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RobertIsaac   7 May 1999
I would like any info onAllen ISAACS who married Sinia MOORE, 14 Dec 1831 in Schulyler County.

CaroleSpencer   12 May 1999
Searching for any info onJohn SMITH of Schuyler Co., who purchased land from the U.S. governmentin Fulton Co., Kerton Twp., July 10, 1844.

JudyEvans   14 May 1999
Does anyone have informationon descendents of James (d. 1893) and Sarah Rachel HENDRICKSON ( b. Dec1852d. 19 Jan 1927)?  There were 11 children and I have a fair amountof information on some of them. Would be willing to share, and am interestedin additional info.

PatriciaLong    16 May 1999
Just found out that my ggggf,Washington Irving ROBBINS, was living in Schuyler Co. in 1860 in the townshipof Hickory and post office of Butlersville. He is listed on the index asW.J.  His wife was H.M. (Helen Marr ROBINSON Robbins) and their son(my ggf) was Charles Harmon ROBBINS. There are 2 other people living withhim at the time…Mary KEEN who was 20 and John PURDA who was also 20 anda laborer.  I know that they also had a son born in 1858 who onlylived for a month. If anyone is researching any of these surnames, I wouldlove to correspond with you.

JaneiceCrosson   19 May 1999
I am looking for informationconcerning John GRIFFITH/GRIFFIN who married Emaline HUFF in Brooklyn,Schuyler Co, Illinois, in 1849. They then moved to Missouri for a shorttime but returned to Brooklyn Township, where John owned a piece of land,40 acres adjoining that of William HUFF in Brooklyn Township. Later, Johnand Emaline moved their family to Linn County, Kansas, where they farmedfor many years and where they are buried.

EvanO’Hara   22 May 1999
I am seeking info on JohnLUDLUM.  He was in Calhoun Co. in 1830, then I lost track of him.I believe one of his sons to be John Qunicy LUDLUM found in Fulton 1850. Some of the family members lived in Schuyler Co. in the late 1830’s.I hope I can find his trail here. Thanks for your help.

NormanFranklin Northcutt   23 May 1999
I am searhing for the JohnFranklin/Sarah AVERY family. Their children were: Viola May born 1879;Wallace born abt 1880; Violet born abt 1882; Arvilla born date unknown.I have my grandmother Viola’s spelling book published in 1893 and givencompliments of Roach & Ttetrick west side Sq. Rushville. In it shehas her name and Erwin, Il and Rushville Il in it. My fathers birth certificatesays Viola was born in Beardstown but her birth certificate was never filledout so I do not know if this is right. I have a family connection withthe Ebenezer FRANKLIN Jr./Sarah Jane NORTHCUT that were residing in SchulyerCo. On the 1880 census they were living next door to a Joshula Avery family.I have a photo of a Joshula AVERY but do not know if these families areconnected.

Sandi  3 June 1999
Looking for any informationon the DUPUY family from Schuyler County, Illinois in the early 1820’sand on.  Some of them married into BEEBE family. Thank you.

BobFondersmith   3 June 1999
Looking for informationon Burton Hezikiah GREGG born 1 Nov 1881 to George Washington GREGG andMary ( WESTCOTT ) GREGG. According to my mothers birth certificate he wasborn in Rushville. My sister has said that the WESTCOTT is related to TRUMANsomehow. Don’t know for sure.

ShirleyJ. Nichols Jones   4 June 1999
Alva Arthur NICHOLS wasborn in Roy or Ray, Illinois, January 30, 1870. His mother died when Alvawas about three years old. Alva moved to Fremont, Nebraska, to live withan older married sister. Alva Arthur NICHOLS was one of the youngest ofabout 10 children. Some of his brothers were: Charlies (the oldest?), Wesley,and Frank. They lived in the Denver, Colorado area in 1941-1942. I am notsure I am in the right county. In the cemetery book for Woodlawn Cemetery,Ferndale, Wa., it lists Alva Arthur NICHOLS birthplace as Roy, Illinois. A friend of mine found on an old map a Ray, Illinois in Schuyler. Any informationwould be greatly appreciated.

