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Kyle M. Condon – April 2002
    Ansel W. Sloat was born 9/16/1834 and died 9/18/1913and is buried in the El Paso Cemetery, Derby, Sedgwick County, Kansas.The headstone on his grave shows he served in Co. G, 28th Ill, Inf. hewas mustered in on Aug 19, 1861 from Schuyler Co, Rushville, and was dischargeddue to disability on March 29, 1862. Also buried in the El Paso Cemeteryis
Martha T. Sloat who was born Feb 19, 1842 and died Aug 31, 1902. alsoburied in the cemetery with the same name is Lewis Sloat who died 2/3/1954and Ermine Sloat who died July 24, 1952. Ansel name shows up in Rose Hill,Butler County, KS on a civil war disability list.
    This family is not related to me, this informationis provided for anyone searching for this family.

Joan Banker – April 2002
    I would like to find the birth record of my ggrandfather.I have checked where I thought I might be able to get it, but the recordsapparently don’t go back as far a I need to go. Here is what I have: FranklinWhite born  Feb.18 1857 in Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois. His parents were Elias Hutchins White and Lucina Gay White. If you canhelp me I would so appreciate it.

Patricia Johnston Treadwell– April 2002
    Looking for information on Finley G. and CatherineJohnston. He was born in TN and settled in Rushville in the 1850’s. I foundhim in the 1870 census. I would like to know if he is in the1880 censusand if not when he died and where he is buried. 

Matt Carpenter – April 2002
    I am looking for information on Benjamin Carpenter(d. 12 June 1840), a Revolutionary War veteran, buried in Schuyler Co.IL. If someone knows where in Schuyler Co. he is buried that would help.

Cecil xxx – April 2002
    I am searching for information about Thomas Brown.He married Fatima Miller 14 Nov 1847, Fulton County, Illinois.  Ihave a copy of [the] marriage from that county, but can’t find anythingelse about either of these two people. Thomas Brown’s Father signed givinghis consent, John J. Brown. Thomas and Fatima had children, one being HerbertBrown. I appreciate your help. I have nothing else on Thomas or Fatima,his wife. Just know John J. Brown signed for son Thomas to be married.

Cindy Messick – April 2002
    I am looking for information about any KINNAMONfamilies that might have been living in the Rushville area. My grandfatherwas Orville born 4/26/1902 and he had at least 2 brothers Richard b. abt1897 and Paul b. abt 1910. They were born in Indiana. I do not know whotheir parents were. I would appreciate any information.

T. Frey – April 2002
    Looking for information on the family of JasperHooker, b. 1843 in Schuyler Co., IL. His father was Samuel. I have foundthe family in various censuses. IL marriage records show that Jasper Hookermarried Sarah Jane Beghtol on 11/07/1867 in Schuyler Co. My biggest questionis regarding Jasper’s oldest daughter, Mary. Family records say she wasborn April 16, 1865 (2 yrs. before her parents’ marriage). Her birth yearbased on info from the 1880 census would be around 1863. Family
notes seem to indicate some disharmony between Mary and her parents.I suspect that Sarah Jane may have been Mary’s step-mother, however, Ican find no record of a previous marriage for Jasper. Does anyone haveany information about this family?

Chris McCune – April 2002
    Am looking for information on a Logsdon family thatcame to Schuyler County in the 1820’s. There appears to be several brotherswho relocated about the same time. Their names were James Vaughn, John,Redman, Amos, and Ransom (Jackson) Logsdon. Am also interested in informationon the Houston family. A sister of the above named Logsdon brothers marriedAndrew Jackson Houston in neighboring Morgan County in 1832. I feel thefamilies may have lived near each other. Thank you for any information.

Sheryl Campbell-Banks -April 2002
    Looking for Marriage or Divorce Records of Earnest(Charlie) Charles Dupoy and Margaret Lucille Beebe. From family storiesthey were married a short time and divorced in Rushville, Schuyler County,IL late 1944 or early 1945. Any help would be appreciated. I wish therewas more to go on, but no one seems to want to talk. Thank you in advance.

Jodi xxx – April 2002
    I am looking for info on Berryman Jackson Breeden,aka Beramon. Specifically, I am looking for a death record, probate records,or burial site. He was in Schuyler Co, Hickory Twp, in 1860.

Paul Zimmerman – April 2002
    Looking for anything on William Gorsuch b 1793 andsettled in Schuyler Co. Can you tell me where I might get info on the GorsuchCemetery located in Block 36 of Oakland township of Schuyler Co. ??

