PrairieFarmer’s Directory
Brown and SchuylerCounties

Abbreviations Usedin this Directory
a – Acres
Ch – Children
O – Owner
T – Tenant or Renter
R – Rural Route
Sec – Section

Maiden name of wife followsdirectory name in parentheses
Figure at end of informationis year became resident of county
Name of farm follows namesof children in quotation marks
In case of a tenant, thefarm owner’s name follows the figures giving size of farm

Vail, A. V. (LolaVanWinkle) Ch Edgar; Plymouth R4 Birmingham Sec5 T144a Zack Bickford (1918)Tel. Farmers’ Line Plymouth

Valentine, G. W. (Daisy D.Brown) Ch Ralph S.; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec14 T160a S. F. Valentine(1917) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Valentine, Sylvester (SarahShupe) Ch *George, *Lillie, *Herbert, *Dwight; “Shady Lawn Farm” RushvilleR7 Woodstock Sec16 O160a (1888) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Vance, Carl (Ira McKee) ChRalph, Marie; Rushville R1 Littleton Sec33 Farm Hand Enoch Hodges (1889)

Vance, E. F. (Matilda F.Kuhn) Ch Ernest E., *Bennie, *Pearl, *Clifford, *Ennis, *Jessie M., *FranklinC., *Gertrude, *Edna; Camden R1 Camden Sec22 T15a James Yarbough (1854)

Vance, Leo (Bertha Wingate)Ch Inez, Leonidas, Glen, Mabel, Grace, Roy, Etta, Retta, *Arthur; HuntsvilleR1 Huntsville Sec2 T376a Cora Sivet (1913) Tel. Farmers’ Line Huntsville

Vance, Virgle (Viola Cleek)Ch Mary, Clossie, Manly, Nettie, Richard; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec8 O44a(1889) Tel. Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

Vancil, B. F. (Rosannah Kelley)Ch Grover, James, Robert, Joseph, Alonzo, Ida, Mark, *George, *Frank Jr.,*Nancy, *Virgil; Rushville R2 Bainbridge Sec17 O86a (1861)

Vancil, Grover (Lyda Brigg)Ch Vassar, Rosa Mary; Rushville R3 Bainbridge Sec8 O80a (1885) Mutual Tel.Rushville

Vancil, Homer (Zelma Downs)Rushville R5 Oakland See31 Farm Hand George Deane (1894) Tel. Farmers’Line Rushville

Vancil, James (Nellie Bonser)Ch Lois; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec24 T210a Emma Taylor (1886)

Vancil, Robert (Ethel Burnside)Ch Leo, Rosamond; Rushville R2 Bainbridge Sec18-7 T167a B. F. Vancil (1888)Mutual Tel. Rushville

Vandiver, W. L. (Mary Wells)Ch Hal, Everett, *Herbert S., *Mabel; Brooklyn Brooklyn Sec20 O310a (1858)Tel. Farmers’ Line Brooklyn

VanOrder, Frederick W. (ElizabethJohnson) Ch Freddie, Walter, Lester, Mildred; Vermont R3 Oakland Sec11T200a Bert Dean (1878) Tels. Farmers’ Line Vermont and Ray

VanOrder, Thomas (Alice Montooth)Ch Ruth, Lester, *Una; Rushville R5 Rushville Sec19 T320a W. H. Mills (1872)Tel. Rushville

Vanwinkle, Henry E. (LillianGreen) Ch Lewis B., Elbert R.; “Oak Ridge Farm” Littleton R2 Buena VistaSec4 T125a T. Nelson Est. (1884)

Vanwinkle, Ross E. (CoraSalisbury) Ch Vincent H.; Littleton R1 Brooklyn Sec22 T80a H. Vanwinkle(1917)

Varner, Frank (Julia Wabill)Ch Audrey, Giles; Augusta R1 Huntsville Sec6 T140a L. O. Graham (1900)Tel. Farmers’ Line Huntsville

Varner, John (Ida McCoy)Ch Gladys, William, *Fay; Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec17 T187a WeinbergBros. (1914) Tel. Farmers’ Line Golden

Vaughn, Arthur (Ethel Eaton)Huntsville R1 Camden Sec30 O170a T35a C. G. Anderson (1900) Tels. Camdenand Rushville

Vaughn, Chester (Mabel Briggs)Ch Kenneth, Helen; Camden Camden Sec28 O80a (1903) Tel. Camden

Vaughn, S. D. (Hattie M.Snodgrass) Ch Reba, Granddaughter; Fairy Myres, *Arthur, *Ada, *Chester,*Mabel, *Melvin; “Sunnyside Farm” Camden R1 Camden Sec20 O270a (1901) Tels.Camden and Mt. Sterling

Venters, E. G. (FlorenceBeam) Ch Dorothy, Winifred; “Springdale Farm” Browning R2 Browning Sec11 O40a (1883) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Venters, Grover J. (DonaStauffer) Ch Adra, Marshall, Raymond, Clarice; Bader Browning Sec2 T200aW. M. Venters (1885) Mutual Tels. Astoria and Browning

Venters, J. M. (Ida Ivins)Ch Laurel, Francis Venters, Grandson; *Earl, *Fred, *John; “Hazel DellFarm” Browning R2 Browning Sec11 O76a (1857) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Venters, W. M. (Maggie Dimond)Ch Olive, Beulah, *Guy, *Glenn, *Homer, *Earnest; Bader Browning Sec3 O200a(1853) Mutual Tels. Astoria and Browning

Vermillion, Catherine ChEdgar, Mary; Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec28 O80a (1914) Tel. Farmers’ LineHuntsville

Vincent, Fred (Gertrude Lung)Ch Eva, Lindsay; “Bethel Lawn Farm” Camden R1 Camden Sec1 O116a (1884)Brooklyn Tel. Littleton

Vincent, Lawrence (HettieChapman) Ch Lyle E.; “Happy Hollow Farm” Camden R1 Buena Vista Sec6 O80a(1881) Tel. Rushville

Vincent, Lee (Florence Burmood)Ch Velt M., Erica, Bradford; Camden R1 Brooklyn Sec36 O160a (1877) Tel.Farmers’ Line Littleton

Vincent, Leonard (Ida Herche)Ch Vivian M.; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec22 Farm Hand Dwight Crone (1915)Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Vogler, Elmer E. (Clara Vanwinkle)Ch Cora, Bernard, *L. Edna, *Earnie, *Goldie; Littleton R1 Brooklyn Sec14O40a (1893) Tels. Littleton and Brooklyn

Vollmer, Fred C. (Lena Marie)Ch Helen, Leo; Rushville R4 Browning Sec18 O40a (1913)

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