Schuyler County, Illinois
Birth Records

The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child's name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I've chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject to interpretation.

Birth Records, Book 1, 1877-1886, Pages 155 - 159

# Name Birth Mother Father
Page 155
1949 Charles Millard Fike 15 Oct. 1885, Browning Tp. Hannah (Morgan) Fike George Jackson Fike
1950 Gerty May Woodruff 11 Sep. 1885, Bluff City Louisa Jane (Horton) Woodruff Joseph Woodruff
1951 Warren Edmond Griffith 4 May 1885, Rushville Lyde M. (Knowles) Griffith Charles B. Griffith
1952 female Ballew 30 Apr. 1885, Bainbridge Tp. Angeline (Suddeth) Ballew Benjamin Ballew
1953 Annie Catherine Benton 5 Oct. 1885, Browning Tp. Susan Margaret (Bear) Benton John Henry Benton
1954 Frank C. Blair 28 Jul. 1885, Rushville Nancy Emma (Lamaster) Blair James M. Blair
1955 female Marshall 19 Oct. 1885, Bainbridge Tp. Caroline (Russell) Marshall John H. Marshall
1956 female Spillers 6 Oct. 1885, Pleasantview Addie (Farr) Spillers George Spillers
1957 Lydia Alice Lane 20 Sep. 1885, Hickory Tp. Jeannetta (Burl) Lane Adrian Lane
1958 male Reibling 30 Sep. 1885, Browning Tp. Susie (Burk) Reibling Henry Reibling
1959 female Custer 23 Sep. 1885, Huntsville Mary M. (Buchanan) Custer Robert Custer
1960 male McAllister 8 Oct. 1885, Huntsville Lydia A. (Garl) McAllister Wm. B. McAllister
1961 female Culp 22 Oct. 1885, Huntsville Mary (Taylor) Culp Isaac H. Culp
Page 156
1962 male Stoner 21 Oct. 1885, Huntsville Rosetta (Moore) Stoner Arden Stoner
1963 Bert Freeman Pierson 18 Oct. 1885, Browning Tp. Emily Jane (Ruark) Pierson Thomas Austin Pierson
1964 female Garrett 14 Oct. 1885, Birmingham Tp. Lutie (McGuffy) Garrett John Garrett
1965 male Geer 10 Nov. 1885, Browning Tp. Delilah A. (Rebman) Geer B. Frank Geer
1966 William Wilber Louderback 29 Oct. 1885, Hickory Tp. Willie Ann (Harlow) Louderback Norris Louderback
1967 female Hurley 7 Sep. 1885 Amanda (Grosline) Hurley Robert Hurley
1968 female Vanroy 11 Nov. 1885, Rushville Tp. Martha Jane (Parke) Vanroy Joseph W. Vanroy
1969 Burton Geer 30 Oct. 1885, Browning Tp. Ruth (Rebman) Geer Sidney A. Geer
1970 female Dume 15 Oct. 1885, Pleasantview Mary (Hofer) Dume David Dume
1971 Martha Francis Fry 30 Oct. 1885, Ray Esther (Brown) Fry David Fry
1972 William D. Popp 29 Oct. 1885, Rushville Anna E. (Baker) Popp Henry Popp
1973 Minnie May Stutsman 18 Nov. 1885, Woodstock Tp. Katie (Euler) Stutsman Albert N. Stutsman
1974 John A. Thompson 27 Oct. 1885, Woodstock Tp. Mary (Casey) Thompson William P. Thompson
Page 157
1975 Sarah Jane Rittenhouse 7 Nov. 1885, Bainbridge Tp. Rachel (Stoneking) Rittenhouse Wm. Rittenhouse
1976 male Snyder 11 Nov. 1885, Baders Ella S. (Worley) Snyder H. F. Snyder
1977 female Worley 16 Nov. 1885, Hickory Tp. Ellen (King) Worley Geo. Worley
1978 female Thompson 8 Nov. 1885, Ray Susan (Simpson) Thompson James D. Thompson
1979 male Morris 5 Dec. 1885, Ray Nancy (Aten) Morris Edward T. Morris
