PrairieFarmer’s Directory
Brown and SchuylerCounties

Abbreviations Usedin this Directory
a – Acres
Ch – Children
O – Owner
T – Tenant or Renter
R – Rural Route
Sec – Section

Maiden name of wife followsdirectory name in parentheses
Figure at end of informationis year became resident of county
Name of farm follows namesof children in quotation marks
In case of a tenant, thefarm owner’s name follows the figures giving size of farm

Jackson, S. L. (Dora Harris)Ch Imogene, Heber, Thelma; Huntsville Star Route Huntsville Sec4 Farm HandMr. Acking (1904)

Jacobs, A. M. (Genorah Rittenhouse)Ch Jesse, Roy, *Pearl, *Edna; Brooklyn Brooklyn Sec29 O258a (1865) MutualTel. Brooklyn

Jacobs, Frank (Rose Thompson)Ray R2 Oakland Sec34 O40a T40a J. D. Thompson (1860) Schuyler County Tels.Rushville and Ray

Jaggers, George (Lavina Springer)Ch Lela, Lucile; Rushville R5 Rushville Sec6 T255a F. P. Ritchey (1914)Tel. Rushville

Jennings, Walter (FlorenceBrian) Ch Gladys, William, Harold; Browning R1 Browning Sec7-8 T144a AshwoodBros. (1884)

Jewell, Joseph, BirminghamR1 Brooklyn Sec11 O80a (1909) Tel. Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

Johnson, Bert (Ethel Phelps)Ch Merle, Frank Phelps; Huntsville Star Route Huntsville Sec15 T80a E.B. Dorsett (1884) Tel. Farmers’ Line Huntsville

Johnson, George (Effie White)Ch Ellie, Harry, Kendall, *Minnie; Birminingham R1 Brooklyn Sec15 O128a(1864) Tel. Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

Johnson, J. B. (Rosetta Miller)Ch Paul, Mary; Bader Browning Sec4 O118a (1898) Mutual Tels. Astoria andBrowning

Johnson, J. T. (Mary Suggs)Ch Goldie Powell; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec10 O77a (1888) Tel. Farmers’Line Brooklyn

Johnston, Lee E. Ch Olin,*Alice, *Irene, *Lela, *Anna; “Green Lawn Farm” Rushville Buena Vista Sec24O360a (1878)

Jones, Albert (Edith Markee)Ch Allyene, Bertha, Carl, Helen, Lela, Dorothy; Browning R1 Browning Sec22aT155a (1898) Mutual Tels. Rushville and Brooklyn

Jones, A. Frank (Bertha E.Curtis)  Ch Fremont M., Frank J., Mary E., Kittie E.. Roy E., EmoryW.; “Cedar Hill Farm” Camden Star Route Camden Sec18 O19 1/2a (1897)

Jones, Charles C. (Lulu Franklin)Ch Edward, Georgia, Marvin; Camden R1 Camden Sec2 O8a (1893)

Jones, Dave P. (Grace Montooth)Ch Mary J., Margaret L., Paul; “Valley View Farm” Ray Oakland Sec25 O320a(1880) Tel. Farmers’ Line Ray

Jones, Ed. (Louise Pemberton)Rushville R4 Frederick Sec31 T120a John Young (1911)

Jones, Emery (Beatrice Aten)Ch Mariorie; Ray R2 Oakland Sec33 O160a (1891) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Jones, Fred E. (Mabel Donner) Ch Bessie, Raymond, Lola; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec16 T100a Loy Lawson(1885) Tel. Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

Jones, George W. (Bell Pate) Ch Orlo, Edith, Ruth, Mrs. F. E. Pate, Mother-in-law; Huntsville Star RouteCamden Sec18 O45a (1866) Tels. Camden and Huntsville

Jones, George W. (Jane Rose) Ch Uriah, *Dave, *Edna, *Annie, *Emory, *Edwin, *Carrie, *Maude, Ray R1Oakland Sec34 O410a (1853) Schuyler County Tels. Rushville and Ray

Jones, Harry (Edith Taylor)Ch Helen; Rushville R4 Frederick Sec19 T10a (1908) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Jones, John (Mary Howe) RayR1 Littleton Sec12 T80a Archy Gay (1868)

Jones, John F.  Ch *Minerva,*John W., *Charlotte, *Rosa, *Myrtle, *Marion W., *Evert; Ray R2 OaklandSec26 O2a (1864)

Jones, John H. (Anna Dillon)Ch Bessie; Ray R2 Rushville Sec3 O40a (1857) Tel. Rushville

Jones, O. K. (Ida Morrill) Ch Columbus; Camden Star Route Huntsville Sec13 T50a W. H.. Jones (1890)

Jones, Sim (Mary McKee) ChMabel, *Henry, *Eddie, *Harry; Rushville R4 Rushville Sec13 O140a (1910)Mutual Tel. Rushville

Jones, W. H. Ch Lucile, *Henry,*Ira, *O. K.; Camden Star Route Huntsville Sec13 O50a (1871)

Juett, Benjamin (Emma Reische)Ch Hildreth; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec19 Farm Hand Samuel Wardell (1880)

Juett, Charles H.  ChFrank, *Ellen, *Charles H., *Benjamin, *John, *William, *Anna, *Kathryn,*Ethel; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec28 O160a (1867) Schuyler County Tel.Rushville

Juett, Frank (Lura Kelley)Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec28 T160a Charles H. Juett (1886) Schuyler CountyTel. Rushville

Justus, George C. (AmfieldMcCombs) Ch Alva M., *Merty, *Nora, *Ruth; Browning R2 Browning Sec15 O271/2a (1842) Mutual Tel. Browning

Justus, H. Ansel (FrancesLawler) Rushville R1 Littleton Sec23 T200a Dr. Justus (1900) Tels. Littletonand Rushville

Justus, Dr. W. F. (Anna Garrison)Ch Ansel; Rushville Littleton Sec23 O200a (1900) Tels. Littleton and Rushville

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