PrairieFarmer’s Directory
Brown and SchuylerCounties

Abbreviations Usedin this Directory
a – Acres
Ch – Children
O – Owner
T – Tenant or Renter
R – Rural Route
Sec – Section

Maiden name of wife followsdirectory name in parentheses
Figure at end of informationis year became resident of county
Name of farm follows namesof children in quotation marks
In case of a tenant, thefarm owner’s name follows the figures giving size of farm

Naught, Dwight C.(Ruth Taylor) Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec2 O83a (1890) Tel. Rushville

Naught, George (Minnie Stremmel)Ch G. Harold, *Esther E., *Dwight C., *Mabel C.; Rushville R7 WoodstockSec16 O120a (1865) Schuyler and Mutual Tels. Rushville

Naught, Mrs. Lydia (LydiaHerche) Ch Lizzie, Nancy, *James H., *George W., *Katherine; RushvilleR2 Woodstock Sec35 O130a (1853) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Neeley, Glen (Jean Whitson)Ch Nancy Dorcas, John Tullis; “Prairie Springs Farm” Littleton R1 LittletonSec17 T240a Mrs. Anna Moore (1892) Tel. Littleton

Nell, Gus R. (Mary E. Nardin)Ch Eugene, Robert, *Everett; Birmingham R1 Littleton Sec6-7 O161a BrooklynSec11 T632a Laura Fellheimer (1900) Tel. Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

Nelson, Charles K. (MaudeBrubeck) Ch Burton, Gladys, *Thelma; Frederick Star Route Frederick Sec6O260a (1874) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Nelson, Clarence H. (WinnieRawlins) Ch Emory H., Alfa; Littleton R1 Brooklyn Sec26 O10a (1877)

Newell, Charles (Lillie Valentine)Ch Herman, Carl, Ruth, Charles. Jr., Lyle, *Samuel, *Ray; Rushville R5Littleton Sec24 O160a T160a Harley Curry (1871) Tels. Farmers’ Line Rushvilleand Littleton

Newell, Frank N. (Eva E.Suddeth) Ch Elva, Tommie, Truman, Lucile; Browning R2 Browning Sec23 O30a(1879) Mutual Tel. Browning

Newell, Grover C. (Anna Stambaugh)Ch Louis; Browning, Browning Sec13 T80a W. E. Jones (1892) Mutual Tel.Browning

Newell, John (Catherine Long)Ch *Bertha, *Nora, *Frank, *Nell, *Grover; Browning Browning Sec23 T40a(1851) Mutual Tel. Browning

Newell, L. D. (Melissa Harris)Rushville R3 Bainbridge Sec21 T70a Louis Schnake (1865)

Newell, M. F. (Sarah Rankin)Ch Joy, William, Ellen, Ray, Emory, Maude, Marguerite, Mabel, Blanche;Huntsville Star Route Birmingham Sec27 O300a (1914) Tel. Farmers’ LineHuntsville

Neylon, John (Anna Sweeney)Rushville R6 Buena Vista Sec31 O90a (1876) Tel. Rushville

Nichols, Mrs. Ellen HuntsvilleR1 Huntsville Sec1 T1a William Eaton (1913)

Noel, C. C. (Harriett Sharon)Ch Dean, *Ethel; “Spring Hill Farm” Birmingham Birmingham Sec11 O450a (1856)Tel. Farmers’ Line Plymouth

Noel, F. M. (Lizzie Granger)Ch Chester, *Zola; “Silverton Farm” Augusta R1 Birmingham Sec18 O184a (1863)Tel. Farmers’ Line Augusta

Noel, John (Opal Phelps)Frederick Frederick Sec7 T80a N. Noel (1890) Bell Tel. Beardstown

Norris, G. O. (Lela Willis)Augusta R3 Birmingham Sec31 T130a Mrs. M. A. Willis (1917) Tel. Farmers’Line Augusta

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