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Our Schuyler Boys Abroad
    Through the kindness of Henry S. Metz, Esq., who has just returned from an extensive tour through the West, we are enabled to acquaint our readers of the whereabouts of a great many of our Schuyler boys who are engaged in business in the Western states.

    Emory and Loren Wright are at Mount Vernon, in South-west Missouri, engaged in the mercantile business. They carry quite a large stock of general merchandise and are doing a good business. They have both married Mount Vernon girls, and expect to make that place their permanent home.

    John T. Teel is also at Mount Vernon engaged in the practice of law, being associated with Hon. Nathan Bray, one of the best practitioners in South-west Missouri.

    Billy Hinton, son of Mrs. Mary Hinton, of this place, is at Neosha, Missouri, engaged in hardware business. He is doing well.

    Andrew Matthews and family are residing in Joplin, Mo., one of the best lead mining districts in the United States. He is also engaged in the hardware and tin business.

    Harlan Emerson, M. D. L. Manlove, Joseph Manlove, Solon Manlove, Ed. Manlove, J. M. Dennis, Frank Ritchey, Newton Chadsey, B. F. Goodwin, Ad. Winchell and W. V. Berry are located in Cherokee, Kansas. Harlan Emerson is engaged in the boot and shoe trade, seeling for cash only. J. M. Dennis and W. V. Berry are selling hardware. M. D. L. Manlove is in the lumber business. Solon Manlove postmaster. Jos. and Ed. Manlove are keeping general stock of merchandise. Newton Chadsey is in the dry goods and grain business. George Brown is also merchandising. Frank Goodwin and Ad. Winchell are farming, and doing well. Frank Ritchey is teaching school this winter near Cherokee.

    At Fort Scott out former esteemed citizen J. D. Manlove resides. His son Newton also lives there, engaged in the land business. Newton is getting to be quite wealthy.

    Charley and Ted. Bellchamber are living in Kansas City, manufacturing brooms.

    At Tecumech, Nebraska, are to be found Will and George Beatty, engaged in mercantile business. Ed. Wright and Charley McCrosky also selling goods, George Warren clerking for them. Charley Campbell is also there working at his trade in Harmon’s hardware store. Sam. Campbell is clerking for a drug house. Will and John Campbell are farming six miles north-west of Tecumech, and Wm. Little and Wm. Snyder have just recently settled in that country, four miles west of the same town. All are doing exceedingly well. Mrs. Isabella Greer also resides in Tecumech, although not a “Schuyler boy”, our readers will be pleased to hear that she is living, and much pleased with the Western country.

    George Ramsey is living at Sterling, a town twelve miles north of Tecumech, on the railroad, engaged in selling goods.– John Graff is also there in the land business.

    Peter Colt and Rob Colt are residing at Lincoln, Nebraska. Peter is a painter by trade. Rob is farming near that city.

    Charles McCreary, son of Samuel McCreary, Esq., of this place, is at Sedalia, Mo., clerking in a drug store.

    Mr. Metz speaks highly of the general [unreadable word] of the country and people he visited. We would not be surprised to learn any day of his determination to “Go West, young man,” himself. 

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