MikeSalesberry   5 June 1999
I am trying to find anyinformation on a Kate SALESBERRY, who, records show, married a StephenROBERTSON, son of Thomas
ROBERTSON and Sarah BOLTEN. Stephen was born in Schuyler County, 1843. I have no information on KateSALESBERRY at all.
Thank you.

JoyCole   10 June 1999
I am doing research on theWilliam E. BLACK family. He was from Mason City, Schulyer county. Marriedto a Mary Jane BOX.  I am estimating their birth years to be between1841 and 1848. I am also looking for any BRICKER or WARDs.

Lonniand Steve Bell   13 June 1999
We are trying to find informationabout Isaac BELL from Schuyler County. We know this much: Isaac BELL servedin the Civil War.  The records indicate that he was from Rushville,Illinois.  He was in Company A of the 14th Illinois Infantry. His discharge document states that he was born November 26, 1843. His occupation was listed as a farmer.  We have a tin-type of himin his Civil War uniform.  Apparently after the war he moved to Kansaswhere he married Julia WARD in 1870.  They had at least seven children,one of whom was my husband’s grandfather, Charles Frederick BELL. Searchingfor information regarding Isaac BELL’s parents or additional backgroundon the BELLs.  If you have any information on Julia WARD, that wouldbe very much appreciated also, although we do not know if she was fromSchuyler County or not.

TammyJohnson Stetler   15 June 1999
I am looking for any informationon my ggggrandfather Ensley JOHNSON. He is shown to be in the 1850 SchuylerCounty, Browning Township census. His wife’s name is Emeline born in unknownlocation in Missouri. At the time of the census children listed are asfollows: Greenville 6yrs, William 4yrs, Susan 2yrs, George (my gggrandfather)1.5 yrs. George married a Mary Jane WOODS
from Schuyler County, IL.  George and Mary eventually settled in Mason County, IL.  Mygreat grandfather George M. JOHNSON was born 1-5-1892 in Mason County. He married Martha Ellen BLANCHARD on 4-10-1918, which produced two sonsCarl and Russell (my grandfather).  I am at a dead end with Mary JaneWOODS link and with the Ensley JOHNSON link.  I hope this little bitof
info will match with someoneelse’s. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

GlennaMiller Bartlett   15 June 1999
Looking for relatives ofBenjamin Franklin UNDERWOOD and Mary Jane FORD UNDERWOOD.  B.F. isthe first born of Zachariah and Sarah “Sally” JONES UNDERWOOD in JenningsCo., Ind.  Following are the other children born to this union: William T. b. (1825), married Priscilla HOCKENSMITH, James W. b. (1826)James also had a son named Zachariah; Thomas F. b. 1830, Julia Ann b. (1832)married Admiral WINCHELL, Priscilla E. b. (1834) married Miles PERRY, EmilyA. b. (1836) married B. F. LORD, Zachariah L. b. (1838) married Mary ADDLEMAN,Minerva b. (1840) married Aurelias KINNEAR, John W. b. (1845), marriedMary Eliz. McCaslin. **Sarah JONES died 17 May 1845 in Jefferson Co., Ind***,2nd wife is Zarela WALKER, married 1 Apr 1849, the following children werefrom the second union: Miriam L., Sarah E., Allen A., Mary, Francis whomarried Lottie, Eliza.

