Ridings Documents
Land Rent Agreement  

Rents Field: George A. Scripps agrees to rent to Nelson McNary Ridings and James E. Ridings [brothers] a field located in the NW corner of Section 25 2N 2W containing 28 acres more or less to raise a crop of corn. The rentors agree to burn or remove all the old logs that have fallen in the field or onto the fence, repair the fence, remove all sprouts and grub up and clean up to within two rods of the center of a pond, and clean out the drean [drain?] running east from said pond, and to cultivate the whole field of 4 rods square around the pond excepted; to pay said George A. Scripps $86 by the first day of December next; and to give possession of said field by first of March 1859. Dated 20th March 1858. It is signed by George A. Scripps and Nelson M. Ridings. Corner that likely contained signature of James E. Ridings is missing.

Submitted by: LouAnn Cameron

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