PrairieFarmer’s Directory
Brown and SchuylerCounties

Abbreviations Usedin this Directory
a – Acres
Ch – Children
O – Owner
T – Tenant or Renter
R – Rural Route
Sec – Section

Maiden name of wife followsdirectory name in parentheses
Figure at end of informationis year became resident of county
Name of farm follows namesof children in quotation marks
In case of a tenant, thefarm owner’s name follows the figures giving size of farm

Yaap, Albert (AllieRobertson) Ch Earl, Margaret, Marshall, Dorothy; Industry R1 LittletonSec1 O240a T80a George Garrison and Mrs. E. Cordell (1875) Tel. Industry

Yaap, Charles (Tillie Vincent)Ch Grace, Chloe, Glenna, Bertie, Bernice; Ray R1 Littleton Sec12 O240a(1867) Schuyler Tel. Industry

Yaap, Henry (Belle Horton)Ch Irene; Industry R1 Littleton Sec2 O160a (1872) Tel. Industry

Yaap, Maurice (Pearl Dean)”Cedar Grove Farm” Rushville R1 Littleton Sec33 T180a F. A. Yaap (1890)Tel. Rushville

Yarbrough, Bart (Fannie Green)Ch Herbert, Hellen, Hazel, *Paul; Camden R1 Camden Sec13 T100a James Yarbrough(1875) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Yarbrough, Edward E. (BerthaRace) Ch Elva E.; “Willow Flat Farm” Huntsville R1 Camden Sec5 O240a T100aJ. H. Race (1883) Schuyler Tel. Camden and Brooklyn

Yarbrough, James (Jane Unger)Ch Laurence U., *Edward E., Charles W., *Lucy C., *S. Lillian; “Salem Homestead”Rushville R6 Camden Sec26 O750a (1871) Tels. Rushville and Camden

Yates, John (Ethel Price)Ch Lena, Eva, Ava; Camden R1 Camden Sec14 T55a John Price (1877) Tel. Camden

Yates, Martin (Lizzie Kelly)Ch Frank, Ethel; Rushville R5 Oakland Sec29 T160a Earl Wells (1901) SchuylerTel. Rushville and Ray

Yates, Robert (Clara Block)Ch Eva, Robert, Charles, Hazel, Woodrow, Wilson, Martin, *Grace, *Ruth;Rushville R6 Camden Sec14 O40a T125a John W. Marlow (1870)

York, John (Kathryn Herche)Ch Nina, Mildred; “Elmwood Stock Farm” Rushville R4 Rushville Sec33 T160aRobert H. Crozier(1905) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Young, Mrs. Alex (LouisaRyan) Ch John C., Margaret, *Martha, *Elizabeth, *Sarah, *Josephine, *Mary,*Charles, *Herschel, *George; Rushville R1 Buena Vista Sec14 O10a (1841)Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Young, Charles E. Ch Frank,Ben, *Will, *Martha, *Fred, *Agnes, *Minnie; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec8O80a (1842) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Young, Charles W. (DeliaGarrison) Ch Edmund D., Elnora, Gail; Rushville R1 Buena Vista Sec22 O80a(1875) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Young, Dwight M. (Della Burnside)Ch Maurice, Helen, Alice, Nancy; Rushville R6 Buena Vista Sec20 O158a (1885)Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Young, Elizabeth D. (ElizabethD. DeWitt) Ch *Mary Y., *John D., *Dwight M., *Nelle Y., *William H.; RushvilleR1 Buena Vista Sec21 O200a (1855) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Young, E. L. (Lulu Purdham)Ch James, Ralph, Charles, Chester, Wilma, *Ernest, *Clara, *Sylvia, *Grace,*Leona; Huntsville R2 Birmingham Sec23 T40a Matilda Young (1899)

Young, Frank (Olive Waugh)Ch Wayne, Faye, Lloyd; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec8 T80a Charles E. Young(1884) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Young, George H. (MargaretE. Ross) Ch Verne R., Victor L.; “Golden Gate Farm” Huntsville R1 CamdenSec19-18 O134a (1884) Tel. Huntsville and Camden

Young, Herschel (Elsie Armour)Ch Lois, Lester; Golden R1 Huntsville Sec22 O80a (1880) Tel. Farmers’ LineHuntsville

Young, John A. (Josie Young)Ch Dorothy I., Ralph M.; Rushville Buena Vista Sec27 O40a (1895) Tel. Rushville

Young, John D. (Lena Ryan)Ch Marion, Lois; Rushville R1 Buena Vista, Sec21 O178a T104a Young Est.(1883) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Young, Joseph Ch Mary B.,*Isaac, *Elmer; Rushville R1 Buena Vista Sec22 O180a (1863) Schuyler Tel.Rushville

Young Marion (Elizabeth Smith)Ch Ralph, Marcus, *Walter, *Maude, *Cleve, *Grace; Vermont R3 Oakland Sec1O160a (1871) Tel. Farmers’ Line Vermont

Young, Matilda Ch Millie,Eldbridge; Huntsville Star Route Birmingham Sec23 O40a (1847)

Young, Orrie (Pearl Richey)Rushville R6 Buena Vista Sec35 T160a (1916) Tel. Rushville

Young, William (Anna Stanbaugh)Ch Elmer, Charles, Hellen; Rushville R1 Buena Vista Sec14 Farm Hand (1869)

Young, W. C. (Grace Root)Ch Roscoe, Isabelle, Helen, Walter, Robert, Chelsea, Annabel, *Florence;Augusta R1 Birmingham Sec19 Farm Hand Dr. S. S. Allen (1915) Bell Tel.Augusta

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