Old Times In Schuyler 

The following articles were originally prepared, written and published by Howard F. Dyson
in The Rushville Times during the year 1918.

Schuyler’s First Settlers

First School in 1826 – Rushville High School in 1848

Indians Here in 1826

The Military Tract

First Record of Exploration

Evolution of County Organization

Early Day Settlers

First Settlement in Schuyler

J. D. Manlove Recalls the Early Days

The Second Wedding in the County

Chauncey Hobart Tells of Those Early Days

Snake Drive in Schuyler

Two Routes Into Schuyler

Rifle Was Needed Equipment

Had Crude Farm Implements

Work of the Pioneer Woman

County Organized in 1825

Town Sites Long Forgotten

Schuyler Had Militia Company

Rushville Platted in 1826

Incorporated in 1831

Rushville Grew Rapidly in ’30s

Rushville in 1836

Attorneys Here in 1848

Rushville in 1855

First Industry Started in ’55

Frederick in 1859

Pork Packing in 1859

A Record For “Jug Town,” Ripley

History by Mrs. Bagby

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