a T40a James Ritchey (1892) Tel. Rushville

Hall, Richard (Helen G. Anderson)Ch Della, Mary, Josephine, *Roy, *Lee; “Maple Grove Farm” Ray R2 RushvilleSec5 O200a (1857) Tel. Rushville

Hall Roy (Delle Nall) ChAnadel, James Roy; Ray R2 Rushville Sec8 O80a T267a Arthur Ellis (1888)Tel. Rushville

Ham, Elmer (Myrtle Rohn)Frederick R1 Frederick Sec17 T80a (1894)

Hamm, Lockwell (Addie Chockley)Ch Blanche; Ray R1 Oakland Sec22 T100a Jim Day (1918) Tels. Ray and Rushville

Hamm, Noah (Lydia N. Gibble)Ch Wayne, Verle; Vermont R3 Oakland Sec2 T240a John Gibble (1893) Tel.Farmers’ Line Vermont

Hammond, Mrs. Richard (NancyBly) Ch *Bertha; Ray R1 Oakland Sec28 O160a (1843) Tel. Farmers’ Line

Haney, Albert (Olive Shanks)Ch James, Fred, Mary, *Dean, *Nellie; Rushville R4 Rushville Sec34 O38a(1880) Tel. Rushville

Haney, John S. (AurilliaLybarger) Ch Rosa M., Albert R., Candace E., Earl, Bertha, *Clyde, *Louis.*Mary, *Willis; Ray R1 Oakland Sec13 O240a (1873) Tels. Farmers’ Line Rayand Vermont

Haney, Willis (Grace Schroder)Ch Charles Edwin; Ray R1 Oakland Sec13 T130a J. S. Haney (1917) Tels. Farmers’Line Ray and Vermont

Hanning, J. W. (Ruth Tyree)Ch Fern, Hazel, Mrs. Anna Tyree, Mother-in-law; Huntsville Star Route HuntsvilleSec11 O200a (1891) Tel. Farmers’ Line Huntsville

Hanning, R. E. (Nancy) ChTroy, *Bertha, *Addie, *Pearl, *Mary, *Kate, *Charles, *Joe; Augusta R1Birmingham Sec19 O80a (1868) Tel. Farmers’ Line Augusta

Harden, B. E. (Carrie Chipman)Ray R1 Oakland Sec11 O140a (1905) Tel. Farmers’ Line Vermont

Harden, Ezra (Carrie Chipman)”Maple Grove Farm” Ray R1 Oakland Sec11 O140a (1906) Mutual Tels. Ray andVermont

Harden, Frank (Amanda Logsdon)Ch Paul, Martha; Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec3 O493a (1871) Tel. Farmers’Line Huntsville

Hardy, C. B. (Lucinda Jones)Ch Bryan, Mary, Helen, Mattie, *Clarence, *Clifton, *Goldie, *Minnie; HuntsvilleR1 Huntsville Sec17 O120a (1905) Tel. Farmers’ Line Huntsville

Hare, Frank M. (Mary Young)Ch Ruth, Florence; Rushville R1 Buena Vista Sec8 O215a (1880) Tel. Rushville

Hare, John (Lizzie Johnson)Ch Garnet, Barbara, Francis, John, Clarence: *Howard, *Zimmerman; SheldonsGrove Hickory Sec7E T200a (1864)

Hare, J. Walter (Isabel Agans)Ch Orville, Eva, Maurice, Ansel, Olga; “Willowdale Farm” Camden R1 CamdenSec28 O160a (1877) Tels. Camden and Rushville

Harman Bros. (Etta, Sister,William and Robert, Brothers) Huntsville Huntsville Sec4 Ola (1868)

Harris, W. M. Ch Clayton,*Lillian; Browning R1 Browning Sec20 T36a Dan Garrison (1860)

Harrison, Dwight (Elba Kirkham)Ch Courtna, Bennie, Francis; Camden R1 Brooklyn Sec36 T190a Mrs. Ben Harrison(1881) Tel. Farmers’ Line Littleton

Harrison, J. A. (Nora Demaree)Ch Lelland, Gail, Merle, *Phyllis; Augusta R1 Birmingham Sec21 O110a (1903)Tel. Farmers’ Line Augusta

Harrison, Wallace (MinnieChristian) Ch Fern L., Morris L.; Littleton R1 Brooklyn Sec13 O159a (1883)Tels. Farmers’ Line Littleton and Brooklyn