George Holt – April 2002
    In researching my family history, I have come toa dead end which would only be opened with some help from someone in SchuylerCounty. Perhaps you may lead me to someone or be of assistance yourselfin my problem.
    My great grandfather Andrew Spiva (Spivey), wasborn in or near Schuyler County on January 15, 1811. He was the third sonof one Joshua Spivey; the first two sons were William and James Harvey.Andrew married Tennessee Noble on 8/6/1829 in Schuyler, their marriagewas the 27th recorded in the County. With several other families, Andrew& Tennessee Spiva made their way to Texas on or about 1834.
    I found one J. Spivey in the 1810 Illinois Censusfor Clear Lake #21, which I have been informed is an area in what is nowSchuyler. The family members listed on this census agree completely withthe family history of the Spiva/Spivey family of Schuyler.
    Are the graves in the cemeteries in the County listedanywhere? I would like to know where the above J. Spivey is buried andwith whom. I do know that my Andrew returned from Texas, after his secondwife died, with two children. One of these children, a Mary Ann Comal Spivamarried James P. Starr in Schuyler on 8/19/1866. My Andrew died, accordingto
Bible records, on 9/27/1867 in Schuyler County, where I do not know.
    Again, if you could lead me to someone who may beable to assist me in this search I would be extremely grateful.

Jim Poppell – April 2002
    I am looking for information on John Thomas KNOWLES.He married Drusilla LOGSTON on 7 Oct 1849 in Rushville.  Any helpon them or their descendants is greatly appreciated.

Clark Jay Wilson – April2002
    I am trying to find more information about the familyof JOHN S. ANDERSON and his wife, EMILY MALVINA YOUNG. They lived in HuntsvilleTownship about 1850 to 1870.
    JOHN S. ANDERSON was born 1 February 1827 in Berlin,Maryland, and died 8 August 1914 in Quincy, Illinois. He married EMILYMALVINA YOUNG 4 February 1849 in Quincy, Illinois, daughter of (I believe)JOHN YOUNG and
MARY.  She was born Abt. 1831 in Illinois, and died Abt. 1896.
Children of JOHN ANDERSON and EMILY YOUNG are:
 i. MARY ALMA ANDERSON, b. Abt. 1844; d. Quincy, Illinois.
 ii. OLIVE MAUDE ANDERSON, b. Abt. 1850, Huntsville, SchuylerCounty Illinois; d. 24 November 1948, Portland, Oregon; m. A. J. JONES.
 iii. VIRGINIA ANDERSON, b. 14 March 1853, Huntsville, SchuylerCounty Illinois; d. 13 May 1953, Jacksonville, Illinois.
 iv. ADELINE B. ANDERSON, b. Abt. 1855, Huntsville, Schuyler CountyIllinois; d. Galesburg, Illinois; m. G. S. HARRIS.
 v. HESTER ANDERSON, b. Abt. 1857, Huntsville, Schuyler CountyIllinois;
d. Portland, Oregon; m. B. F. REA.
 vi. PAUL ANDERSON, b. Abt. 1857, Huntsville, Schuyler CountyIllinois.
 vii. HARRY F. ANDERSON, b. Abt. 1865.

Patt Rhue – April 2002
    Any information regarding George W. (possibly Washington)Adams would be appreciated. I believe he was born in Schuyler County, ILpossibly 5 Sept. 1856. I have copy of his marriage license to Julia (Mallory)Adams that I received from the Co. Clerk’s office.
    I’ve received some information from Fulton County,IL that he was buried in Lankford Cemetery.  I believe that is supposedto be Langford Cemetery. Is that cemetery still in existence? I’m terriblycurious, as there is a headstone in the Cooperstown Cemetery, Brown Co.,IL with his name on it next to my Great Grandmother name, Julia (Mallory)Adams.  It is a puzzlement to me at this time. Any information wouldbe welcomed.

Julie Karraker West – August2002
    I’m trying to find out some information about R.A. Karraker. He is listed as one of the pastors at the Christian Churchof Rushville. I’m guessing he was the pastor there before 1924, becausethe pastor at the church when it was enlarged in 1924 comes after R. A.Karraker in the list of pastors.

Nola L. Thompson – August 2002
     Am looking for information on Davenport, Myers,Garrett, and Kingston families from Schuyler, Hancock and McDonough Countiesaround 1835 to 1880’s or even later. Would love to hear from any descendantsof these families.

Nancy Newman – August 2002
    Seeking information regarding James W. Abbott locatedin Oregon Twp.1850. Thanks!

