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Historyof Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois – 1882


Burnside, ThomasRushvilleSect. 8Farmer and Stock RaiserCo. Fermanagh, Ir’nd1841
Sarah J. HenryRushvilleSect. 8Wife of Thomas BurnsideAllegheny Co., Ill.1842
Bell, Emily (nee Mason)FrederickSect. 27FarmingBeaver Co., Pa.1841
James CokenourDied Ap’l 23, ’57First husband of Emily BellPerry Co., Ill.1834
Bell, Andrew J.Died July 28, ’79Late husband of Emily BellSchuyler Co., Ill.1829
Chord, JamesRushvilleSect. 30Carpenter and FarmerJacksonville, Ill.1842
Lucinda A. EdmonstonDied July 20, ’60First wife of James ChordSchuyler Co., Ill.1833
Sophrona A. NaughtRushvilleSect. 30Present wife of James ChordSchuyler Co., Ill.1832
Dawson, Solena, nee BlackRushvilleSect. 6, 
1 s.r.1w.
FarmingRushville, Ill.1827
William J. ClarkDied July 17, ’60First husband of SolenaDawsonAllegheny Co., Pa.1855
George H. ReddickDied Sept. 22, ’65Second husband of SolenaDawsonNorth Carolina1835
Joseph DayDied Jan. 29, ’73Third husband of SolenaDawsonOhio1836
Dawson, WilliamRushvilleSect. 6,
1 s.r. 1w.
Present husband of SolenaDawsonWayne Co., Ohio1854
Davis, John W.RushvilleSect. 7Farmer and Stock RaiserBrown Co., Ill.1851
Alice J. MeadRushvilleSect. 7Wife of John W. DavisSchuyler Co., Ill.1853
Howell, JacobRushvilleSect. 19Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler co., Ill.1833
Rachael A. ParkerRushvilleSect. 19Wife of Jacob HowellSchuyler Co., Ill.1837
Hatfield, Hugh E.RushvilleSect. 20Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1830
Louisa M. SwanRushvilleSect. 20Wife of Hugh E. HatfieldSchuyler Co., Ill.1837
Hatfield, CharlesRushvilleSect. 20RetiredMercer Co., Ky.1826
Mary LamasterRushvilleSect. 20Wife of Charles HatfieldHenry Co., Ky.1826
Howell, Thomas S.FrederickSect. 28Farmer and Stock RaiserGuilford Co., N.C.1829
Sarah C. NewburyFrederickSect. 28Wife of Thomas S. HowellWashington Co., Ohio1835
Harris, Aaron V.RushvilleSect. 30FarmerDubois Co., Ind.1829
Rebecca NaughtRushvilleSect. 30Wife of Arron HarrisSchuyler Co., Ill.1833
Hunter, George R.Pleasant ViewSect. 1Dealer in Real EstateRushville, Ill.1836
Jacobs, Lewis H.RushvilleSect. 20FarmerVermillion Co., Ill.1830
Jacobs, Cyntha A. nee BlackDied Feb. 20, ’71Late wife of Lewis H. JacobsSchuyler Co., Ill.1835
Krohe, Lewis E.RushvilleSect. 32Farmer and Stock RaiserCass Co., Ill.1859
Sophia M. KorteRushvilleSect. 32Wife of Lewis E. KroheGermany1859
Kuhn, WilliamRushvilleSect. 18Farmer and Stock RaiserWestmoreland Co., Pa.1849
Hannah E. LawlerRushvilleSect. 18Wife of William KuhnMuskingum Co., Ohio1841
Lawler, John HughCentreSect. 22Farmer and Stock RaiserFauquier Co., Va.1835
Alvira EdmonstonDied April 8, ’48First wife of John HughLawlerDubois Co., Ind.1834
Almira E. PerryDied May 9, ’71Second wife of John HughLawlerSt. Lawrence Co., N.Y.1843
Mary O’ConnorCentreSect. 22Present wife of John HughLawlerFrance1848
Lawler, John W.RushvilleSect. 18Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1845
Sossie M. PattersonRushvilleSect. 18Wife of John W. LawlerSchuyler Co., Ill.1853
Rittenhouse, EnochRushvilleSect. 21Farmer and Stock RaiserSwitzerland Co., Ind.1849
Lucinda TerrilRushvilleSect. 21Wife of Enoch RittenhouseSchuyler Co., Ill.1845
Stover, SamuelRushvilleSect. 4Farmer and Stock RaiserWest Virginia1845
Maria CampbellDied Sep. 29, ’74First wife of Samuel StoverOhio1845
Saloam E. VaughnRushvilleSect. 4Present wife of Samuel StoverVirginia1855
Strong, Frances nee QuinnPleasant ViewSect. 1Farmer and Stock RaiserKentucky1844
Strong, George W.Died Oct. 4 ’69Late husband of FrancesStrongOhio1842
Tyson, William T.FrederickSect. 11Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1841
Sarah J. ScottDied Feb. 22, ’78Late wife of William T.TysonSchuyler Co., Ill.1832
Tomlinson, SamuelRushvilleSect. 20FarmerPortsmouth, Ohio1861
Tomlinson, Em nee ClarkDied May 10, ’48First wife of Samuel TomlinsonFloyd Co., Ind.
Cassandry ClarkRushvilleSect. 20Present wife of Samuel TomlinsonFloyd Co., Ind.1861
Underhill, W. B.RushvilleSect. 30Carpenter and FarmerWashington Co., Ohio1847
Jane RobinsonRushvilleSect. 30Wife of W.B. UnderhillMeadsville, Pa.1847
Ward, James M.Pleasant ViewSect. 11Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1840
Hannah E. Saylor nee SiskDied Jan. 12, ’74Late wife of James M. WardIndiana1870
Ward, Major A.Pleasant ViewSect. 10Farmer and Stock RaiserHamilton Co., Ind.1836
Emily J. DavisPleasant ViewSect. 10Wife of Major A. WardSchuyler Co., Ill.1842
Ward, E. M.Pleasant ViewSect. 10Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill1843
Margaret J. BaldwinDied April 3, ’68First wife of E. M. WardSchuyler Co., Ill.
Lydia J. BridgmanPleasant ViewSect. 10Present wife of E. M. WardMorgan Co., Ill.1868

Source: 1686-1882 CombinedHistory of Schuyler and Brown Co. Illinois with Illustrations Descriptiveof their Scenery and Biographical Sketches of some of their Prominent Menand Pioneers, by W. R. Brink & Co., Philadelphia, Correspondingoffice Edwardsville, Illinois, 1882

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