Hartford, A. L. LittletonR1 Brooklyn Sec12 O40a (1915)

Hatfield, Seth FrederickR1 Bainbridge Sec20 O195a (1864) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Hawkins, Moses Ch Morris,Raymond, Harry, Margaret, *May, *Gertie, *Minnie; Huntsville Star RouteHuntsville Sec15 O147a (1856) Tel. Farmers’ Line Huntsville

Hawkins, M. Ch Maurice, Raymond,Harry, Margaret, *May, *Gertrude, *Minnie; Huntsville Star Route HuntsvilleSec15O147a (1856) Tel. Farmers Line Huntsville

Hawkins, T. C. (Letha Sly)”Ideal Stock Farm” Augusta R1 Birmingham Sec20 O299a (1875) Tel. Farmers’Line Augusta

Hawkins, W. R. BeardstownFrederick Sec30 O160a (1854)

Hayes, Edmond W. (CatherineKiefer) Ch Hattie M., *Frank, *Daisy D.; Camden Star Route Camden Sec18O30a (1883) Tel. Camden

Hayes, George (Della Phillips)Ch Samuel, Calvis, Eugene; Ray R1 Oakland Sec8 T200a A. W. McDonald (1901)Tels. Farmers’ Line Ray and Littleton

Heaton, Andrew (Eliza Hill)Ch Paul, *Clifford; Vermont R3 Oakland Sec1 O200a (1867) Tel. Farmers’Line Vermont

Heaton, Louis (Anna Jones)Ch Loren; Rushville R5 Littleton Sec26 O80a (1910) Schuyler County Tel.Rushville

Heaton, L. E., (Rebecca Stroops)Ch Mary, Ansel; Rushville R5 Oakland Sec19 O286a (1873) Tels. Farmers’Line Ray and Littleton

Heaton, Paul T. (Gladys Wynegar)Vermont R3 Oakland Sec1 T200a A. J. Heaton (1896) Tel. Farmers’ Line Vermont

Heaton, Roy (Nellie Morrell)Ch Nedra, Mrs. Iva and Ida Morrell, Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law; RayR1 Oakland Sec10 T260a F. H. Heaton (1897) Tels. Farmers’ Line Ray andVermont

Heaton, William H. (ElizabethLovewell) Ch *Louis, *Otis, *Bertie G., *Mark; Rushville R5 Littleton Sec26O340a (1857) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Hedgcock, John F. (E. AnnaWade) Ch William E., Andrew J., J. Franklin, Nellie M., Martha E., MarcusW., Robert M.; Plymouth Star Route Birmingham Sec10 O265a (1861) Tel. Farmers’Line Plymouth

Hedgcock, J. M. (Carrie Griffith)Ch *Ralph, *Dwight; Augusta R1 Birmingham Sec16 O85a (1871) Tel. Farmers’Line Plymouth

Hedgcock, Miss M. A. (AnnaHedgcock, Sister) Plymouth Star Route Birmingham Sec9 O140a (1880) Tel.Farmers’ Line Plymouth

Hedgcock, Robert S. (LauraBolton)  Ch John, Daisy, Jessamine, Mary, Grace, Sloane, *CharlesB.; Plymouth Star Route Birmingham Sec5 O160a (1856) Tel. Farmers’ LinePlymouth

Hedrick, Frank (Pearl Mock)Ch Jeannette, Ernest, Teddy; “Maplewood Farm” Huntsville R1 HuntsvilleSec28 O80a (1909) Tel. Farmers’ Line Huntsville

Heinbaugh, Clark (Mary Brooks)Ch Arthur, Ray, *Lois; La Prairie R1 Huntsville Sec21 T104a Joseph Coffman(1883) Tel. Farmers’ Line Golden

Heitz, Carl (Carrie Simpson)Ch Albert Ernest; Rushville R4 Rushville Sec21 T80a Edward Hall (1890)Tel. Rushville

Heitz, Mrs. Ernest (Parr)Ch Roy R., *Carl, *Curtis, *Fred; Rushville R4 Rushville Sec22 O100a (1869)Mutual Tel. Rushville

Heitz, Roy R. (Vernie Jones)Rushville R4 Rushville Sec22 T100a Mrs. E. Heitz (1895) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Henderson, William (ClaraRandall)  Ch *Lora, *Art, *Charles; Cooperstown R1 Bainbridge Sec8T200a H. V. Teel (1911) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Hendricks, Charley (SusanDunn)  Ch *Frank; Frederick R1 Frederick Sec31 O40a (1918)