B.F. and Mary Jane had theirfirst children in Indiana, Sarah E., 15 Oct 1846, Francis Marion b. 18Oct 1848, Marietta born 20 May 1850, the family then moved to Rushville,Schuyler Co., and the following children were born there, Jepatha Levi20 Mar 1852, Azra Linton 1 Apr 1854, Maro Franklin 14 Sep 1858, Nancy Minerva6 Oct 1860 married James Mason OFFILL, Emma Elissa b. 20 Jan 1862. Thechildren married in Rushville, Sarah Elizabeth married Lewis DAVIS 25 Apr,1864, Francis Marion married Susan Elizabeth DERRICKSON 29 Dec, 1881, Mariettamarried Marion Wilmot MILLER 10 Dec 1868 (this is my line and I have lotsto share), Maro Franklin married Lemonia Mateer MATTHEWS 14 Jan 1885. If you are related or would like to share family information, please contactme.

LaureenJohnson   17 June 1999
MOORE, Henrietta is listedon the 1870 Mortality Schedule of Schuyler Co., Oakland Twp., IL. Henriettawas married in 1809 in Lincoln Co., KY to Charles MOORE.  Her fatherwas probably William ADAMS of Virginia. I would like to find out whereshe is buried in Schuyler Co.  There is no list of deaths in IL in1870.  One of these nice summer days you all up there in SchuylerCo. should walk around some of these cemeteries and see who is buried there.If anyone has access to info about Henrietta let me know.

GOULD, Warner M. b. abt.1848 in NY.  Son of John GOULD and Olive. Son Jason born 1809 NY.Lived in OH Cuyahoga Co., in 1820, 1830 Cuyahoga, 1840 Coshoctan. In 1876 married Martha E. MOORE in Schuyler Co., IL. In 1877 Warner boughtproperty from his brother Robert GOULD in Oakland Twp.  In 1885 MarthaMOORE remarried Billings ROBINSON.  Warner M. must be buried aroundSchuyler Co., Oakland Twp.  He was deceased between 1877-1885.

If anyone is in the positionto find the graves of these individuals please contact me and we can worksomething out.

Carol  19 June 1999
I’m looking for informationon the family of John William REBMAN b. 1/4/1883 Bryant Fulton Co IL d.11/18/1951 Wayne MI (m. Fanny Josephine POOLE or could have been DAVISsince her parents were divorced and I don’t know which name she went by,b.3/6/1886 d. 11/21/1961). They had seven children, as far as I know, allborn in Rushville (at least the youngest was). John Williams’ parents wereJohn Franklin REBMAN and Rose Ann BEATTY or BEATY. I have no dates on JohnFranklin and the trail ends with him. Any information would be appreciated.

FloydHood   22 June 1999
Samuel COKELEY born on June19, 1833 in Rushville, Schuyler, Illinois. His father was William COKELEYand mother Nancy Ann BECKLY. They were from Virginia. Looking for the familyof William and Nancy.

RichardW. Coursey   27 June 1999
Searching for informationre: Jesse EASLEY and family. Was in the 1850 and 1860 census for SchuylerCo., Rushville Twp. Son William was a dentist and left for Ca. 1850. Wouldlike info concerning death, place of burial, etc. Daughter Mary (Polly)AULGER (AULGUR) age 50 was living with them in 1860. All data appreciated.

RichardW. Coursey   27 June 1999
I would like info re: familyof John W. COURSEY who lived in Camden or Brooklyn Twp. Schuyler Co. andwere in the 1880 census for Camden Twp. Daughter Pearl died in 1894 ofTyphoid (I believe) and was buried there, site undetermined. Lived approx.4 and 1/2 mile NE of Camden. Any info concerning Pearl’s burial cemetery,the families actual site of residence, schooling, or worship is greatlyappreciated.

Cindy Foster  27 June 1999
Does anyone have accessto marriage records for Schuyler Co.?  I am looking for marriage ofIsaac Newton FOSTER and Eliza M. BUSHNELL which took place there 13 Nov1845. Isaac, perhaps known as Newt or Newton died there Aug 1858, but Ihave no record of his burial, estate, etc.

IsaacN. Foster and Eliza M. Bushnell were married 13 November 1845 by A. G.Dupuy, Marriage License #1162.

