Littleton Township
Soldiers in the Civil War

We append a list of all the Soldiers that went from Littleton township to the late rebellion; showing the different regiments and companies in which they enlisted. The record was carefully kept by Dr. Hosea Davis, of Littleton, at the time when the parties departed for service, and may be relied upon as correct.

Sixteenth Illinois, Company G.
Abbott, Charles
Barnes, Wilber A.
Batchlett, Adam
Dodds, Webster
Dodds, William
Marlow, James
Marlow, William
McCoy, Josiah B.
Nelson, Teel
Pennington, Isaac - died of disease.
Pittman, Byard - killed in battle.
Stodgel, Tillman - died of disease.
Thrush, John - killed in battle.

Tenth Missouri, Company A.
Abbott, Moses R.
Ainsworth, Albert S.
Applegate, B. T.
Bawden [Bowden], William - died of disease.
Briggs, William H. - lost on Steamer Gen. Lyon.
Busby, Zebulon - died of disease
Castor, Lewis
Colt, A. R. - promoted Capt. of Colored Regiment
Craycraft, Charles
Cross, James H.
Daily, Michael
Davis, A. J. - promoted Capt. of Co. B, 10th Regt.
Dewitt, Edmund
Dewitt, James A.
Ellicott, William H.
Harbison, John S. - died of disease
Horney, Leonard [Leonidas] - killed as Lieutenant Colonel at Champion Hills, Mississippi.
Legg, James M.
Logan, Benjamin R.
Long, Jacob Clement - died of wounds
McCabe, Miles
Nichols, G. W.
Odell, Alfred J.
Odell, D. Clinton
Pennington, James
Pitman, Sandford - died of wounds
Sellers, Andrew - lost on Steamer Gen. Lyon.
Sellers, Lafayette
Sellers, Leroy
Sheesely, Daniel
Snyder, David H.
Snyder, William
Snyder, William F.
Sprague, Samuel - died of disease
Stodgel, Francis M. - lost on Steamer Gen. Lyon.
Thompkins, George W.
Thompson, Samuel S.
Thrush, George
Vosburg, Cornelius - died of disease
Walker, Joseph - First Lieutenant, promoted to Major of Regiment.
Wilson, Elijah M., Jr. - Private
Wyckoff, James A. - Private

Sixty-second Illinois, Company I.
Ainsworth, Nelson
Barton, Elijah - died of disease.
Bates, James O.
Bates, Perry
Caldwell, John
Chandler, Seth - died of disease.
Cooper, Joel - died of disease.
Cooper, Lewis - died of disease.
Cooper, Noah A. - died of disease.
Detrick, Louis - died of disease.
Dewitt, George C. - died of disease.
Dodge, John S.
Ellis, George W.
Ellis, William D.
Fream, David - died of disease.
Green, James W.
Jahn, Ferdinand - died of disease.
Lowderman, Austin - died of disease.
Lowderman, Cornelius
McLain, Capt. Joseph
Pain, D. C.
Pain, John D.
Pershing, Charles
Raper, Smith M.
Ritchey, Daniel
Roberts, Thomas - promoted Lieutenant.
Sites, John - died of disease.
Thrush, Robert
Toland, John W.
VanWinkle, James
VanWinkle, Moses C.
Wheat, David H.
Whiteman, Calvin
Whiteman, Mathias
Yaapt, Otto

119th Illinois, Company B.
Beard, James M.
Biggs, James P.
Black, John - died of disease.
Caldwell, William
Garrison, Henry V.
Hall, James
Irwin, Jerome - died of disease.
Irwin, William T.
Kepler, Frank
King, G. B.
Mahaley, John
Murphy, Patrick
Snediker, George
Stacker, Abraham

Seventy-third Illinois, Company G.
Colt, John Wesley - killed in battle.
Fuller, N.
Horton, Thomas
Horton, William H. - died of disease.
Pennington, Alexander
Randall, Richard R. - First Lieutenant, promoted Major of Regiment.
Thompson, James O.
Window, Thomas J. - promoted Lieutenant.
Yaapt, Charles

Fiftieth Illinois, Company G.
Alexander, Seth
Ellis, Dewitt C.

Fiftieth Illinois, Company I.
Greer, Benjamin - Engineer.
Sheesely, Aaron - Engineer.
Sheesely, Josiah - Engineer.

129th Illinois, Company I.
Hutchinson, Henry C.

3d Illinois Cavalry, Company B.
Horton, John - died of disease.
Seward, David A.
Seward, Stephen H.

11th Illinois Cavalry, Company I.
Latier, Samuel W.

124th Illinois, Company I.
McCullough, Hugh
Muma, David
Newman, Peter - Engineer.

Seventy-eighth Illinois, Company I.
Neidy, Charles - died of disease.
Wyckoff, William

Eighty-fourth Illinois, Company A.
Odell, Wenen S.

Second Illinois Cavalry.
Roberts, William E.

Fifty-fifth Illinois.
Reed, Ami - died of disease.

Black Hawk Cavalry.
Seward, Garrett - died of disease.

The above named all enlisted for three years service, and three of them were discharged and re-enlisted for three years, viz:--Joel Cooper, David Fream and James M. Legg. Eight of the number enlisted as veterans,--Charles Abbott, Nelson Ainsworth, Adam Batchlett, James O. Bates, John Caldwell, Thomas Roberts, David H. Wheat and Otto Yaapt; and many more of the Sixty-second regiment offered their services again, but were not accepted.

Following are the names of those who enlisted in the One Hundred days service:

137th Illinois, Company K.
Black, Richard
Dewitt, Theodore
Hand, Joseph
Noble, William
O'Neal, David
Ritchey, John I.
Ritchey, John L.
Thompson, Joseph A.

Eighth Illinois, Company K.
Sours, Samuel

Ninth Illinois, Company K.
Spoonamore, John - died of disease.

15th Illinois, Co. K.--One Year's service.
Hand, Joseph
O'Neal, Daniel
Roberts, Charles
Sites, Henry
Speer, Bowlen
Winless, James B.

After the Township quota had been filled, the following enlisted for one year and were credited to other townships:--William Roberts, William Noble, Francis Noble, Jeremiah Bair, James R. McCullough and Richard Black, making in all, one hundred and forty-nine different persons that enlisted in the army from Littleton Township during the war.

Combined History of Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois, 1882

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