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M.Proctor   4 October 1999
I am Looking for the HIGGINSfamily of Schuyler Co. Specifically my ancestors are: Julia, 1858-1919- John, 1830-1902 – Daniel, 1807-1896 – Joseph, 1781-1840 and their spouses:Lucinda BURNETT, 1835-1879 – Sarah BREWER, 1806-1880 – Polly HENDERSON,1785-? Did John serve in the Civil War?  I can’t find a trace forhim. Any information would be appreciated,

M.Proctor   4 October 1999
I am looking for Jacob B.PARSONS 1827-1907.  It is my understanding that he and his familylived in Schuyler Co. His wife was Elizabeth PRUETT or PREWITT, 1833-1903.Any info would be helpful.

LeroyGailey   9 October 1999
Namah FORREST who marriedElisha B. KINMAN on Nov 5, 1843 in Schuyler Co. Vol I, page 116, Lic# 997. Any information would be appreciated.

DeniseGregory   13 October 1999
I am searching for DavidSHELBY who married Orpha CARLOCK and had a dau. Kasiah in 1833 in SchuylerCo., Ill. They later moved to Collin Co., TX. and Kasiah on to Calif. Ifyou have info on these lines email me.

LilaSwink   15 October 1999
Peter SWINK b. PA, wifeMariah b. KY., son George W. Swink b. 10 June 1836 KY. George W. Swinkwas the founder of Rocky Ford, CO.  Family on 1860 Oakland twnsp census.Looking for information/genealogy on this in family in IL.

Cindy Foster  28 October 1999
Does anyone know the namesof children of Alrick Mann FOSTER, Jr., Alpheus Guy (SNODGRASS) Fosteror William Foster? These three men are the son, step-son and adopted sonof Alrick Mann Foster, Sr. who died in Schuyler Co. in 1885.

Does anyone know the parentageof the Foster men that are listed in the Prairie Farmer’s Directory ofBrown and Schuyler Counties, IL 1918: Edward B., John H. (Emma S. Grove)and Harold (Helen Scudder). Their wives are in ( ) following their names. I assume the A. M. listed is Alrick Mann Foster, Jr.

Cindy Foster  28 October 1999
Does anyone know who inheritedthe Foster research done by Irene Foster Dintelman upon her death? Was it the Schuyler Co Genealogical Society or an individual?  MaryJane White was willed the Winters photographs, but she doesn’t know whathappened to the Foster photos and information.

BillyDenton Jr.   31 October 1999
I am searching for a CharlesM. Friddle b 1858 md Julia Ann Stevens, Jun 1876.

SunnieSkiles   31 October 1999
Elizabeth Ann Skiles, md. Wilson Sherrill 31 Aug 1849 in Rushville, Schuyler Co, IL. Any informationon name of her parents, etc.

SusanLogan Mueller   31 October 1999
Searching for info aboutWilliam Ray LOGAN b. 26 Aug 1893, Schuyler County, Illinois. Parents areJohn Stallard LOGAN, b. 29 Jan 1871, and Mary Elizabeth MAYES, b. abt.Jun 1872.

Cindy Foster  5 November 1999
Found this in the 1870 SchuylerCo., Rushville Twp census (pg 441). Anyone know her maiden name or thatof her husband? Widow Mary FOSTER age 27 born in IL father in IN, motherin PA.  She has Polly 8, Charley 6, Frank 4.  The children’sfather was born in VT.

Cindy Foster  5 November 1999
Can someone tell me thenatural parents of Zilpha Hollingsworth?  She is 11 years old in 1870and living with Milo & Nancy Bushnell in Woodstock Twp.  She islisted as their adopted daughter.  Milo is 78 yrs old and Nancy is72.

DesireeJill Steen   8 November 1999
I would like informationon Henry V. Craig and family (5 children were all born in Schuyler Co/BrooklynTwp-Sarah, Eliza J., David, Vashti, Lucinda). Most particular I am lookingfor a death date on his wife Mary (Venard or Varnard) Craig.  Theirlast child was born July 1850; did the mother die shortly after or didshe and Henry divorce?  He and his children moved to Schuyler Co.,MO, and he remarried Missouri Ann Redman in 1854.  Any help wouldbe appreciated.

LesLee   13 November 1999
In the 1880 census for BuenaVista Twp Joshua PILES, age 49,  is listed with his wife Caroline,age 45, and their children Theodore, age 22, Isabella age 19, Jane age14, Harriett age 12, Rosa age 10, Emma age 8 and Mary age 3. I have informationon Theodore and Isabella but this is the last mention I can find on Jane,Harriett, Rosa, Emma and Mary. I would appreciate any information anyonewould have on them. Also, I don’t know where Joshua and Caroline died andwere buried. Thanks for any help.

BonnieRice   13 November 1999
Looking for informationon John KNOUS, 1860 Schuyler Co. census #088 Bainbridge Twp. Any informationon him would be greatly
appreciated.  Can’tseem to connect with the right John Knous ancestor!

ReneeCarl  21 November 1999
Looking for the family ofAbraham and Eleanor PULMER STUKEY. They appear in the 1850 census in FrederickTwp, Schuyler Co but not in the 1860 census. Abraham was born in Ohio in1816 to John Stukey and Catherine ECKERT. The children of Abraham and Eleanorare George, Jacob S., Susanna, James W., and Abraham.

