The following are letters from the past, either written to Schuyler County residents or from Schuyler County residents. They provide an intriguing insight into the lives and times of past Schuyler County, Illinois residents.

Mrs. M. A. BagbyRushville Times Newspaper– descriptive sketch of early Rushville giving historical facts dating back 1830.abt.1903-1908
Solomon WinstonCol S. B. MoeSept. 05, 1863
Charles Bolton HedgcockLaura Winn Kane (regarding Round Prairie School Remembrances. Mr. Hedgcock was 89 years old.)Feb. 20, 1976
Emanuel HINDEREREmma HINDERER  BLACK  (daughter)April 14, 1897
Emanuel HINDEREREmma  HINDERER  BLACK  (daughter)May 3, 1897
Rev. Chauncey HOBARTRushville Times Newspaper ( authentic account of the first settlement in Rushville)Dec. 1859
M.Schuyler Citizen Newspaper Editor – writes about Bainbridge: Flood Coming, Wolf Story, No Pecans, Presidential Itch, Road & School Troubles.June 20, 1872
Jonathan D. MANLOVERushville Times Newspaper – writes of local history & important facts of pioneer days.  (Includes some early deaths, & stories dating back to 1825.)1859
Sophia HINDERER MESSERERRonald (grandson)April 9, 1953
PeteSchuyler Citizen Newspaper Editor – write about Peru & New London (appears in Jan. 11, 1872 paper)Dec 1871
PeteSchuyler Citizen Newspaper Editor – writes about Brownville, Nemaha County Nebraska (appears in Dec,21, 1872 paper)Dec. 5, 1872
A. M. SWARTWOUTC. I. or T. SWARTWOUT Esq. (Father)May 23, 1842
Mr. TodhunterSchuyler Citizen Newspaper Editor – writes about the death of Mrs. James L. Anderson & two foreclosures (appears in the March 14, 1872 paper)March 7, 1872
“Tourist”Peoria Transcript – reprinted in Rushville Times Newspaper (sketch of Frederick & Rushville, Illinois)June 24, 1859
UnknownSchuyler Citizen Newspaper Editor – writes about Birmingham, Schuyler County, Illinois (appears in Dec. 21, 1872 paper)Dec 18, 1871
David Adam Strong Ridings [Not Available]James E. and Elizabeth F. [Bennett] Ridings  [Not Available]Feb. 03, 1865
James C. How  [Not Available]James E. and Elizabeth F. [Bennett] Ridings  [Not Available]between 1863-1865
VERITASSchuyler Citizen Newspaper Editor – writes about Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas (appears in Feb. 1, 1872 paper)Jan. 24, 1872