Black Hawk War

Among the number, who then resided in the territory, now comprising Brown county, but then a portion of Schuyler county, that responded to the first call for troops made by Gov. Reynolds, May 26th, 1831, were: R. N. Curry, S. P. O'Neal, Green McHatton, Daniel Kendrick, Matthew Alexander and John Six, who enlisted in a company at Rushville commanded by Captain Hart Fellows. Also Philip S. Howes, John Ausmus, Henry Ausmus, Samuel Hollingsworth and Philip Ausmus, who joined a company raised by Captain Vance of the same town.

Hostilities being again resumed in 1832, the Governor issued another call for the troops to assemble at Beardstown, on the 22d of April of that year. The quota of men required from Schuyler county was one hundred and fifty, the county then being under the militia law of state. The 23d day of April, 1832, was appointed as the day of mustering the required number at Rushville, either by voluntary enlistment or by draft. About four hundred men met at Rushville on that day; and William Minshall, orator of the day, made a stirring speech, setting forth the object of the meeting; and urged the men to come forward and voluntarily enlist and shun the brand of cowardice, which would naturally attach itself to the county did it permit a draft to be made. At the close of his speech he ordered the crowd to divide, the martial band to proceed, and he at once fell into line as the first man to enlist. Not an hour elapsed until the requisite number of one hundred and fifty men were enlisted. The company was organized by electing the officers, after which the men were given a leave of absence of two days, when they again re-assembled, and on the 25th day of April they commenced the march to the rendezvous at Beardstown, where they arrived and were attached to the 3d Regiment, commanded by Col. Abram B. De Witt, of the Brigade of Mounted Volunteers, then commanded by Brigadier-General Samuel Whiteside. The business of this Brigade was to precede the main body of the army, and clear the way. We append the roster of company:

Officers.--William C. Ralls, captain; James Blackburn, first lieutenant; John Stinnett, second lieutenant; John M. Jones, first sergeant; George W. Penney, James Hunter and James P. Hinne, sergeants; Theodore Jourdan, Stephen A. St. Cyr, Jeremiah White and Alfred W. McHatton and Jacob Wilkerson, corporals.

Privates.--James Boothe, John Briscoe, Noah B. Ballard, Rosnel Bryant, Jefferson Conrad, Stephen Combs, John D. Crawford, Johnson Chapman, Gabriel De Witt, John Davis, David Edmonson, Aaron Earnest, Robert A. Glenn, Lewis Gay, Thomas Hayden, Stephen D. Hambaugh, James Hill, Joel Ives, Michael Killion, William Morris, Daniel Moore, William McKee, Luke Owen, Benjamin Palmer, Jacob Richardson, Aaron Richardson, William B. Ross, Thomas Reddick, John H. Starr, Thomas Sellers, Lester Seward, Fleming Tice, Alexander Van Winkle, John Van Vatter, Cornelieus Vandeventer and Benjamin Wilson.

This company was mustered out of the service of the United States at the mouth of Fox river, May 28th, 1832, and started for their home a distance of 220 miles.

In a short time after the enlistment of the men comprising the company whose history we have just briefly recited, another company was organized at Rushville, and attached to the Old Battalion of Mounted Rangers, called into the service of the United States on the requisition of General Atkinson, by the Governor's proclamation, dated May 30th, 1832. The roster of the company was as follows:

Officers.--John Stennett, captain; Daniel Mahoney, first lieutenant; Joel Pennington, second lieutenant; John R. Smith, first sergeant; Samuel L. Dark, Morris Hobart, Philip Horney, sergeants; Robert Martin, Eli Williams, James Beel, and Josiah Price, corporals.

Privates.--William Allen, William Brown, Isaac Brisco, Matthew C. Brisco, Elias Briggs, Charles Bakewell, Jesse Buson, Abel Friend, Fielding F. Glenn, Benjamin Goldston, James Howard, Eli Hartley, Jesse Hunter, Sanford Holliday, George W. Harrison, John M. Jones, Allen Isaacs, Jesse Luster, William McGeehy, James McKee, Daniel Matheny, Jr., Richard D. Martin, Simon P. O'Neil, Joseph Osborn, Riggs Pennington, Peter Peckingham, Wesley Pennington, Stephen O. Pennington, Riley Pennington, George M. Pettigrew, Nicholas Rice, Stephen Rice, Stephen Rose, William T. Rigg, John S. Ross, George Smith, Oliver P. Sallee, Samuel Smith, Samuel Steward, Hugh Smith, Joel Tallis, John Van Winkle, Mervin Williams, William McKee, Jeremiah White, Samuel Horney, and William Kennett.

A third company was attached to the Third Regiment, Col. Abraham B. Hewitt, Brigade of Mounted Volunteers of the Illinois Militia, commanded by Brig. Gen. Samuel Whiteside; and we give the roster:

Officers.--Nathaniel Winters, captain; John D. Pinson, first lieutenant; John L. Kirkpatrick, second lieutenant; Leander J. Walker, first sergeant; William D. Johnson, David Grattan, and Thomas J. Cox, sergeants; Asa C. Earle, Bird Smith, James F. New, and George W. Sawyer, corporals.

Privates.--James Adams, William Asher, John Axby, Cornelius Brown, Jefferson Black, Benjamin Beasley, Arthur Bell, Alexander Beall, John Carson, William T. Cox, Benjamin Crisp, James G. Campbell, Asa Cooper, William Coultis, David Campbell, Thomas Dixon, Joseph Drew, Tresley Fink, Johnson Forsythe, John Fulton, William H. Green, Thomas M. Gillham, Curtis Holmes, John Hobson, Samuel Johnson, Henry James, Yancey Little, David Moore, James McGee, Robert D. Neal, Elijah Powell, James B. Riggs, David W. Rue, and James Sawyer.

This company was mustered out of the service at the mouth of the Fox river, on the 28th day of May, 1832.

Another company, attached to the Fourth Regiment, Mounted Volunteers, Col. Samuel M. Thompson, belonging to the brigade of Brig. Gen. Samuel Whiteside, completed the quota of troops from Schuyler county. The roster of the company was as follows:

Officers.--Moses G. Wilson, captain, promoted to major, April 30th, 1832; Alexander Hollingsworth, first lieutenant; Harvey Skiles, second lieutenant; John B. Watson, first sergeant; G. W. P. Maxwell, Samuel Hollingsworth, and J. G. Randall, sergeants; Avanant Hollingsworth, James Martin, David Traynor, L. B. Skiles, corporals.

Privates.--Thomas Abbot, H. Abbot, George Butler, Wm. Barnett, Samuel Bogart, William Cox, Elijah Collins, Adam Dunlap, James Frakes, William Guinn, G. H. Harrison, Abram Hollingsworth, John Hollingsworth, J. S. Holliday, Chauncey Hobart, Gamaliel Hill, Moulin Horney, Ishmael Hills, Samuel Horney, I. W. Justus, Ezra Kirkham, Wm. Lockhart, Rutherford Lane, John McFadden, Robert Murphy, John Murphy, John Morgan, Willis Moore, George Naught, Daniel Riley, Jonathan Reno, Caleb Riley, Benjamin Skiles, William L. Wilson, Moses Wallace, Henry Wright, Eli Williams, William Young.

This company was mustered out of service at the mouth of Fox river, on the 28th day of May, 1832.

Excerpted from the Combined History of Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois, 1882
Transcribed by Robin Petersen for Schuyler County ILGenWeb.

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