Old Times In Schuyler 

Early Day Settlers
By Howard F. Dyson, 1918

As early as 1859 the importance of preserving incidents of the settlement and history of Schuyler county was recognized by the pioneer settlers, and thru the efforts of R. A. Glenn, one of Rushville’s talented editors in her primitive days, an old settlers’ meeting was held in Rushville December 23, 1859.

The meeting was held in the Cumberland Presbyterian church and was followed by a supper at the Stults hotel. There were 30 or 40 pioneers, who came to Schuyler previous to 1832, in attendance, and newspaper reports of the meeting give authentic history of the early settlement of Schuyler county.

The secretary’s report of the meeting as made by J. D. Manlove is here given:

The old settlers of Schuyler county met, according to adjournment in the Cumberland Presbyterian church on Friday, December 23, 1859.

Riley Pennington (being the oldest settler present) was chosen president, and J. D. Manlove, secretary.

Prayer by Rev. John Scripps.

The following persons gave in their names, with the date of settlement in this county:
Riley Pennington – April, 1825.
J. D. Manlove – February, 1825.
Charles Tracey – February, 1825.
Leonidas Horney – April, 1825.
Benjamin Chadsey – October 19, 1825.
James A. Chadsey – October 19, 1825.
Charles Hatfield – November 26, 1826.
Roswell Brines – December 26, 1826.
J. G. McCreery – May, 1828.
John McCreery – May, 1828.
John L. Scott – February 1, 1829.
John Sellers – September 1, 1829.
Wm. Owen – November 23, 1829.
John J. Brown – February 15, 1830.
William Noble – September, 1830.
John Mitcheltree – October, 1830.
George Manlove – October 19, 1830.
Mathew Seeley – December 6, 1830.
E. W. L. Gay – December 16, 1830.
John Scripps – April 31, 1831.
William K. Young – May 20, 1831.
John Curry Scripps – July 15, 1831.
William Wilson – July 1, 1831.
R. A. Glenn – October, 1831.
John Dougherty – November, 1831.

The following were passed upon as historical facts, known to be so by those present:

Thomas Beard and Orris McCartney were first settlers, and cleared and cultivated the first field ever made in Schuyler county–on N.E. and S.E. of section 27, 2 N. 1 W. (timber)–in the winter of 1823.

First child born in the county, was of Mr. and Mrs. Eggleston.

First child born in Rushville was Ann Fellows, now Mrs. Farwell.

Samuel Gooch and Ruth Powers were first couple married–in 1824. (Record in Pike county.)

First death of adult male was Solomon Stanberry–in 1827.

Speeches were made by Rev. John Scripps, J. D. Manlove, William Wilson, Riley Pennington, B. Chadsey, R. A. Glenn, and others.

B. Chadsey, R. A. Glenn and J. D. Manlove were appointed a committee to procure a speaker for next meeting, etc.

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