SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingbirth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These recordswere filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler CountyCourthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace,and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain moreinformation than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained fromthe above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the SchuylerCounty Historical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject tointerpretation.

Birth Records, Book1, 1877-1886, Pages 78 – 84

Page 78
986Enritta Maud Robison8 Nov. 1880, Birmingham Tp.Josaphine FarwellWilliam Robison
987female Gragg11 Nov. 1880, Frederick Tp.Mary Louisa (Holland) GraggDavid Gragg
988female Rebman27 Nov. 1880, Browning Tp.Lucy May (Richardson) RebmanStephen Rebman
989William Frederick Thompson20 Nov. 1880, Rushville Tp.Adora A. (Silsby) ThompsonJohn Lyman Thompson
990male Dodds[no date], Bainbridge Tp.Nancy Emily (Ward) DoddsThomas Dodds
991male Sullivan17 Nov. 1880, Ray StationHenrietta (Kemper) SullivanJohn A. Sullivan
992Otis Hillyer1 Dec. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Hanna J. (Brooks) HillyeerWilliam Riley Hillyer
993Maggie Carroll3 Dec. 1880, Oakland Tp.Sarah (Beghtol) CarrollCharles Carroll
994female Moul4 Oct. 1880, Rushville Tp.Agnes (Neff) MoulConrad Moul
995Myrtle Amelia Thompson28 Nov. 1880, Woodstock Tp.Huldah (Zanders) ThompsonWashington Thompson
996Carrie Ann Emerick11 Nov. 1880, Woodstock Tp.Catharine (Risher) EmerickJacob Emerick
997male Robinson29 Sep. 1880, Birmingham Tp.Francis Matilda (Ingle) RobinsonPhineas Washington Robinson
Page 79
998Thomas Berly Cunningham20 Oct. 1880, Buenavista Tp.Margaret (Greene) CunninghamWilliam Cunningham
999Tire May Stephens29 Oct. 1880, Woodstock Tp.Martha J. (Landers) StephensDavid Stephens
1000male Dodds27 Jun. 1880, Bainbridge Tp.Josephine (Hatfield) DoddsWilliam J. Dodds
1001male Hood27 Oct. 1880, Bainbridge Tp.Mary Christina (Drawve) HoodWilliam C. Hood
1002female Rittenhouse1 Nov. 1880, Bainbridge Tp.Lovina (Day) RittenhouseWashington Rittenhouse
1003David Jones15 Aug. 1880, Oakland Tp.Janie (Rose) JonesGeorge Jones
1004male Kounty21 Dec. 1880, Camden Tp.Mychell Angeline (Bridgeman) KountyGeorge Riley Kounty
1005female Garrison25 Dec. 1880, Littleton Tp.Louisa V. (Pittman) GarrisonGeorge W. Garrison
1006Mary Grace Hendrix19 Nov. 1880, CamdenSusan (Sapp) HendrixJames S. Hendrix
1007female Melvin13 Dec. 1880, Camden Tp.Hannah Ann MelvinIsaac Porter Melvin
1008female17 Sep. 1880, Buenavista Tp.Newton Ramsey
1009Emma Edith Axel25 Dec. 1880, Woodstock Tp.Caroline (Foster) AxelJacob Axel
Page 80
1010female Copeland17 Dec. 1880, Rushville Tp.Naoma Jane (Dennis) CopelandThomas Copeland
1011male Decker12 Dec. 1880, RushvilleMary Ann (Deveny) DeckerSeymore Decker
1012male30 Sep. 1880, Buenavista Tp.John D. Boice
1013female Brown8 Dec. 1880, RushvilleIsabella (Wheelhouse) BrownJohn C. Brown
1014female Taylor17 Sep. 1880, RushvilleMary Louisa (Taylor) TaylorHiero Taylor
1015Mary Louisa Jackson1 Nov. 1880, RushvilleAnnie Laura (Hill) JacksonLuther Jackson
1016female Hare11 Oct. 1880, Buenavista Tp.Luvenia Jane (Kerkham) HareGeo. W. Hare
1017Charles Arthur Griffith30 Aug. 1880, RushvilleEliza Marie (Knowles) GriffithCharles Boardman Griffith
1018male Garrett12 Dec. 1880, Birmingham Tp.Naoma (Vance) GarrettJames Garrett
1019Hattie Elizabeth Griffith1 Oct. 1880, Birmingham Tp.Martha Jane (Wier) GriffithStephen Griffith
1020Soloma Eada Hoak3 Nov. 1880, Browning Tp.Elizabeth (Falkenstein) HoakHenry Houk
1021female Doughty8 Nov. 1880, Browning Tp.Rosa (Lane) DoughtyGeorge Doughty
Page 81
1022male Ward12 Dec. 1880, Bainbridge Tp.Lydia Jane (Bridgeman) WardEdward Marion Ward
1023Etta Niola Geiman9 Dec. 1880, BadersSarah J. (Secman) GeimanJ. P. Geiman
1024male Gardner3 Dec. 1880, Hickory Tp.Amanda G. (Secman) GardnerJacob Gardner
1025Charley Johnson Garrett7 Nov. 1880, Frederick Tp.Lula Ann (Johnson) GarrettThomas Jefferson Garrett
