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Virgil VANCE and Viola CLEEK

Submitted by: Sherry Morell Shelts
Email address: [email protected] 

Husband: Virgil* VANCE
Birthdate: 05 Oct 1879
Birthplace: Broklyn Twp (Schuyler) Illinois
Death date: 26 April 1959
Place of death: Carthage (Hancock) Illinois
Father: James* “Marion” VANCE
Mother: Alzinia* “Josephine” McMillen

Marriage date: 05 Sept 1900
Marriage place: Littleton (Schuyler) Illinois

Wife: Viola* CLEEK
Birthdate: 14 Nov 1881
Birthplace: Camden Twp (Schuyler) Illinois
Death date: 13 Oct 1975
Place of death: Rushville (Schuyler) Illinois
Father: Richard* F, CLEEK
Mother: Nancy* Clarinda WELLS


Child No. 1: Mary Esther VANCE
Birthdate: 17 Feb 1901
Birthplace: Brooklyn (Schuyler) Illinois
Death date: Dec 1994
Place of death: Macomb (McDonough) Illinois
Marriage date: 17 Dec 1918
Marriage place: Birmington Twp (Schuyler) Illinois
Spouse’s name: Earnest Lewis FOWLER

Child No. 2: Claucia Hildreth VANCE
Birthdate: 05 July 1904
Birthplace: Centeridge (Schuyler) Illinois
Death date: 12 March 1959
Place of death: Augusta (Hancock) Illinois
Marriage date: (NA)
Marriage place:
Spouse’s name:

Child No. 3: Loren Manley (Ted) VANCE
Birthdate: 14 April 1906
Birthplace: (Schuyler) Illinois
Death date: 30 June 1975
Place of death: Macomb (McDonough) Illinois
Marriage date: 26 Nov 1936
Marriage place: Fairfield (Jefferson) Iowa
Spouse’s name: Mable CRONE

Child No. 4: Nettie* Mae VANCE
Birthdate: 01 June 1911
Birthplace: Brooklyn Twp (Schuyler) Illinois
Death date: 27 May 1997
Place of death: Rushville (Schuyler) Illinois
Marriage date: 10 Sept 1930
Marriage place: Keokuk (Lee) Iowa
Spouse’s name: Leonard* Leon SHELTS

Child No. 5: Marion Richard VANCE
Birthdate: 05 Feb 1917
Birthplace: (Schuyler) Illinois
Death date:
Place of death: St Albany’s (Charleston) WV
Marriage date: 11 Nov 1947
Marriage place:
Spouse’s name: Naomi RICKETT



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