Hendricks, Thomas L. (VeniaShute)  Ch Chester R., Fay L., Neva M., Archie R.; Cooperstown R1Woodstock Sec13S O54a (1913)

Hendrickson, E. D. (Ida Roberts)Ch Russell; Augusta R1 Birmingham Sec21 O100a T80a George Roberts (1882)Tel. Farmers’ Line Augusta

Hendrix, Cora Robinson ChLizzie, Evert, Noland Hillyer, Russell Hendrix; Huntsville R1 Camden Sec7O96a (1878) Tels. Camden and Brooklyn

Hendryx, E. E. (Maude Hitchins)Ch Robert, Edward: Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec4 T84a W. R. Hendryx (1914)Tel. Farmers’ Line Plymouth

Henninger, W. J. (HenriettaGarrett) Ch, Fred, Reed, Ralph, Sylvia Brunson, Niece; Rushville R1 BuenaVista Sec24 T100a E. Abbott (1916) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Henry, Thomas (Sarah Stoneking)Ch Retha, Freda; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec8 O40a (1914) Tel. Farmers’Line Plymouth

Herche Bros., Otis and Fred(Eliza A. Hercher, Sister) Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec22 O308 1/2a (1866)Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Herche, C. W. (Louise Krohe)Ch Lewis, Herschel; “Maple Front Stock Farm” Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec25O120a (1870) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Herche, George W. (GraceE. Harmon) Ch H. Clair, G. Arlyn, Lois M., *Eva M.; Rushville R7 WoodstockSec10 O240a (1869) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Herche, N. W. (Ella Price) Ch Beulah, Willie, Helen, Ruby, Mary; Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec11 O260a(1872) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Brooklyn

Herche, Otis Rushville R2Woodstock Sec22 O308a (1876) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Herman, William (Lena Mershon)Vermont R3 Oakland Sec2-3 T250a J. C. Douglas & Co. (1914) Tel. Farmers’Line Vermont

Hermetet, Eugene J. (WinnifredStout) Cooperstown R1 Woodstock Sec2S T224a James Hermetet (1884) SchuylerCounty Tel. Rushville

Hermetet, James F. (MaryEllen Logsdon) Ch *Joseph, *John, *Grace, *George, *Carl, *Eugene; CooperstownR1 Woodstock Sec2S O224a (1844) Tel. Farmers’ Line Rushville

Herron, Thomas H. (Dora Werdell)Ch Hugh, Fred, Roy, Marie, Edith, May, Ina; Beardstown Frederick Sec19T10a Jesse Lowe (1869)

Herron, Thomas W. (SarahJ. Dodds) Ch Lottie; Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec13 O160a (1860) MutualTel. Rushville

Hess, Charles A. (Effie Oneal)Ch Herschel, Robert; “Oak Hill Farm” Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec21 O170a(1868) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Hess, George (Mary Hughes)Ch Kathryn, Herman, August, Fern, Olive, Gwendolyn, Mark, Rolland, Cecil,*Verlin; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec5 O237a (1862) Schuyler County Tel.Rushville

Hester, Fred M. Jr. (MaymeMcKeown) Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec25 T200a Thomas Hester (1897)

Hester, Thomas (Maude Miller) Ch Cyriene, Maurice, Thomas, Elizabeth, *Fred; Huntsville R1 HuntsvilleSec25 O200a (1873) Tel. Mutual Camden

Hetrick, William (HattiePorter)  Ch Alfred; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec28 Farm Hand MauriceLuthy (1909)

Hetrick, William (Anna Geer)Ch Dwight, Ida; Littleton R1 Littleton Sec18 O115a (1916) Tel. Littleton

Hickman, J. C. (Clara Royer) Ch Erma, Hannah; Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec24 T105a G. Alters and T.Anderson (1915) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Camden

Hierman, Harry (Alta Walton)Browning R1 Browning Sec26-27 T250a Hierman Est. (1887) Mutual Tel. Browmng

Higgins, Charles (Orpha Chitwood)Ch Artie R.; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec6 O80a (1875) Tel. Farmers’ LinePlymouth

Higgins, Elva (Inez Manlove)Ch Marie, Gladys, Raleigh, Ralph, Rex, Ira; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec6T152a Henry Higgins (1883) Tel. Farmers’ Line Plymouth

Higgins, J. R. (Dora Fowler) Ch Twila, Harley, *Claucia, *Ward; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec15 O336a (1864)Tels. Western and Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