1026Felix Ervin Thornton14 Dec. 1880, Browning Tp.Polly Ann (Litterel) ThorntonGeorge M. D. Thornton
1027male Stoneking19 Dec. 1880, Bethel Tp. [sic]
[McDonough Co.]
Mary Ellen (Frakes) StonekingSolomon Stoneking
1028female Gillespie28 Nov. 1880, HuntsvilleAlice (Roberts) GillespieSimon Gillespie
1029Willie Katzenberger23 Dec. 1880, CamdenAlice (Finch) KatzenbergerCasper Katzenberger
1030Hattie Belle Howard1 Jan. 1881, WoodstockSarah Jane (Vincent) HowardJames Thomas Howard
1031female Stoneking7 Dec. 1880, Bethel Tp.,
McDonough Co. [sic]
Mary (Carey) StonekingHenry Stoneking
1032Amanda Jane Loop14 Jan. 1881, HuntsvilleMary Ellen (Milton) LoopJoseph Loop
1033female Sheltz12 Jan. 1881, CamdenSarah Margret (Rhodes) SheltzPhilip Sheltz
Page 82
1034James Wesley Tutt21 Dec. 1880, Rushville Tp.Margaret (Nall) TuttJames D. Tutt
1035female Greer1 Jan. 1881, RushvilleHarriet Alice (Peter) GreerSamuel R. Greer
1036female Rische17 Jan. 1881, Woodstock Tp.Mary (Miltenberger) RischeCharles Rische
1037male Daniels10 Nov. 1880, LittletonHanna (Lawler) DanielsWm. Daniels
1038female Snyder[no date], Littleton Tp.Mary (Lambert) SnyderMadison O. Snyder
1039male Foster15 Jan. 1881, Littleton Tp.Susan (Brown) FosterAlric M. Foster
1040male Winters[no date], Littleton Tp.Retta (Hathaway) WintersDavid J. Winters
1041Frank Curtis Corman [sic]21 Jan. 1881, Rushville Tp.Elizabeth (Martin) CornmanWallace Cornman
1042Mary Florence Gaddis31 Jan. 1881, Woodstock Tp.Sarah Margaret (Kennedy) GaddisSamuel Arthur Gaddis
1043female Kelly23 Jan. 1881, Bainbridge Tp.Mary Jane (Roberts) KellyJames Kelly
1044male Serrott15 Dec. 1880, Bainbridge Tp.Eliza Ann (Hosmer) SerrottGeo. L. Serrott
1045Cyrus A. Christenson [ sic]18 Jan. 1881, RushvilleSusan (Walker) ChristensenJohn Christensen
Page 83
1046female Campbell19 Jan. 1881, Browning Tp.Sarah Elizabeth ( Garrison) CampbellJames K. Polk Campbell
1047male Hagans10 Jan. 1881, Browning Tp.Laura Ann (Bates) HagansZacharia Taylor Hagans
1048male Ruby5 Jan. 1881, BrowningEmma (Roads) RubyJohn Charles Ruby
1049Ella Arabella Harrington18 Aug. 1880, Buenavista Tp.Lizzie Mary (Boice) HarringtonGeorge Swan Harrington
1050Nora Mabell Rosa21 Aug. 1880, RushvilleEtta Ellen (Snorder) RosaDelano Rosa
1051male Beatty13 Oct. 1880, RushvilleSarah Ann (Ratcliff) BeattyJohn Andrew Beatty
1052male Nell31 Oct. 1880, WoodstockHenrietta (Orth) NellGeorge Nell
1053Paul Herbert Holmes6 Nov. 1880, RushvilleSarah Catherine (Ashley) HolmesJoseph A. Holmes
1054Male Blair17 Nov. 1880, Bainbridge Tp.Nancy Emma (Lamaster) BlairJames Blair
1055male Anderson2 Feb. 1881, HuntsvilleSarah (Anderson) AndersonAndrew Jackson Anderson
1056female Mitchell16 Sep. 1880, Browning Tp.Nancy (Venters) MitchellGeorge Mitchell
1057female Hoak10 Sep. 1880, Hickory Tp.Sarah (Danner) HoakGeorge Hoak
Page 84
1058male Gregory20 Jan. 1881, Hickory Tp.Rebecca (Louder) GregoryGeorge Gregory
1059Dan Schisler13 Jan. 1881, Browning Tp.Julia Ann (Kald??der) ShislerLewis Schisler
1060male Howell7 Feb. 1881, CamdenNanni Jane (Greenwell) HowellJames Howell
1061male Groves7 Feb. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Elmira B. (Myers) GrovesJames M. Groves
1062Myrtle Lickey29 Jan. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Mary Malissa (Arick) LickeyJohn Wesley Lickey
1063Jno. W. Coursey21 Jan. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Sarah J. (Allen) CourseyJno. Wm. Coursey
1064female Kriebel25 Jan. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Sarah (Redfield) KriebelJno. Wes Kriebel
1065female Pearson20 Jan. 1881, Birmingham Tp.Lourany (Willey) PearsonThos. J. Pearson
1066female Mason4 Feb. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Eliza (Pierce) MasonAdin G. Mason
1067female Neff19 Jan. 1881, Frederick Tp.Fannie Louisa (Trochmel?) NeffM. L. Neff
1068James Asa Grafton23 Jan. 1881, Rushville Tp.Rosa Ann (Campbell) GraftonSamuel Grafton
1069Homer Smith Geer15 Jan. 1881, Browning Tp.Delila Adelia (Rebman) GeerFranklin Geer

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