BarbaraHewitt   21 November 1999
I am looking for informationabout my ggggGrandfather John FREW who was married to Mary Jane WALTONin Jefferson Co. Oh. April 8, 1846. They appear on the 1850 Census of SchuylerCo. IL. John apparently was born in Ireland in 1810. I know of eight childrenborn to them:
Emeline m. John WALTON,
Mary Ann I believe to havemarried Francis M. MITCHELL
Martha Jane m. Alfred MATHISOR MATTHEWS
Amos m. Martha FRANKFORD
Elias m. Fanny STILE,
Henry m. Mary Jane CAINE,
Alex m Sidney Ann RUARK.
Hoping to connect with someonewho knows about any of these people as their research or descendants mayhave the information link for which I am searching re: my John FREW. Anyinformation would be appreciated.  I’m at a dead end.

WavaCockerill   6 December 1999
Searching for a George W.MOSS, whose address was listed as Eden Grove, Illinois, when he enlistedin the Civil War in 1861. I have not been able to find an Eden Grove.
I received a note sayingthat George Moss was a farm hand living with Benjamin Howk in SchuylerCounty in 1860. I also found his name in the 1860 census in Schuyler CO.,Huntsville Twp., Page 276. He and his wife were in Adams County, IL. in1865. Any information appreciated.

JacquelineJ. Wilson   8 December 1999
Researching: GOODWIN, NOEKER
Thomas Goodwin b in Fred.Co., Va and moved thru Jeff. Co. Ohio into Schuyler in the 1830/s, brotherAsa also came. My g grandmother, Mary E. Goodwin Noeker, was Thomas dau.and I have that line back to England. They were Quakers.

JacquelineJ. Wilson   8 December 1999
Researching: COLVIN, RANDELL
Geo. Colvin on 1860 censusfor Schuyler with Geo. Jr. and Wheeler Colvin. Also, Bainbridge Twsp, JohnRandell with wife Elizabeth and dau Wiltha (Wealthy)–looking for informationas to Colvin-Randell geneology. One on the line still in Mason Co., Illinois.

JimGolden   10 December 1999
Researching: BIGGS
Joel BIGGS was in SchuylerCounty in 1850 Census. His father, David, was in Hancock County. I willgladly exchange information on the BIGGS family. Schuyler County informationis hard to find in my area so I would appreciate any help on locating descendants,graves or other information on the BIGGS family in Schuyler County.

EdGreenwell   15 December 1999
Researching: TOLAND, PEARSON
I am trying to locate myG-Grandmother, Eliza TOLAND’s parents, I know from census records thatshe was born in Illinois, I don’t know where she was born in Illinois.I found her marriage certificate on the Illinois Marriage Index, She wasmarried to my Great Grandfather George Washington Pearson in the town ofOakland in Schuyler County, May 10, 1877. My Grandfather now deceased knewsome of the family history and told my mother that he was told that ElizaToland’s fathers name was Isaac Toland and that she had a brother namedWill. I looked in Schuyler County 1860 census and found an Isaac Tolandwho had a daughter named Eliza and a son named William the only thing thatdoesn’t fit is Eliza Toland’s age. She was listed on her marriage certificateas being 23 years old in 1877 when she was married, the census has ElizaToland as 13 years old in 1860. If anyone is researching the Tolands orPearsons maybe they can help me figure this out. Thanks for any help.

HughMcIlhenny   17 December 1999
Researching: McILHENNY
Seeking any informationon Ross Dwight McIlhenny, born in Vermont, Fulton County, on December 1,1890, to Edward and Anna Hogue McIlhenny of the Doddsville area, includinghis whereabouts, family/descendants, if any, and death records, as partof a current family history update and after a recent, exhaustive searchin McDonough County, a 1990 inquiry with the Historical Museum in Rushville,and an ongoing search in Fulton County.

DavidNewton    17 December 1999
Researching: LOUDERBACK
Looking for informationon Abraham Louderback who came from Rockingham County, Virginia and settledfirst in Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois and then in Bluffs, SchuylerCounty, Illinois. He was married to Barbara Long in 1815 in Virginia. Abrahamis buried in the Bluffs City Cemetery.

ToniaJansma   20 December 1999
I’m looking for informationon George Washington Adams (1859-1940). He married Julia Emerine MalloryJan. 1, 1880 in Schuyler Co. She was born 8-8-1862 and died 4-17-1950.Her parents were William Mallory and Emerine Haggerty. George and Juliahad at least one daughter Susie Ann Adams who married Ivan Rexford Thomas.Any information is greatly appreciated.

LaureenJohnson   22 December 1999
Researching: GOULD
Can anyone tell me whatstone quarry was in Schuyler Co. and who owned it – abt. 1870 – 1880. JohnW. Gould and Warner M. Gould both state that they are stone masons in 1870census. Robert H. Gould states that he is quarrying rocks.

MegGentry Bookout   27 December 1999
Looking for descendantsof Jonathan RENO, who was one of the first settlers in Schuyler County.He came from TN. He went to MO, where he was killed in 1838. His daughterMary “Polly Ann” RENO married Avenant HOLLINGSWORTH (son of Abraham, anotherearly settler of the county) in 1822 and they had 11 kids, some in IL,and some in MO, near Springfield. I descend from their son Harbin, bornin 1830 in IL. Any other folks researching the RENO and HOLLINGSWORTH linesout of Schuyler County?

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