Hightower, Corrie (HermaAnderson)  Ch Lois, Anderson; Golden R1 Huntsville Sec22 O160a (1881)Tel. Farmers’ Line Huntsville

Hightower, Joseph (LillyCorrie) Ch *Rolla, *Corrie; *Edna; Golden R1 Huntsville Sec21 O320a (1850)Tel. Farmers’ Line Huntsville

Hightower, Rolla (MinnieRyan) Ch Kenneth, Lorena, Harold, Joseph, Lillie, Minnie, Clarice, Bernard;Golden R1 Huntsville Sec22 T120a Joseph Hightower (1879) Tel. Farmers’Line Huntsville

Hignight, D. D. (Myrtle Knowles)Ch Edna, Emmet; Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec8 T160a Theo McCreery (1917)

Hiles, C. A. (Anna Brown)Ch Lydia, Bernice, *Edith, *Frank A., *Eddie I., *David C., *Willie H.,*Lue J.; Rushville R5 Buena Vista Sec1 T80a Ed Moore (1901) Schuyler CountyTel. Rushville

Hiles, David C. (Ida Heitz)Ch Angelea, Hildreth, Robert; Rushville R6 Buena Vista Sec34 T160a JohnD. Heitz (1903) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Hiles, Frank A. (MildredMoore) Ch Francis R., Mildred L.; Rushville R5 Buena Vista Sec12 T190aG. D. Houston, Mary Jones, B. F. Rodwald, F. M. Moore (1903) Schuyler CountyTel. Rushville

Hiles, William (Ruth Moore)Ch Roderick H., Ella C.; Rushville R1 Littleton, Sec23 T154a Mrs. H. G.Corrie, and Dr. T. A. Lawler (1900) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Hill, H. O. (Mary Cowdrey)Ch James, Spencer, Lula; “Buckthorn Farm” Huntsville Star Route HuntsvilleSec8 O120a (1877) Tel. Farmers’ Line Huntsville

Hillyer, Benjamin (GertrudeFowler)  Ch Delbert, Maber, Gail, Athaleen, Dorothea, Gatha; BirminghamR1 Brooklyn Sec16 Farm Hand John Higgins (1898)

Hillyer, Brooks (Tennie Gray)Littleton R1 Brooklyn Sec24 T15a Joe Barnes (1896)

Hillyer, C. A. (Phyllis Harrison)Industry R2 Littleton Sec6 Farm Hand Frank Buhrman (1884) Tels. Littletonand Industry

Hillyer, G. A. (Anna Pruett)Ch Glen, Guy, Harry, Evelyn, *Gus, *Lola; Brooklyn Star Route BrooklynSec18 O100a (1866) Tel. Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

Hillyer, Howard Ch Ruth,Paul, Ward, Irvin, *Pearl; Birmingham  R1 Brooklyn Sec8 O40a (1870)Tel. Farmers’ Line Plymouth

Hillyer, Willis (Carrie Burton)Ch Lela, Wayne, Hazel, Lee, *Clarence, *Ben, *Edna, *Beulah, *Blanche,*Daisy; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec17 O129a (1858) Tel. Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

Hillyer, W. R. Ch Pinkney,Herman, Bert, *Henry, *Frank, *Floyd, *Blanche, *Ora, *Darwin; BirminghamR1 Brooklyn Sec11 O74a (1856) Tel. Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

Hindman, Warren (Lillie Heitz)Ch Albert, Margaret, Ruth, Dorothy; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec9 O195a T300aT. E. Bottenberg (1878) Tel. Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

Hite, John Frank (MyrtleCooper) Ch Russell, Gary M.; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec15 O90a (1877) Tel.Brooklyn

Hite, William D. (WilhelminaKing) Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec11 O80a (1875) Tel. Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

Hockgraver, Charles (GraceFerrell) Ch Edna, Ray; Mt. Sterling R6 Huntsville Sec34 T132a John Yeakley(1918)

Hodges, David (Addie Moore)Ch Ivan C., Royal M.; “Maple Acres Farm” Rushville R1 Littleton Sec32 O120a(1901) Tel. Rushville

Hodges, E. A. (Minnie Moore)Ch Mary E., Evert A., Geneva H., Virginia J., *Ralph C., *Olive A.; “DeerLick Spring Farm” Rushville R1 Littleton Sec33 O280a (1861) Tel. Rushville