LizOsborn   30 June 1999
Looking for info re AmzeyMILLER (b abt 1823 OH), m Marriah MOSES (b abt 1823 OH), lived in SchuylerCo in mid 1850’s.  Dau Polly Jane MILLER (b 10 Aug 1855 IL) m BarnabusLafayette SELL (b 11 Feb 1851, Schuyler Co. IL) on 20 Apr 1873 in SchuylerCo. IL. Been stuck on this line for years. Could really use some hintsor directions.

KatharineSparks   1 July 1999
I am researching ROSE andWHITE lines that were in Schuyler and Brown Counties in 1820-1840. Any information on Nathaniel WHITE who married Mary Ann ROSE October 10,1833.  Mary’s parents were Ezekiel ROSE and Catherine STITES. They moved from Kentucky.  Nathaniel’s father may be Jacob WHITE.The family came from Indiana and Ohio.  I am interested in descendantsand ancestors of these families.

PatSmith   2 July 1999
I am looking for informationon a wagon train that came from Davidson Co NC about 1836. Sherwood KENNEDYand his family came to Schuyler Co. with many other families at that time.I think there may have been HITCHCOCKS and maybe WARDS and BODENHAMERSin that train.

MichaelDace   15 July 1999
I am stuck on one ancestorand I can’t trace the lineage any farther until I find further informationon this person.  His name was Michael Augustine DACE, born 07-20-1835,and lived in Monroe county and Schuyler county. I have his marriage record;he married Elizabeth HARLOW in Monroe county, Ill. in 1856, but I can notfind out who his father was to continue my trace.  Can you help me?If so, please advise.

JeroldA. Wood   19 July 1999
Warren R. PENNINGTON, born5-17 1817 died 2-18-1896, married Juliet SHANNON PENNINGTON born 1829,died 3-10-1898 Hay Springs NE. Daughter Corelli PENNINGTON, born 4-20-1862Industry IL. Married George GIBBS, born 3-31-1863 Coaltown, PA.  Bothdied in Hay Springs NE  12-28-1934 and 12-20-1960, respectively. Any informaion regarding Ancestors or Life is greatly appreciated.

BarbSmith   19 July 1999
Am looking for informationon my grandfather owning a sawmill in Schulyer county.  I know thathe owned it in 1914 when it was included in information on my father’sbirth certificate.  It was also mentioned in my grandfather’s obituaryin 1946.  My grandparents were John S. and Elizabeth (Lizzie) JaneHARE and my father was John Jacob Astor HARE.  I would appreciateany information you could give me.

CindyBullen   20 July 1999
I am searching for informationon Buford ADAMS b. Feb 16, 1820 and d. Feb 21, 1859 in Schuyler Co., IL. He married Elizabeth BLACK Feb 4, 1847 in Schuyler Co., IL., daughter ofJames and Mary (PADGETT) BLACK.  Their children were: (1) Solena Elvirab. June 24, 1850 Schuyler Co., IL and died Jan 6, 1931 in Schuyler Co.,IL  m1/ Henry David GOLLIHER, m2/ John D. BLACK, (2) Mary J. b. Jan10, 1852 d. Jan 1952 m. George BLACK  (3) Agatha b. Dec 16, 1855 inSchuyler Co., IL d. Dec 7, 1942 (4) Caleb b. Oct 17, 1853 in Schuyler Co.,IL d. April 12, 1874 in Schuyler Co., IL and (5) James P. b. Oct 29, 1847Schuyler Co., IL d. July 29, 1851 in Schuyler Co., IL.

