PrairieFarmer’s Directory
Brown and SchuylerCounties

Abbreviations Usedin this Directory
a – Acres
Ch – Children
O – Owner
T – Tenant or Renter
R – Rural Route
Sec – Section

Maiden name of wife followsdirectory name in parentheses
Figure at end of informationis year became resident of county
Name of farm follows namesof children in quotation marks
In case of a tenant, thefarm owner’s name follows the figures giving size of farm

Kalebaugh, CharlieE. (Mary O’Donnal) Ch Lucile; Mrs. Anna Kalebaugh, Mother; Ray R2 OaklandSec36 Farm Hand (1899) Tels. Farmers’ Line Ray and Rushville

Kaylor, J. A. (Inez Myers)Ch Roselia, Carl, Golden R1 Huntsville Sec20 T5a Roy Ackley (1918)

Kearby, Thomas (Mary Edwards)Ch Margaret, Fred, Gladys, Lawrence, *Eunice; Golden R1 Huntsville Sec29T270a James Davis (1872) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Golden

Keeran, William (Annie Stephens)Ch Earl E., Ben D., Martha E., P. Marie, Elden; Ray R1 Oakland Sec17 T120aDavid Gay (1870) Tels. Farmers’ Line Ray and Littleton

Kelley, George J. Jr. (JennieVail) Ch George J. Jr., *Della, *John, *Lizzie, *Ethel, *Lena, *Dolores,*Nancy; Rushville R1 Buena Vista Sec9 T110a George Mason (1851)

Kellum, John W. (Sallie Vaughn)Ch Kenneth; Industry R1 Littleton Sec8 T120a James Agnew (1914) Tel. Littleton

Kelly, Elmer E. (Jannie Arnold)Ch Maxine, Mabel; Littleton R1 Littleton Sec29 T80a William L. Kelly (1889)Schuyler Mutual Tel. Littleton

Kelly, James (Mary Jane Roberts)Ch William, *George, *Sarah, *Etheleen; Rushville R2 Resident (1853)

Kelly, J. F. (Ida B. Rhodes)Ch Eloise; Sheldons Grove Hickory Sec17 O5a (1880) Mutual Tel. Browning

Kelly, J. M. Ch Abby, Helen,*Laura, *Bertha, *James; Sheldons Grove Hickory Sec17 O200a (1858) MutualTel. Astoria

Kelly, William (Fanny Tracy)Ch Florence, *Margaret; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec13 O80a (1858)

Kelly, William D. (Ella Stedman)Ch Alberta, Alma, Alvin, Alice, Jessie; Littleton R1 Brooklyn Sec25 T200aElizabeth Kelly (1905) Tel. Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

Kendrich, Charley (EthelAdams) Ch Clara; Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec11 T10a Charles Ward (1915)

Kennedy, J. L. (Emma Parks)Ch Martina; Ray R1 Oakland Sec9 O80a (1903) Tel. Farmers’ Line Ray

Kennedy, W. H. (Shirley Smith)Ch Carl, Audrey; Industry R1 Littleton Sec3 T120a A. I. Ellis and BertApplegate (1917) Schuyler County Tel. Industry

Kerr, Bert (Martha Hatfield)Ch Hugh, Kathleen, Ruth, Dorothy; Rushville R5 Buena Vista Sec13 T160aMrs. H. Roach (1878) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Kerr, J. Fred (Alice Barnes)Ch Paul, Helen, Frank, Eleanor, James; Rushville R3 Rushville Sec28 T160aW. R. Leach (1870) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Kerr, Lewis (Geneva Hammond)Ch Virginia Ann; Rushville R5 Rushville Sec18 T180a James Nall (1918) Tel.Rushville

Kerr, Robert S. (MarjoryTaylor) Rushville Woodstock Sec12 O120a (1850) Tel. Rushville

Ketchum, Aaron (Julia Clark)Ch John W., Augusta Huntsville Sec32 O40a (1888)

Ketchum, Jacob (MargaretCarpenter) Ch Jacob, Thomas, Goldie; Clayton R3 Huntsville Sec32 O80a

Ketchum, W. J. (Naomi Moss)Ch Goldie, Elsie, Opal, Edith, Edmund; Golden R1 Huntsville Sec29 Ola (1917)

Kettenring, Mrs. R. W. (Black)Ch *William F., *Louis L.; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec10 O62a (1892) SchuylerMutual Tel. Rushville

Kimbell Bros. Frederick R1Bainbridge Sec21 T40a Ida Briggs (1868)

Kimble, Frank (Vera Toland)Ch Ivan, Gladys; Rushville R1 Littleton Sec14 T120a William Lambert (1882)Schuyler County Tels. Rushville and Littleton

King, A. C. (Louise Stahmann)Ch Harriett D., Theodore H.; Huntsville Huntsville Sec4 O280a (1857) Tel.Farmers’ Line Huntsville

King, Howard (Victoreen I.McFeeters) Ch Madeline; Rushville R3 Buena Vista Sec36 T80a I. Young (1865)Tel. Rushville

King, Jonas (Elizabeth Hite)Brooklyn Star Route Brooklyn Sec19 O160a (1848) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Brooklyn

King, L. F. (Martha Whetstone)Ch Paul, Loren, Francis; “Oak Mound Seed Farm” Huntsville R1 HuntsvilleSec16 O240a (1868) Tel. Farmers’ Line Huntsville