Hodges, James J. (Lula Icenogle)Ch Roy O.; Rushville R6 Buena Vista Sec20 Farm Hand (1883) Schuyler CountyTel. Rushville

Hodges, Leonard (Etta Bonser)Ch Herschel; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec24 O62a (1883) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Hodges, Ralph C. (Mabel P.Haber) Ch Esther L., Dwight R.; “Silver Leaf Stock Farm” Rushville R1 LittletonSec33 O160a (1890) Tel. Rushville

Hodgson, Harry (Laura Babb)Ch Herschel, Virgil, Eva; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec26 T1a Millard Sarrott(1898)

Hoelscher, Mrs. Charles BirminghamR1 Brooklyn Sec10 O70a (1888) Tel. Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

Hoelscher, Chris (MollieCrone) Ch Charles, *Roy; Huntsville Star Route Birmingham Sec25 O220a (1866)Tel. Farmers’ Line Huntsville

Hoelscher, Ed S. (GoldieChipman) “Silver Maple Farm” Huntsville Star Route Brooklyn Sec30 T70aJonas King (1890) Tel. Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

Hoelscher, Fred H. (MaudeLeas) Huntsville Star Route Brooklyn Sec30 T5a William Hoelscher (1891)Shiloh Mutual Tel. Brooklyn

Hoelscher, Melinda HuntsvilleStar Route Brooklyn Sec30 O100a (1856) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Brooklyn

Hoelscher, Roy (Laura Manlove)Huntsville Star Route Birmingham Sec25 T8Oa Chris Hoelscher (1898)

Hoelscher, William Ch Viola,Mell, Harlen, Hansel, Mansel, Florian, *Ed, *Fred, *Esther,*Pansy; HuntsvilleStar Route Brooklyn Sec29 O470a (1857) Shiloh Mutual Tel.. Brooklyn

Hoffner, Charles (Ida Bates)Ch Harold, Geneva, Laura, Eva, Floyd; Browning R1 Browning Sec28-27 O140a(1873) Mutual Tel. Browning

Hoke, Allie (Edith Robertson)Ch George, Don, Connell, Mrs. George Hoke, Mother; Browning R2 HickorySec6 T144a Mrs. George Hoke (1883) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Hoke, Charles (ElizabethHarris) Ch Ethel, Oneida, Lela, Earl, Nellie, Nettie, *Ernest; RushvilleR3 Rushville Sec16 Farm Hand Lon Scott (1911) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Hollenback, Arthur (DenaClements) Ch Russel; Rushville R3 Rushville Sec17 T230a Ed Hollenback (1892)

Hollenback Ed (Malinda Shannon)Ch Lawrence, *Arthur; Rushville R3 Rushville Sec17 O229a (1868) Tel. Rushville

Hollingshead, T. J. (HildaSpencer) Ch Jennie, Lella, Charles, Cackley, *Ethel; Browning R1 BrowningSec32-33 O74a (1895) Bell Tel. Beardstown

Holmes, Homer C. (Ethal LeeRaper) Rushville R1 Littleton Sec23 T120a Ira Garrison (1884) Tels. Rushvilleand Littleton

Holtmann, Louis (Daisy Dodds)Ch Melvin A., Herman H.; Rushville R3 Bainbridge Sec16 O128a (1900) MutualTel. Rushville

Hood, Albert (Gertrude Herron),Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec28 T250a Ed Hood (1898) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Hood, Floyd (Iva Dodds) ChJames W.; Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec23 080a (1892) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Hood, J. E. (Mary N. Lawler)Ch Robert, Lucile, Jesse, Ruth, Albert, *William, *Roy, *Grace, *Frank;Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec21 O150a (1884) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Hood, J. W. (Vivian Bridgewater)Ch Mamie M., Lloyd W., Leslie; Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec27 T569a J. Marideth (1886) Tel. Rushville

Hood, Oscar (Mabel Dodds) Ch Frances; W. C. Hood, Father; Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec13-24O272a (1884) Bell Tel. Beardstown

Hood, Roy (Ruth Persinger)Ch Vivian A., Lewis E., Maxine M., Russell L.; Frederick R1 BainbridgeSec27 T224a Dick Curry (1885) Tel. Rushville

Hoots, John (Eunice Comstable)Ch Carrie, Dorothy F; Camden R1 Camden Sec4 O40a (1892) Tels. Camden andLittleton

Hopka, Fred (Minnie Meyersick)Ch *Annie, *Henry, *Edward; Golden R1 Huntsville Sec30 O92 1/2a (1908)Shiloh Mutual Tel. Golden