CindyBullen   20 July 1999
I am searching for infoon Henry David GOLLIHER b. Aug 11, 1850 in IL and died April 21, 1881 inSchuyler Co., IL.  He married Solena Elvira ADAMS on Aug 5, 1876 inSchuyler Co., IL dau. of Buford and Elizabeth (BLACK) ADAMS.  Theirchildren were: (1) William James b. Aug 1, 1880 IL d. Feb 14, 1965 in Rushville,buried at Cooperstown, IL (2) Buford Adams b. Mar 28, 1877 in
Schuyler Co., IL d. Oct28, 1940 in Quincy, IL.

CindyBullen   20 July 1999
I’m searching for info onMartin Abner YATES b. Sept 14, 1835 in SC and died Feb 6, 1923 in CamdenTwp. Schuyler Co., IL.  He married Catherine SPOONAMORE on Oct 12,1860 in Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL dau. of John and Polly (SPIVA) SPOONAMORE. Their children were: (1) Alice A. b. Nov 14, 1861 Schuyler Co., IL m BILLETER(2) Amanda b. abt 1863 d. young (3) David b. abt 1863 d. young (4) Jenniferb. Sept 16, 1864 Schuyler Co., IL m EADES (5) Katherine b. abt 1866 d young(6) Hannah b. Mar 14, 1868, Schuyler Co., IL (7) Robert Richmond b. Jan14, 1870 Schuyler Co., IL m Clara Ann BLACK (8) James b. Feb 4, 1872 SchuylerCo., IL (9) Martin b. Mar 12, 1864, Schuyler Co., IL (10) John b. Feb.4, 1876 Schuyler Co., IL m. Ethel PRICE (11) Ernest b. Jan 1, 1879 SchuylerCo., IL and (12) Prudence b. May 2, 1882 Schuyler Co., IL m. John B. PRICE.

TomSpoonamore   23 July 1999
Looking for informationon the SPOONAMORE/SPOONEMORE family. Two of William SPOONAMORE’s daughtersare listed on his obituary as living in Rushville, Schuyler Co in 1906,Mrs Barry BIGGS and Mrs Anna WILKEY. Other related surnames are GREEN,BOYD, BLOYD, BROWN and UNDERHILL. I have extensive Spoonamore family infothat I wil be glad to share.

TomSpoonamore   25 July 1999
Looking for info on WilliamJ BECK, listed on the 1850 Census as a Teacher living in Bainbridge Twp.William was born abt 1826 in Iowa and may have married Sarah A SPOONAMORE.

SusanSwindell   26 July 1999
Looking for informationon Samuel DARK who died 1 Oct 1849 probably in Schuyler Co.  He andhis wife Sarah (died 17 Mar 1844) are buried at Newell Cemetery in BrooklynTwp.  They came to Schuyler Co in the 1830’s from TN.  Need toknow who their children were.  I have identified Robert L (b abt 1803),Samuel L (b abt 1812) and a daughter who was the wife of Hugh HAYS (nofirst name).  I’m sure there were others. Possibly Priscilla wifeof Hartwell SELLERS.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

LeroyGailey   7 August 1999
Is there a Vance Churchin Schuyler? “George Allen KINMAN of Fishhook, Pike County, Illinois andLouisa W. HOUSTON of Mound Station, Brown County, Illinois was united bythe Rev. Jessie Dennis, minister of the Gospel in the Bonds of Matrimonyat Vance Church house on January 19, 1868.”  The marriage licensewas from Schuyler County……..Any information? He was from Pike Co. andshe from Brown, so they may have set up housekeeping in Schuyler Co. Anyhelp would be appreciataed.

KimLeeper   10 August 1999
Am interested in my ggfJohn Thomas MORONEY born in Rushville, IL circa 1865.  He is the sonof Thomas MORONEY and Maryann ?.  He is my father’s mother’s father. My grandmother was Mary Grace MORONEY b:14 May 1889. Thanks in advance.

AnitaRobeson   16 August 1999
Looking for info on HarryD. ROBESON (b. Nov. 23, 1875) and wife Elizabeth (b. July 27, 1874), bothin Rushville.  One son was Harold D. Robeson, later of Edina, Mo.,and Scotland County, Mo.  Was Harry a veterinarian?  Thanks!