King, W. E. (Margaret McFeeters)Ch Chester, Leslie; Rushville R1 Littleton Sec28 T160a Francis Dodge (1873)Schuyler County Tel. Littleton

Kinnear, Charles (MinnieMeyer) Ch Meyer, Hazel; Rushville Star Route Rushville Sec29 O6a (1893)

Kinney, John B. George Grenel,Nephew; Rushville R6 Camden Sec24 O211 1/2a (1875) Tels. Camden and Rushville

Kinsey, John F. (MargaretDodds) Ch Audrey M., Loren D.; Rushville R7 Buena Vista Sec35 T160a W.H. Kinsey (1892) Tel. Rushville

Kinsey, William (Della Miller)Ch George, Elizabeth, *Fred, *John, *Lawrence, *Margaret; “Oak Grove Farm”Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec2 O347a (1857) Tel. Rushville

Kirk, H. J. (Marie Rudine)Rushville R1 Buena Vista Sec13 Farm Hand J. H. Houston (1918)

Kirkham, Earl (Susie Lewis)Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec13 Farm Hand Oscar Hood (1908)

Kirkham, Ephraim (Irena Newingham)Ch Henry E.; “Waterloo Grain Farm” Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec27 T148aClara Kirkham (1872)

Kirkham, George H. (AnnieE. Garrison) Ch *Charles L., *Lizzie L., Iva F., *William R., *Grace M.,*George H. Jr., *Bessie M., *James O.; “Sunny View Farm” Rushville R5 LittletonSec35 O200a (1841) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Kirkham, H. S. (MargaretDonandson) Ch Iva; Rushville R2 Bainbridge Sec30 O120a (1875)

Kirkham, John (Eda Hilas)Ch Clyde, *Ethel, *Nellie, *Roscoe, *Hattie, *Warren; Littleton R1 LittletonSec19 O200a (1858) Mutual Tel. Littleton

Kirkham, J. O. (Carrie Reinhart)Rushville R5 Littleton Sec36 T200a G. H. Kirkham (1888) Tel. Rushville

Kirkham, William R. (CarrieHardding) Ch Francis H., Lyle R., Robert H., Charles W.; Rushville R5 BuenaVista Sec1 O200a (1876) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Kiser, John (Dora Burnett)Ch Dannie, Frankie, Edward, Orville, Mary, *Grace, *Charlie; RushvilleR2 Woodstock Sec25 T54a Ed Davis (1916)

Kloker, J. F. (Ida Launer)Ch Dorothy, *Ada; Browning R2 Browning Sec13 O110a (1900) Mutual Tel. Browning

Knight, E. J. (KatherineGould) “Hilltop Farm” Frederick R1 Frederick Sec18 O400a (1913) Bell Tel.Beardstown

Knight, J. W. (Lillie Sims)Ch Irma Wilma; Golden R1 Huntsville Sec32 O79a (1879) Shiloh Mutual Tel.Golden

Knous, Alexander (Dora Harris)Ch Ora M., Elsie N., George W., Hazel I., *Orpha M., *Mary L., *RebeccaS.; Rushville R1 Buena Vista Sec5 Farm Hand Carl Brooks (1889) Tel. Rushville

Knous, Everett (Nettie Thorp)Ch Clara, Clarence, Lloyd; Rushville R7 Buena Vista Sec35 Farm Hand R.W. Brown (1885) Tel. Rushville

Knous, John H. (Lula Lashbrook)Ch Hildreth, Lloyd, Charles; Frederick Bainbridge Sec24 T200a George B.Christy (1888)

Knous, W. H. (Mary Barber)Ch Lewis Avery; Beardstown Bainbridge Sec36 T600a Jesse Lowe (1862) BellTel. Beardstown

Knowles, C. H. (Inez Becraft)Ch Alice; “‘Oak Mound Seed Farm” Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec16 Farm HandL. F. King (1890) Tel. Farmers’ Line Huntsville

Kolp, M. L. (Nevada Geimond)Ch Isabelle Geimond, Katherine, *Mary; Browning R1 Browning Sec9 O60a (1886)

Koontz, Harry B. (Mae Patter)Ch Mary A., *Lottie A.; Camden Camden Sec17 Ola T80a W. H. Koontz (1872)Tels. Camden and Brooklyn

Koontz, W. H. (Margaret Snodgrass)Ch *Harry, *Fred, *Ray, *Pearl; “Koontz Farm” Huntsville R1 Camden Sec29O80a (1857) Tels. Camden and Rushville

Kost, Warren (Anna E. Pattan)Ch Freda, *Ervin, *Lelia, *Wilmer M., *Charles E.; Vermont R3 Oakland Sec1O239a (1888) Tel. Farmers’ Line Vermont

Krohe, E. C. (Eva Cameron)Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec32 O100a (1874)

Krohe, Frank H. (Janie Williams)Ch Homer, *Roy, *Florence; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec7-18 O100a (1865)

Krohe, Roy (Bertha Dixon)Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec18 T100a Frank Krohe (1898)

Kruse, Mrs. Elizabeth (ElizabethGarrett) Ch Doris, *Polk, *Henry, *Susan; Rushville Star Route RushvilleSec28 O90a (1836) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

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