1980 John Frederick Bates 1 Dec. 1885, Browning Eliza Ann (Lasatar) Bates Lewis C. Bates
1981 male Lang 13 Dec. 1885, Browning Rada (Trybbey) Lang James Lang
1982 female Trone 9 Nov. 1885, Browning Tp. Rebecca J. (Wright) Trone T. M. Trone
1983 Harry Israel Hoke 31 Oct. 1885, Hickory Tp. Elizabeth (Falkenstine) Hoke Henry Hoke
1984 Dollie Marie Weishaar 29 Oct. 1885, Baders Ivey (Reno) Wisehaar Frank Wisehaar
1985 female Furnis [no date or location] Hannah Jane (Sears) Furnis Thomas Furnis
1986 female Bryant 19 Nov. 1885, Hickory Tp. Mahala (Louderback) Bryant George Bryant
1987 Clarence G. Tutt 7 Dec. 1885, Huntsville Emily (Carty) Tutt George Wm. Tutt
Page 158
1988 male McKinney 9 Dec. 1885, Camden Emily (Cox) McKinney Charles McKinney
1989 female Anderson 17 Dec. 1885, Huntsville Matilda (Black) Anderson John Anderson
1990 Robt. Mc Ogal 20 Nov. 1885, Birmingham Tp. Mary (Henderson) Ogal John Ogal
1991 female Raymond 19 Dec. 1885, Birmingham Tp. Ida (Wilson) Raymond Benjamin Raymond
1992 Zeo Myrtle Fowler 15 Jan. 1886, Birmingham Tp. Laura Belle (Roberts) Fowler John J. Fowler
1993 female Himel 1 Jan. 1886, Hickory Tp. Susan (Bergert) Himel Peter Himel
1994 male Furnis 3 Jan. 1886, Browning Tp. Susan Ellen (Trone) Furnis Merman Furnis
1995 male Sherrell 14 Dec. 1885, Browning Tp. Mary (Skiles) Sherrell George Sherrell
1996 male Skiles 21 Nov. 1885, Browning Tp. Laura (Woodford) Skiles William Skiles
1997 male Alloway 22 Nov. 1885, Baders Melissa (Ackerman) Alloway Daniel Alloway
1998 Francis E. Mitchell 19 Dec. 1885 Rebecca Jane (Hardin) Mitchell Alonzo T. Mitchell
1999 female Ambrosius 20 Nov. 1885, Browning Tp. Nancy (Serrott) Ambrosius J. C. Ambrosius
2000 female Parker 21 Nov. 1885, Browning Tp. Mary (Skiles) Parker H. S. Parker
Page 159
2001 female Avery 5 Dec. 1885, Buenavista Tp. Mary (Rhodes) Avery William Avery
2002 female Clark 16 Jun. 1885, Woodstock Tp. Sarah (Avery) Clark James Clark
2003 male Lincoln 6 Jun. 1885, Buenavista Tp. Ala (Bartlett) Lincoln James J. Lincoln
2004 female Sweeney 29 May 1885, Buenavista Lucretia (Lake) Sweeney John Sweeney
2005 Wilber C. Irvin 29 Apr. 1885, Woodstock Tp. Catherine (Hay) Irvin Ira Irvin
2006 female Factor 23 Apr. 1885, Woodstock Tp. Catherine (Miller) Factor John Factor
2007 Clement Roy Icenogle 19 Apr. 1885, Woodstock Tp. Lulu May (Icenogle) Icenogle George Icenogle
2008 Ray Icenogle 23 Oct. 1885, Woodstock Tp. Anna Sonia (Harrison) Icenogle John Ed Icenogle
2009 Belle Edmonston 27 Jan. 1886, Bainbridge Tp. Nancy (Aten) Edmonston Enoch Edmonston
2010 Anna Johnston 10 Jan. 1886, Buenavista Tp. Mary Jana (Horney) Johnston Lee Everett Johnston
2011 male Johnson 26 Nov. 1885, Rushville Sarah Mellsia (Corvill) Johnson Charles Johnson
2012 male Bell 25 Nov. 1885, Rushville Elizabeth M. (Beatty) Bell John B. Bell
2013 female Carter 12 Nov. 1885, Rushville Clara Elizabeth (McDonald) Carter John Carter

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