SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingbirth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These recordswere filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler CountyCourthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace,and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain moreinformation than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained fromthe above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the SchuylerCounty Historical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject tointerpretation 🙂

Birth Records, Book1, 1877-1886, Pages 64 – 70

# Name Birth Mother Father
Page 64
804 Fred Elmer Howell 1 Apr. 1880, Bainbridge Rachel Ann (Parker) Howell Jacob Howell
805 female Parrott 29 Mar. 1880, Buenavista Tp. Emma (Window) Parrott Thomas Parrott
806 Mary Alice Trone 25 Feb. 1880, Rushville Tp. Nancy Jane (Nickerson) Trone William H. Trone
807 female Wyckoff 16 Mar. 1880, Birmingham Tp. Laura L. (Peck) Wyckoff William P. Wyckoff
808 Clara Emma Wright 19 Mar. 1880, Hickory Tp. Emma (Thompson) Wright John Chesser Wright
809 Jessie May Barron 31 Mar. 1880, Browning Tp. Martha Jane (Coldwell) Barron Miles Knowlton Barrow
810 Eddie Leroy Thurman 13 Mar. 1880, Rushville Eliza (Williams) Thurman John Thurman
811 female Spillers 19 Mar. 1880, Rushville Addie D. (Fair) Spillers George Lee Spillers
812 Lucinda Gertrude Watts 19 Mar. 1880, Camden Lucinda (Wells) Watts William Howard Watts
813 female Sims 8 Apr. 1880, Huntsville Nancy Ellen (Kinery) Sims David Sims
814 male Black 24 Mar. 1880, Bainbridge Tp. Mary J. (Adams) Black George Marion Black
815 female Boyd [no date], Sharps Ldg. Mackey (Nellans) Boyd D. W. Boyd
Page 65
816 Rosa McLain 12 Apr. 1880, Littleton Tp. Susan E. (Morrell) McLain Samuel Dodds McLain
817 Lizzie Roberts 10 Apr. 1880, Oakland Station Lydia Ann (Ashcraft) Roberts Louis Smith Roberts
818 female Terry 16 Apr. 1880, Littleton Amy (Neidy) Terry Lewis Terry
819 male Young 3 Apr. 1880, Browning Tp. Eliza (Coats) Young Wm. D. Young
820 male Elgin [no date], Oakland Lina (Alexander) Elgin Charles Elgin
821 female [no date], Littleton Lucy Ann Bowman Marden (Matheny) [sic] Michael Matheny
822 female McCulloch 25 Apr. 1880, Oakland Tp. Josie E. (Ackman) McCulloch William D. McCulloch
823 Girty Burgard 11 Apr. 1880, Baders Station Leah (Nullinger) Burgard Michael Burgard
824 Clara Vanwinkle 20 Apr. 1880, Buenavista Tp. Anna (Raace) Vanwinkle Harrison P. Vanwinkle
825 female Cathers [no date], Rushville Susan L. (Woods) Cathers Harrison B. Cathers
826 Meyer Turney Wells 16 Apr. 1880, Rushville Tede (Turney) Wells Charles H. Wells
Page 66
828 Pearly Viola Grimm 4 Apr. 1880, Browning Tp. Emily Susan (Venters) Grimm Edward Grimm
829 Allie Jane McCombs 18 Apr. 1880, Browning Tp. Martha (Miller) McCombs Alexander McCombs
830 Savillia Byers 31 Mar. 1880, Browning Tp. Mary Ellen (Sherrill) Byers Riley Byers
831 Eddie Crafton 9 Apr. 1880, Browning Nancy (Jenkins) Crafton Thos. Baxter Crafton
832 male Spillers [no date], Frederick Tp. Sarah (Hinton) Spillers John Spillers
833 female Robertson 22 Apr. 1880, Browning Tp. Lydia Ester (Walton) Robertson Joel Robertson
834 female Williams 1 May 1880, Camden Nancy Amanda (Allen) Williams Robert A. Williams
835 female Haben 2 May 1880, Camden Eliza Harriet (Watson) Haben Mathias Haben
836 female Locke 27 Apr. 1880, Huntsville Phebe E. (Robbins) Locke G. N. Locke
837 male Waner 13 Apr. 1880, Huntsville Martha A. (Miller) Waner John Waner
838 Carrie Gorie 23 Apr. 1880, Oakland Tp. Harriet (Heston) Gory Charles Gory
839 Owen Jackson Greer 10 Apr. 1880, Rushville Susan H. (Kruse) Greer Martin W. Greer
840 John W. Bagby 7 Apr. 1880, Rushville Loucilla A. (Walker) Bagby John S. Bagby
Page 67
841 Loretta Eyler 10 May 1880, Woodstock Philopena (Miltenberger) Eyler Orlando Eyler
842 female Chance 7 May 1880, Brooklyn Mattie (Anderson) Chance J. H. Chance
843 male McCormack 5 May 1880, Bainbridge Tp. Mary E. (Jackson) McCormack David McCormack
844 David Frederick Edwards 29 Apr. 1880, Bainbridge Myrah Ann (Croxton) Edwards Joshua Edwards
