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Alphin, Baker, Bell, Brines, Brown, Campbell, Corman, Cornman, Croxton, Decamp, Dunbar, Estes,
Gapen, Garrett, Gibler, Hackworth, Hedgcock, Hindman, Hite, Huff, Jackson, Kelly, Kruse, Lenover, Lenover,
Lung, Luttrell, Mace, Manlove, Marlow, Mason, McKee, Moore, Patton, Pickinpaugh, Perry, Rippetoe, Roudebush, Sloat, Speed, Teel, Tipton, Walker, Willey, Wisby.

Ancestors of Lucius H. Valentine (a website link)

  Historical Documents of Solomon Winston & His Family
Hinderer Family History
Pickinpaugh Family History (photos only at this time.)  

David Graham History

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