Hopkins, Henry (Rosa Darling)Ch Gerald, Kenneth, Leroy, Wilmer, Wilma, Harold, Mary; “Oak Hill Farm”Ray R2 Browning Sec6 O40a (1903) Mutual Tel. Ray

Horney, Clifford (NellieKirkham) Ch Raymond, Alleyne, Lenora; Littleton R1 Littleton Sec20 O80aT25a John Kirkham (1889) Tel. Littleton

Horney, Mrs. Frances (FrancesRaper) Ch Dena, Speed, Merle, *Clifford, *Atha; Littleton R1 LittletonSec19 O160a (1861) Tel. Littleton

Horney, Sloan (Della Cowdry)Ch Lewis, Melba, Laverne, Irene, Cyrus, Sterling, Wanda, John, Gladys,*Vala; Huntsville R1 Brooklyn Sec31 O340 1/2a (1873) Tel. Brooklyn

Horst, J. P. Ch *Charles;Browning R1 Browning Sec18 T75a T. E. Bottenberg (1916)

Horton, J. D. (Lizzie Nichols)Ch *Louis, *Craigg, *Jesse, *Eula; Littleton Littleton Sec21 O160a (1846)Tel. Farmers’ Line Littleton

Houser, Leonard (Emma Krohe)Ch Ruth, Willie, Minnie, Charles; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec7 O265a (1874)Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Houston, John L. (MinnieScripps) Ch *Ruth S., *Henry S., *Walter R.; “Prairie Farm” Rushville R1Buena Vista Sec14 O250a (1860) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Howard, Berch (Ethel Reno)Ch Cecil A., Freda E.; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec12 Farm Hand Rodewald& Dyson (1894)

Howard, James (Amanda Scherrer)Ch Georgia, Helen, *Hazel; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec3 T8a John G. Taylor(1873)

Howard, Mrs. Laura Emma (Dean)Ch Myrtle, Maude, *Grace, *Berch, *Earl; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec17 Ola(1866)

Howell, Alex Rushville StarRoute Rushville Sec28 T120a Robert Nelson (1853) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Howell, Fred H. (Evelyn Lawler)Ch Dwight, Bert, Donna; Rushville R2 Bainbridge Sec30 O129a (1883) MutualTel. Rushville

Howk Bros., Bert and George;Clayton R3 Huntsville Sec32 O80a (1880) Damon Tel. Damon

Howk, George (Amanda Klingler)Ch Milton, Lydia, Verda; Clayton R3 Huntsville Sec32 O40a (1880) DamonTel. Damon

Huff, Mrs. Elizabeth BirminghamStar Route Brooklyn Sec7 O174 1/2a (1879) Tel. Farmers’ Line Plymouth

Huff, Mrs. P. P. Ch *Walter;Birmingham Star Route Brooklyn Sec7 O40a (1885)

Huff, Walter (Pearl Sapp)Ch Garnet, Perry; Birmingham Star Route Brooklyn Sec18 O47a (1885)

Hughes, J. W. (Sarah J. Young)Ch Elizabeth J., Mary L., Harry H., *William H.; Rushville R1 Buena VistaSec21 O125a (1838) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Hughes, William H. (LethaStover) Ch Horatio H., Nellie, Marie; Rushville R6 Buena Vista Sec20 O80a(1865) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Hughes, W. E. (Laura Green)Ch Harold, *Earl, *Lester; Plymouth Star Route Birmingham Sec9 T80a J.E. Manlove (1916) Tel. Farmers ‘ Line Plymouth

Hume, John B. Ch Harry, Myrtle,*William, *Maude, *James, *Laura, *Marjorie, *Sadie, *Vadey; Camden StarRoute Camden Sec18 O40a (1903) Tels. Camden and Huntsville

Humphrey, William (MarthaWilhelm) Ch Mary, Inez, *Bessie, *William, *Bertha, *Elmer; Browning BrowningSec23 O4a (1859)

Hunt, Jonah (Ethel Saddler)Ch Esther, Ruth, Marie, Loraine, Jonah, Raymond; Industry R2 Brooklyn Sec1T140a Hunt Est. (1905) Mutual Tel. Industry

Hurdle, Dr. C. E. (MabelPeck) Ch Edgar, Geraldine, Howard; “Gold Crown Farm” La Prairie R1 HuntsvilleSec18 O130a (1918) Tel. Farmers’ Line Golden

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