845 Charles Elford Parks 8 May 1880, Pleasantview Martha Jane (Allen) Parks Thomas Parks
846 female Deal 25 Mar. 1880, Bainbridge Emily Caroline (Powers) Deal Elisha Deal
847 Grace Bonser 5 May 1880, Bainbridge Sarah (Quinn) Bonser Henry Bonser
848 female Sellers 19 May 1880, Littleton Tp. Margaret E. (Gannon) Sellers George W. Sellers
849 child Taylor 24 Apr. 1880, Woodstock Tp. Mary J. (Wilmot) Taylor Thomas J. Taylor
850 female Stout 16 May 1880, Rushville Isabell (Gillaspie) Stout Stillman Stout
851 male Harmon 25 May 1880, Buenavista Elisha Jane (Ridings) Harmon Jacob Harmon
852 male Aten 4 May 1880, Rushville Tp. Isabell (Tremble) Aten John Calvin Aten
853 George Carl Trone 17 Apr. 1880, Rushville Tp. Sarah Rosella (Boice) Trone Geo. W. Trone
Page 68
854 female Dean 4 Apr. 1880, Rushville Tp. Mary Louisa (Miller) Dean Levi Dean
855 Herbert Warren Speed 30 Apr. 1880, Woodstock Tp. Sarah Jane (Anderson) Speed Matthias Speed
856 Henry Hartley 25 Apr. 1880, Browning Tp. Matilda (Beck) Hartley Eli Hartly [sic]
857 Thomas Jefferson Beam 27 Apr. 1880, Browning Tp. Harriet (Litchfield) Beam John George Beam
858 Walter Whipple 11 Apr. 1880, Birmingham Tp. Ann Estella (Lawlon) Whipple Herman Oscar Whipple
859 Sarah Amanda Stoneking 21 Dec. 1879, Pleasantview Lucinda Catherine (Jenkins) Stoneking Daniel W. Stoneking
860 Emery Monroe Knous 19 Apr. 1880, Bainbridge Tp. Lydia (Quinn) Knous James Knous
861 male Carpenter 13 Apr. 1880, Pleasantview Lucinda F. Carpenter George A. Carpenter
862 male Cokenour 23 Apr. 1880, Bainbridge Mahala (Ingles) Cokenour James Cokenour
863 male Coonrod 26 Apr. 1880, Bainbridge Ann A. (McElhoe) Coonrod George Coonrod
864 male Peterson 10 Jun. 1880, Huntsville Julia Ann (Perkins) Peterson John Robert Peterson
865 male Walker 18 May 1880, Brooklyn Tp. Lydia F. (McAllister) Walker Jno. Henry Walker
Page 69
866 female Wyckoff 11 Jun. 1880, Brooklyn Tp. Alice Letta (Shank) Wyckoff Commodore Perry Wyckoff
867 Leroy Dixon 22 May 1880, Hickory Tp. Mary (Parker) Dixon Robt. Bruice Dixon
868 male Stambaugh 19 May 1880, Browning Tp. Helen M. (Potter) Stambaugh Alford Stambaugh
869 Mabell Venters 3 May 1880, Browning Tp. Margaret D. (Diamond) Venters W. Maro Venters
870 female Hillyer 10 Jun. 1880, Brooklyn Tp. Julia A. Hillyer Thomas Hillyer
871 male Runkle 14 Jun. 1880, Littleton Tp. Susan (Little) Runkle John C. Runkle
872 male Runkle 19 Jun. 1880, Littleton Tp. Caroline (Legg) Runkle James I. Runkle
873 female Lawson 4 Jun. 1880 Margaret Adeline (Mayfield) Lawson James Lawson
874 William Henry Vanwey 8 Jun. 1880, Huntsville Tp. Francis Jane (Moore) Vanwey John Johnson Vanwey
875 female Moore 12 Jun. 1880, Huntsville Mary Jane (Devant) Moore Thomas Emery Moore
876 male Pierce 22 Jun. 1880, Huntsville Susan Velora (Alters) Pierce Heseciah Clauson Pierce
877 Paul Herndon Noyes 21 Jun. 1880, Ray Station Harriett Virginia Noyes Frank A. Noys [sic]
Page 70
888 female Ballou 23 Jun. 1880, Rushville Tp. Mary (Malcomson) Ballou John Alexander Ballow
889 Annie Landon 10 Jun. 1880, Pleasantview Mary Terresa (Wealch) Landon Henry Real Landon
890 James Eli Campbell 12 Jun. 1880, Browning Tp. Elisabeth (McNeely) Campbell Joseph Willison Campbell
891 Annie Francis Mallory 2 Jun. 1880, Pleasantview Mary Elisabeth (Race) Mallory William Warren Mallory
892 Louella Krieble 15 Jun. 1880, Brooklyn Hannah Jennetta (Murphy) Krieble Geo. W. Krieble
893 Mary Susan Fowler 21 Jun. 1880, Brooklyn Tp. Dorotha Olive (Pelsor) Fowler Jas. Aden Fowler
894 male Diseron 8 Jun. 1880, Huntsville Tp. Laura (Hills) Diseron Henderson Diseron
895 female Sims 12 Jun. 1880, Huntsville Tp. Verona Adeline (Benson) Sims Newton Sims
896 female Wilson 9 Jul. 1880, Huntsville Tp. Ida (Allphin) Wilson Ulisses Wilson
897 female Prunty 29 Jun. 1880, Huntsville Eliza Ann (Murphy) Prunty Joseph Prunty
898 Harvey Schuman Jun. 1880, Browning Tp. Matilda (Worley) Schuman John Schuman
899 female Perkins 16 May 1880, Browning Tp. Maria (Wisdom) Perkins Henry P. Perkins

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