Old Times In Schuyler 

Attorneys Here in 1848
 By Howard F. Dyson, 1918

The first issue of The Prairie Telegraph appeared July 8, 1848, and there has been continuous publication up to the present time, thru merger with The Rushville Times, a pioneer of almost 70 years.

Among the lawyers’ names appearing in the second issue of The Telegraph we find Robert S. Blackwell, who later became porminent as a member of the Chicago bar; Wm. A. Minshall, who served several terms as circuit judge of the Fifth judicial circuit; Henry W. Taylor, J. B. Moore and John C. Bagby, who at that time was associated with Wm. A. Minshall.

In the issue of July 15, 1848, the following candidates for office were announced:

Wm. A. Minshall, candidate for circuit judge, fifth judicial district.

John P. Richmond, candidate for state senator from the counties of Schuyler, McDonough, and Brown.

Elijah M. Wilson and Jesse Darnell were candidates for representative.

Asa Goodwin and Alfred C. Wallace were candidates for clerk of circuit court.

In the local market, wheat was quoted at 50c a bushel; corn, 15c; and country flour was $4.37 a barrel.

Little & Ray carried a half-column advertisement in The Telegraph in which they advertised a general stock of merchandise, which included dry goods, boots and shoes, hardware and tinware.


The above article was originally prepared, written and published by Howard F. Dyson
in The Rushville Times during the year 1918.

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