CarolWolf Britton   18 August 1999
I am in need of the followinginformation. I am seeking the approximate death date on Mary Ann (GARRETT)KIRKHAM. She was the daughter of Thomas J. and Susan WEIGART GARRETT andmarried Silas KIRKHAM in 1840. They had five children all daughters: Margaret,Susanna, Francis, and twins Lenora and Lorena. From hearsay I have heardshe died in KS.  I know one of her twins, Lenora married a CharlesLAWLER. Any information would be most appreciated.

DonaldDace   21 August 1999
Greetings from Arkansas.I am interested in adding to my data on Dennis DACE [b 18 May 1811 in MadisonCounty & d 2 Apr 1878 in Schuyler County], his children, siblings,and ancestors. Was there ever a picture of him?

JuliaEldridge   23 August 1999
Seeking information on JohnSAYLOR, who died at Rushville 11 Dec 1845 & is buried in RushvilleCity cemetery. Believe he was b. in the 1790’s. His spouse, Martha (lastname unknown) was b. in Tennessee 22 July 1797 and d. at Pittsfield, PikeCo., IL 09 Apr 1867.  She is buried in Rushville City Cemetery.
The 1840census for Carter Co., Tennessee shows 8 children.  The 5 known tome are:
ElizabethSAYLOR, 1819-1848; died at Rushville
MaryAnn SAYLOR b. bet. 1825-1827
JohnWesley SAYLOR, b. 1833
WilliamB. SAYLOR, 1835-1868; d. at Rushville

KathyDugan  30 August 1999
Seeking information on thefamily of John J. CAMPBELL, and anyone researching this family. The 1850census lists him in Schuyler Co., IL. He was born ca. 1821 in Kentucky.His wife, Emily SARTIN Campbell, was born in Kentucky. Their children includedJohn M., Sarah R., and Emily S., all born in IL, and James A. born in KSin 1858.

Cindy Foster 30 August 1999
Looking for a roster forthe 85th Illinois Infantry, Company H.  I believe Annias/AnniniasBUSHNELL from Schuyler Co. was a member.

DanaHenson  30 August 1999
Looking for relatives ofGeorge T. or Thomas WHITSON or his children, George 1857, Carrie 1860,Laura 1861,  Susan 1863, Lewis or William Lewis 1865, Fredrick 1869, and Clifford G, 1871-1894. Also of his parents Benjamin and wife Susanwho came from Ireland and their children. They lived in Lancaster Co. Pa.and Maryland before coming to Illinois.

WinonaE. Creek 30 August 1999
Researching  John ORRand Telithia COTTON.  Telithia was born September 13, 1776 in HertfordCounty, North Carolina.  She married John ORR from VA. on March 21,1800, in Sumner County, Tennessee.   Telithia and John ORR cameto Schuyler/Brown County  in 1830 or 1831 and settled just South ofCooperstown. John ORR is a brother to Green Berry ORR who came to Schuyler/BrownCounty the winter of 1830-1831. Their father John ORR married  Frances(?), he died in 1814, in Sumner County,
TN. John ORR supposedlydied in Brown County around 1839-40.  I am told that Telithia ‘Cotton’ORR died at Versailles in 1845.
The children of John andTelithia ORR, who lived and married in the Coopertown/ Versailles area,were  (1) Henry C., (2) Alexander, (3) Calvin, (4) Jesse W., and afifth child, a daughter whos name is  unknown. Alexander their sonlived and died in Cooperstown!
If anyone has any knowledgeof  John and Telithia ORR, please! let me know, she was my gg-grandmother.