Judy Chadderdon – August2002
    Looking for info on Elizabeth and John BOWLING Sr.,early settlers of Schuyler County, arrived in late 1820s or very early1830s. John Sr. died in November 1856 in Schuyler. They had two sons anda daughter: John Jr. married Louisa TYSON; William A. married Ellen CUNNINGHAMand later died in the Civil War; Frances married John W. EADES. Any infowelcome!

Julia Henson – August 2002
    I’m looking for information on the following names.I believe they are part of the same family.
Florence (Wells) Hillyer
James or Frank Wells
Herbert Wells
Martha (Kellion) Wells
David Wells
Florence (Misner) Wells
Martha (Misner) Williams
(Florence (Wells) Hillyer is my GrGrandmother)

Carrie Reber – August2002
    I am seeking more information about Susan EllenSkiles, born in Schuyler County in 1851. I believe her father to have beenWilliam C. Skiles, and she had an uncle who was a minister in Industry,Illinois. Her siblings may have included: Perry, George, Elizabeth, Sarahand Genera Skiles. Susan married James Russell of McDonough County in 1875.
    Any information, leads or documents related to thisfamily would be greatly appreciated.

Linda K. Gill – August 2002
    In the 1880 Schuyler County census, John and SarahDawson were listed two households before William and Solena Dawson. Theoldest son of John and Sarah, William (listed as Willie on that census),is my grandfather. I have been unable to confirm the parents of John butwonder if his neighbor, William, could be his father. The Patron List forBainbridge Township lists William Dawson as a native of Wayne Co, OH whowent to Schuyer Co, IL in 1854.  John was also born in Ohio.
    Does anyone have access to an obit or marriage recordfor William and his previous wife or wives (before Solena), a cemeteryrecord, or information about other family members of his?

Carl Stevens – August 2002
    I am looking for my great great grandfather ArgillC Stevens born 1809, married Nancy Tungate 1838. Had a son Calvin R. Stevensborn 1844. Any help appreciated.

Ada Jane “A.J.” Goodwin-Coleman– August 2002
    DAY, Joseph b 1794 or 1796  d 1873, m EstherClouse in Ohio in 1814, m Salena Day in 1869. His dt Lavina Day was mygreatg. Lavina m Washington “Pap” Rittenhouse.
    Any info on Day family would be appreciated.

Ada Jane “A.J.” Goodwin-Coleman– August 2002
    Thomas Goodwin b 1800 Frederick Co., VA, son ofGideon Goodwin. Ancestral search shows ancestors came from Wales in 1708.Tailor by occupation. Removed from VA to Mt. Pleasant, Ohio in 1818 withhis family (don’t know if his father went or was dead). Removed from OHto Schuyler County in 1834. Land records show he purchased land from McCreerySection near West Washington Street. His brother, Asa b 1809 FrederickCo., VA followed Thos to Rushville. Was sheriff for two terms in 1840’s.Was active in community and in mercantile business (Wells & Goodwin).I would like to know exactly
where his business was situated (on the square or near McCreery section)?
    Nephew Andrew, son of brother John Goodwin, alsofollowed Thos later to Rushville. Andrew had a shoemaker business on thesquare. I believe his business est. was on west side of square. Quakerby religion/don’t know if he continued his belief.  Would like toknow if there was a Meeting House near Rushville?…and if there are records.

Victoria Davis – December 2002
    Could someone PLEASE help, I need a lookup in theSchyuler Co. History book. I have found James W. Davis from Ky,
who was a preacher at Rushville Christian Church abt. 1830. Could someoneplease see if there is more info on him or his family. Thank you so muchfor ANY help! 

Sandy Thixton – December2002
    Looking for information about the John H. Thixtonburied in Davis Cemetery, Bainbridge Township (d. May 31, 1865 aged 38years, 3 months, 2 days). I have a John Thixton ancestor born in Knox Co.IN and who appears in the 1850 census in that county.  He was marriedto Marthan Ann Connell and they had three children by 1865:  Mary,John Henry, and Julia. Can anyone tell me who the John Thixton is who isburied in Davis Cemetery?

Julie Henderson – December 2002
    I am looking for James Sherman McAllister, bornin 1876 in Littleton, Illinois. He moved as a small boy to Palo Alto Co.,Iowa. Son of John Edward McAllister and Elizabeth Amelia Stacker.

Susan Cheney – December 2002
    Seeking information on Charles Atkinson and AmandaCreasey who were married in McDonough County, Illinois, on April 22, 1897,and moved to Schuyler County after they were married. Any info would bevery much appreciated.

Raymond Shirley – December 2002
    I understand from Internet sources there is a MosesJustice buried in Old Ridgeville cemetery, Schuyler County, IL.  Iwould like to know if there are records or a grave marker with name anddates. Am interested in the given name of his wife.

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