VernonPrewitt   2 October 1999
I am looking for informationon Henry and Rachel STAMBAUGH/STAMBACH and their son, Enos STAMBAUGH. Henryand Rachel STAMBAUGH appeared on the 1860 federal census in Schuyler County,Illinois. They also appeared in the 1870 federal census in Schuyler Countywith their son, Enos.  Would appreciate any information anyone wouldhave on the STAMBAUGH/STAMBACH families that were in Schuyler County inthe mid-1850’s.  Thank you.

JoyQ. Gallagher   2 October 1999
Seeking descendants nowliving of Charles Henry WELLS and his wife Tede TURNEY Wells. They marriedMay 7, 1879 in St. Louis, MO and she was from Winchester, TN. They livedin Rushville, IL until their deaths in 1920 and 1935 respectively. Theyare both buried in City Cemetery, Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL. Their threechildren were:

1)  Meyer Turney Wellsb. 1880 d. 1912 m. Miss Adeline Stanley Carrick;
child Charles Henry Wells.

2)  Maurace Henry Wellsb. 1882 d. 1961 m. Miss Dorcas Hart; two sons
Jack and Maurace Henry Wells,Jr.

3)  Edna Erwin Wellsm. Fred G. Bear; two sons and one daughter Phillip
T., Fred G., Jr., and KathrynWells Bear.
Would like to make contactwith living descendants to inform them of a memorial service June 4, 2000for the erection of a monument in honor and memory of Tede Turney Wells’father Miller Francis “Tobe” Turney in City Cemetery, Winchester, FranklinCo., TN.  Tobe Turney was the brother of TN Governor Peter Turney.

Joy Q. Gallagher
1st Vice-president PeterTurney Chapter UDC
Winchester, TN

KimLeeper   2 October 1999
Am interested in John ThomasMARONEY b:1860. His daughter Mary Grace, who was my grandmother mentionedhe was a child in Rushville, IL. He was the son of Thomas Maroney b:? His mothers name was Maryann ? John Thomas Maroney married Mary Knightand fathered 1) Nora Maroney b: 9 Dec 1884 d: Oct 1971, NE 2) Mary GraceMaroney b: 14 May 1889, NE d: 21 Mar 1970, UT. Mary Grace Maroney marriedDudley Wood Leeper 15 Jun 1911, NE. Am interested in anything related toMaroney in IL.

M.Proctor   2 October 1999
I’d like to find informationon Joseph and Rebecca McDiffitt STONEKING, and daughter Matilda 1837-1914.They also had a son, George Washington Stoneking. I know they came to SchulyerCo. IL. about 1846. Any information on this family would be very helpfulto me. Thank you in advance.

JillZimmerman   2 October 1999
Recently discovered oldfamily photographs of two family members identified only as “Grandpa MOCK,Sallie DALES father”, and “Grandma MOCK.” Sallie Mock DALE was the motherof Robert C. DALE. The first name of his father (Sallie MOCK DALEs’ husband)is unknown at this time. The photo of “Grandma MOCK” lists Rushville onthe back. Also found in the same box of photos is one of Robert C. DALE,and a note indicates Rushville, Illinois as place of birth, which basedon date of marriage (1881) should be around late 1850’s or early 1860’s.This photo also notes on the back that the C. “He choose, but had no middlename.”

The 1850 Census for Rushville,Schuyler County, Illinois lists a Robert MOCK, age 26, b. Virginia, identifiedas a laborer and living in the BAGBY household. This would make this individualabout the correct age with a birth date of about 1824 to be the “GrandpaMOCK” who would be the grandfather of Robert C. DALE who married NellieFELLOWS in San Francisco, CA in 1881. However, have no connection or documentationthat this is the correct MOCK. Any help or leads appreciated.

M.Proctor   4 October 1999
I am looking for these HILLYERor HELLYER families: Thomas 1855-1877, sp: Julia HIGGINS 1858-1919 — Salatheil 1833-1888, sp: Matilda STONEKING 1837-1914 — Salatheil 1806-1886, sp: Elizabeth DAVIS 1809-1882. Any info would be helpful.

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